4chan Philosophy

”This "fren" shit is the gayest fucking faggotry I've ever seen.”

[For a little bit now, I have been collecting philosophy about 4chan from various boards (mostly /b/ and /qa/), mostly about why 4chan is cancer nowadays and how the old days were also bad but better than now. I'm sorry if anything seems out of place, some of these may have been answering different posts that I didn't save. The vast majority of this is the same as I first found it, albeit with a few spellchecks. I'll update this page every few weeks.]

Subverting the collective consciousness of the west. 4chan has impressive resonance across individuals. You can kind of think of spamming psyops and subversion as adding poison through the steam vent hole in the lid over a very large pot of soup, wherein the soup is metaphorically the collective consciousness, and in this instance, a very masculine element of that consciousness. I know this sound like mumbo-jumbo, but hear me out. By slowly trickling ideas into a place like this, they spread outwards even to places and people that don't come here.

4chan is an amazingly powerful medium by which to keep your finger on the proverbial pulse of a certain portion of that collective conscious, and consequently due to the nature of how media is disseminated here, is a very powerful mechanism to inject thoughts and ideas in a very concentrated way that diffuses outwards into the rest of the "soup".

really good way of undermining a society is by oversexualizing them but also sexually repressing them. I could make some specific examples that are present on /b/ alone, but if you have any sense to you at all, you can tell what I'm referring to. Additionally, if you instill a sense of resentment towards women in young men, you can use that as a foundation to build resentment toward much larger ideas.

There is a lot of racial, political, and sexual subversion occurring here, you just kinda have to step back and observe things on a more global scale to see them.

Literally this. This place became an ideological battleground. Stormfront raids and the subsequent formation of pol is probably the start of the downward spiral. Eventually left wing groups started counter raiding and stormfront seems to have given up. Both recruitment campaigns were extremely successful. This website is a breeding ground for degenerate radicalism. Trump, BBC, sissies, loli, even stupid shit like the Swedish environmentalist girl. All bait intended to get the reader angry and pent up.

People say early Chan was still a cesspool. Only oldfags understand. It was a cesspool, but it was an innocent retarded cesspool. Now it’s jaded cesspool.

Also, I agree with you on this website being a place to feel ideological pulse. Said this to my friends years ago and was scoffed at. This place is a proving ground for viral campaigns. Many ideas and movements I’ve seen here that later made it to the mainstream.

I think when moot abandoned this place it was the final nail in the coffin. Dad saw it was and didn’t want it to be his problem anymore. Hideki matsui basically left this place to rot.

Lolikon was literally always here. 4chan was created in 2003 by a user of SomethingAwful, and the site was thought of for a good year or so as just a branch of that website. In 2004, SA started to purge pedophiles and many other groups as they usually did with people they deemed as undesirable. What did 4chan do? Moot kept his lolikon board up and began hosting a shotakon board, a straight/shota board, and a loli torrenting board. These would stay online until legal issues amounted in 2005, where they just moved more onto /b/. Loli isn't new, and seeing how CP is how CP is, it makes complete sense that a legal version would be widespread here.

The difference is in context and motivations now vs then. Edgy shit on the internet in early 2000s isn’t a big deal when the barrier to entry excludes normies from participation. That is no longer the case. Truly anybody could be on the opposite of the conversation now. This is very valuable to people looking to influence.

One loli thread per day in 2005 Is not the same is three loli threads at the same time in 2020. Like I said, it was a cesspool but it was organic. That is no longer the case.

Long time visitors are feeling disenfranchised, that is undeniable. Why is that?

It worries me that what happened to this website is a prophecy of the future of the world. Special interest infiltration to the point that there is no longer organic interaction resulting in a collapse of common identity. In search of identity people turn to populist ideologues that they can devote that lost energy towards.

Many populations are vulnerable to this right now but lack proper leadership. The right wing already submitted years ago. Trump is a populist but is too retarded to make real use of the influence afforded to him by devoted followers. 2024 should be very interesting should the right wing actually catch on to the vulnerability of its followers. If they can support Trump, they can support fucking anything - a western Putin figure is probably in the works.

The left is still stuck in the 80s. Populist left movements are gaining momentum. Historically when the left gets fed up, widespread violence follows.

Now it’s my turn to scoff at my friends when they tell me they’ve got 30k in stock, like that’s some kind of permanent measure of wealth. Spend it now faggot - there’s a decent chance that in 10 years that money will be worth a fraction of what it is worth now.

>My guess is you just don't like seeing so much porn on /b/.

it's more about the content, in particular BBC spam and race fetishization. I think it's a chicken/egg situation of subverting racism and resentment. You're right in that I can't really prove it tangibly, and I wouldn't go so far as to make the claim that everyone that is participating in this meme is a constituent of the subversion, but I just see too many thinks that are indicative of some type of psychological warfare through a very vulnerable avenue of sexuality.

>where did it all go wrong b? When poltards and stormfags found the clown racism in /b/ and decided to bring their real racism in here. Now there are serious edgelords and politifags up in here all the damn time. Most of the legit smart, funny, and degenerate people from old /b/ just pop in once in a while for nostalgia's sake. Everyone knows /b/ was always terrible, but sometimes it didn't suck too. Im not denying that you can have a real individual truth in the face of special interest propaganda. Being mad about BLM or Greta or trannies or whatever can be something you honestly feel.

The problem arises (for me at least) when somewhere in a lab contracted by a super PAC, they focus group test phrases and images down to the exact wording and details in search of finding the most aggravating and incising content in an effort to radicalize whoever sees it. It’s not like you see one pic of Greta photoshopped to look like she has downs and all of sudden you hate liberal. It’s designed to wear you down over time to the point that it feels like you came up with yourself.

You’ve been exposed to these things. Every time you come here. Are you so narcissistic and egotistical to the think you are immune?

If 4chan belongs so much to your sikrit group then simply ban the outsiders. Oh, wait, you can't, because the owners actually want 4chan to become a mainstream site and have as many people on it as possible. Sounds like you don't belong here any more than the other hundred retards posting here every day. Maybe you'd be more comfortable posting in your little VPS hosted imageboard that has maybe 5 people posting per week on it?

4chan is an anime site because it was born when anime and japanese culture was "in" with nerdy high school teenagers. If you want to be stuck with the same mentality and interests you had on highschool then that's on you, but anime isn't edgy anymore, and if 4chan didn't focus on new content (like the nazi politics shit in /pol/) then the ad revenue would dry up (which is all hiroshima cares about). So don't expect it to get any better for you.

Anons weren't obsessed with identity politics. There was a plausible sense of irony when people were racist. And back then all the tired threads now were fresh and hadn’t been done on the scale that 4chan became That scale was the cancer that killed /b/ in the end

Newfag from 2010, people just used to post things for fun and to talk about things instead of pretend posts for cool guy points on the internet, people also knew when not to feed the trolls and just stopped responding, even flaming was more authentic back then. Talking about porn was actually fun and people took shit lightly about it, we could post porn on /v/ and /a/ too, politics were very few and far between, people weren't obsessed with anything, /pol/ used to be a massive joke, watching /co/ streams on justin.tv and talking on the chat used to be so comfy too. What really killed this site is that we got flanderized to fuck, everyone wanted to be a part of the cool kids club and just flooded the place with all kinds of retarded shit.

There was a brotherhood too. Hard to describe but you could argue and call someone a tard but theeee was still a sense that we were all /b/ros. We teamed up when there were lolz to be had and there were legit feels threads. Do you think there could ever be a Pool's Closed raid today? Not a fucking chance. Everyone too busy taking one fucking side or another of insert random political bullshit here. The difference between now and then? We used to find common ground even when we argued and we put fun above all else, now we look to point score off each other. There was still cancer and there was still weapons grade autism and there was still rampant gayness, but we were /b/ and it was us VS everyone else. Now.... not so much.

/b/ros used to stick together and legit work together. you could call someone a nigger faggot and still have their back in any team effort. /b/ros used to work together to achieve awesome funny fucked up shit. i remember /b/ros used to talk about Moot all day, solve and create crimes n sheet. leak exclusive info. and for some reason where obsessed with knocking down a post card rack somewhere near times square. That was a whole lot of fun. That was the original umbrella man. Also when that Australian guy jumped off the moon...

This reminds me, there haven't been any hivemind occurences in the few weeks since I came back. Used to be in every other thread. Otherwise, yeah, the sense that we were all fucked up jaded people with a sense of humor. Not having one, taking yourself too seriously or being any kind of normal was ruthlessly shamed.

raids that got b together: shoe on head, pools closed, and sometimes random other sites that someone would post and call everyone to join and we would all just go inside and organize something really dumb on the fly. sometimes some really crazy OC shit would be posted like on the fly. Sometimes some guy would post pictures of him being in the woods and seeing some shit and deciding to investigate it or just some really crazy in the moment stuff that you can't really see these days without thinking someone is LARPing.

Just generally felt more genuine to be honest and was overall less porn, less politics, less people bitching about stupid shit, and more just memes, WAY more inside jokes that you could only understand if you were a /b/tard, and more people not trying to be "random" or whatever.

It was because Anon *was* legion that we achieved some shit that made 4chan leave a mark on tons of Internet historical events Nowdays, no one gives a damn anymore and any potentially big event is replied with "NYPA xD"

Also the level of computer literacy was way higher, which helped a lot. Maybe in part because browsing was harder. Without noko the site was a bitch to use, and you had to lurk a while to learn how to noko.

Then why dont we raid something?? like obviously some of us want those lols like in the jesus chatline days and sheit so why dont we why do we just sit around like some old faggots reminiscencing our glory days in highschool?

It wasn't just 4chan The whole internet was generally more fun This meant a lot of funny things to be done or shared Now internet is 90% social media and PC sanitized

at first it was computer culture people started getting computers and if you had one that made you a certified Btard then came along the internet and then all the btards where herded onto 4chan and now idk where they pretty much disappeared to. some say to the Marianas web others say to reddit

Because now a faggot will tweet the internet police and everyone with access to Google will know what's happening in thirty seconds. Also those of us still lurking look like pic related. Also also you need actual skills to be disruptive now, the Internet is not the Far West anymore, security is way better overall.

No oldfags left. They left during the great forum rift. I used /b/ pretty much religiously from 2006 to mid-2009. The appeal for me was the unpredictability and the chaos. Sure some memes were spammed to death, but the intentions were different. The humour was both sardonic and immature. But it was fun, mostly. It was essentially intelligent people pretending to be retarded. It's now retards being unapologetically retarded. But that's true for the internet as a whole, I guess

There were many threads of a goddess of the feline variety that made many anons uncomfortable. Also the times before the catalog and auto-noko were great fun. 99% of internet traffic is on 5 websites. The age of raids is dead friendo No more forums fucking with each other. Websites are locked up tight as shit. Best we can do is mess around with some online survey or public webcam

I got here in 2008 and it felt like old /b/ was in its death throes, or maybe had already died. For me, it's never been "good," but it's most assuredly gotten way fucking worse. Translation: you wish someone else would do shit while you sit around and shout "put me in the screencap." The people with skillz either got busted, or aren't going to risk talking about or trying to coordinate something here. This place is too heavily watched and too well known. Used to visit /b/ regularly from 2005 until around 2010, then off and on since then.

Like others have said there was a novelty factor to it. Besides that though, it was basically the epicenter of internet culture during that time. Social media was still pretty much in its infancy. There was still porn and other fucked up shit that got posted here, but it was also just generally a place to come hang out online. A fuckton of memes. When I think back to memes from that time period, most of them either started on /b/ or 4chan in general, or else we helped popularize them. Now all of that kind of stuff has moved to shit like twitter and even reddit.

Eh, I definitely remember there still being politics, especially around 2008. I DISTINCTLY remember arguments about Obama and Ron Paul. I think a lot of it was just balanced by there being a lot more memes and in-jokes and stuff. Plus the political culture was very different.

We we're young and there would be people somewhat intelligent trying to outdo each other by trolling in more subtle ways and posting OC... Raids and there was no cancerous reddt and Facebook memes.

This. You could steal a meme here and your friends would be like "where do you find these fucked up pictures????"

/b/ was never good was a 2006 meme. /b/ was actually good and we just don't want you to know about it. t. 2003

Yeah, plus you had more benign stuff like rickrolling start here on 4chan.

It felt almost more exclusive somehow too. Nowadays new memes emerge on twitter/tumblr/reddit/tiktok and sometimes they're funny but idk. When a meme started on /b/ and you would post it on your OG facebook wall it felt different from sharing memes now. And there was definitely a sense of awareness you were part of the internet zeitgeist.

Politic were on a much lower scale than now. There was more variety of threads, there was a shit ton of porn but it didnt take up the whole catalog like it did recently. Also moot was allot more fun than gook moot.

It had no rules. It gave a middle finger to rules. CP because you could. Doxing because you could. Raids and hacking collectives because you could. It wasn't the threads, they generally sucked. It was the attitude, it was the ethos. You fucked the world because you could. Overtime, folks have found /b/ and have wanted to make it nice. To the point where we are today that /b/ is for all purposes a dead, soulless lingering wisp of itself. Fuck all the moralfags and fuck all the pleddit transfers. They all should be lined up and shot. That's /b/'s own fault. If ED didn't exist, and people didn't show their power levels, the memes would never have become mainstream and turned into a source of profit and ruined by advertising. The problem with /b/ today is that this commercialisation is so commonplace that it's built into the very fabric of the board. "Go back to website" might as well be an ironic statement at this point, given that the two sites are used by the vast majority of the site's userbase. Most of the other websites like p*rtyv*n are gone, and all worthwhile conversation is relegated to discord. What happened /b/ is what happened The Simpsons. it became well-known, and then became the very thing it always made fun of.

My friend from school introduced me to this board specifically mid 2007 and for the first few years, the YLYL threads were remarkable. Sometimes I look back and wonder if 4chan was the actual birthplace of the "meme". To be fair the nypa is a thing because 4chan is on a radar now, just trying to discuss about mild pranks, the feds are already running backround checks on IPs.

Been browsing since '07 and posting since '09. I'm older now and I have more to lose, so I'm more careful with what I post knowing that there's literally fedposters that browse the chans (at least for /pol/, not sure for /b/ anymore). Basically, think of all the memes and mainstream internet humour you enjoy today on your fb walls and your instant grammys and your imgrrs. It was all brand new, then. Like family guy was as weird twisted and edgy and different as you could get, so it was a big leap.

4chan is where it all came from, and the only place you could get it. 4chan birthed what is mainstream humour today. And honestly, thats what was so good. It was laugh out loud even alone jokes because no one had seen such approach to lols. Now people use it for porn and bitching about politics. Even your best ylyl board is just memes weve all seen.

To be fair, it was a smaller community, with more lax rules, and much more brutally offensive content. but on the plus side, we had a thing brewing that stuck. & really, if you're posting here, you have to at least respect our elders for their contributions to the first world's right to speech of any sort. Or whatever. I don't know all of the words, but I used to read a lot, and there are people who will cautiously call the classic /b/ a bit of an echo chamber for the memes of our time.

I like to compare it to the Old West. The early internet in general was a place with way more lax rules, but /b/ was virtually lawless. I definitely saw CP and other fucked up shit without even looking for it, it was just here. Then Facebook got big and it's like they built the railroad around us, then when we were a ghost town came back and added a whistle stop to bring the law. /b/ is still more lax than a lot of other sites, but it's not the same.

Annoys me so much how there were literally no archives during the heyday. The earliest archives go back to 2013 I think. Unfortunately I didn't take any from when I was first here (2006), and I wish that at least anyone would have archives, but it seems noone does. I think it's been imploded since then but I remember seeing one that archived around 2011ish

This. Politics is so god damn retarded.

People actually had a personality and sense of humor back then, good oc was made. Newfags really killed this site Just because you didn't know of their existence doesn't mean they never existed at all. They have since died, however. Imo the decline really set in with the fappening.

I mean it was already going downhill a bit, but there was still a sense of the good old days to it. Then suddenly everyone and their brother comes here looking for JLaw titties and it was never the same. >not much funny shit Zoomers are incapable of having a sense of humor or personality. They're literal low iq social media drones that are only here to fit in. They don't contribute anything to boards.

This. All the unironic nazi newfags must be on the autism spectrum, they literally can't tell satire. It's like the saying "act like retards, attract actual retards who think they're in good company". Remember when /b/ literally ended a retarded unironic nazi's radio show host career? Good times. Nigger (and sandnigger) was used very freely, and I don't doubt some of it was genuine, but yeah there was definitely a sense of just being edgy. You said it because you could. A regular forum would ban you for calling someone a nigger.

I still see some of that on /b/ but there's definitely genuine hate behind more of it, plus the even more overt Nazi shit Funny pictures. That's really it. It was so simple but so relaxing to have a good laugh after school or work. You've no fucking idea what the old /b/ was. You sound like a 12 year old trying to be a big boy. If it were the old /b/, there'd be CP. If it were the old /b/, you'd have been banned at this point for being such a dipshit.

Old /b/ was like being part of a family. It was the place where all the broken children would go to and enjoy a little bit their lives, they raided and lol'd but most importantly, they belonged. I remember how when you met people on other websites who knew about /b/, they'd remind you of rule 1&2. Since it was all anonymous, you couldn't be judged on your appearance or anything, you were just accepted, you were just one in the mass. It brought a lot of people enjoyment. Now it's over, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. It may just shows that people have moved on and have now found that place where the could belong to /b/ was a need back then, for all the broken children and social outcasts from our generation. Today it might be less needed as things have gotten better for people, overall. /b/ is resilient, it will naturally give birth to something else for those permanently or temporarily at the bottom of society. I'll add that it was also a place where they could be their messed up or different selves and meet other like minded people. It was a place to be yourself and share your shit and be laughed at or not.

People could be kind with you and that still happens. It kind of went to filled the void for people back then. - B was full of pedophiles - Every second or third post was about incest - Half of the people that used to post here have been wiped out by the Big Cartels,(Yakuza, Sineloa, Mafia, Russian Mob, ect) they come here to feed on all the grossest and most easily compromised people. - Anonymous and Nazi's coincided peacfully on this sub for a very long time - Doxing was still a hobby, this is before hackers were "incorporated" into various government and non government professional organizations. - Anonymity was real and not a fucknig joke like it is now. - Anonymity was not a lie - This was back in the day that hackers still relied on bit torrent and "Free music and Movie Downloads" and "Free porn" were required by criminal organization to spread malware. - Clean forchan and front end forchan did not exist - r/weapons was a good place, and was had a lot of fun fantasy warfare and home defence word games (before the kidnappers cracked down on the "personal self defence community" and turned /k/ into a fascitst / nazi revolutionary sub. - A lot of chick with dick porn in the Anime porn community - /fit/ Was super gay In a nut shell, every single fucking thing onlibe now is some weird fake illusion, all thanks to the normalization of removals of internet privacy. The world today is a fucking horror show of insane canibals baked to fuck and bragging and beefing about the various civilians they have fucked, raped, and eaten.

True the decline started in 2008 but things didn't truly started to go downhill until 2009/2010 until smartphones became common place and by 2011/2012 it went to complete shit and the real internet was dead.

Tard threads. nothing like a good tard story.

traps were dudes with tits, not 'chicks'

gallons of sperm everywhere. i never said it killed it. it was just an event that had lost more people. as i said, over time things have gotten worse and it was no exception. great reading comprehension. also that shit technically started in 2013 with anita but i bet you weren't here during that time/don't remember and just searched that shit up


4chan died as soon as the e-celeb worship culture began. In fact the entire internet did Why make oc when YOU can be the oc It's all fucked

>explain operation chanology then A bunch of anons from /b/ trolling Scientology for LULZ but later changed anonymous and imageboard culture forever anonymous from 2004-early 2008 was the troll army of /b/ that fucked with people for fun just because they could and they were the final boss of the internet and feared and respected but after chanology anonymous turned into a moralfag movement set out to only do good thing and normalfags and the feds took over and it got too big. and yet there were still big hacks with their name behind it. people still got fucked with and still do. they're still around but the internet has grown a lot since then so they aren't as big of news unless they do something big to match it. hasn't happened a lot but there's been signs

Younger old fag here. Really surprised to hear about the porn situation. Were you here at the pages inception? keep in mind that the whole internet has become a CIA (project paper clip) Cult of the owl run death camp as of a few years ago.

Nah, 4chan in particular died on No More Grey But I guess you wouldn't know that Things have not gotten better at all. America is being actively invaded at the moment. There are several cults from various ideological groups which openly discuss the necessity of genocide for "population control", and a number of other "Christian" cults that thought crimes (CHAOS) and causing the apocalypse via global warming in order to ensure biblical accuracy through direct human intervention.

Just look for more then two milasecnds at what COVID actually is and how fucked the news and policy surounding COVID is. Literally everything is fucked.

I am not sure how to use the archive to find but it must be there somewhere, but she got fat as fuck with stretch marks and floppy tits and her hair is dyed purple or some shit, and she was posting and reminiscing about her old days, it was weird seeing someone iconic from the old days posting during these times and telling everyone what she has been doing since then, but yeah she looks like shit now

The /b/-day in mid-2006 The day that 4chan was shattered

4chan- and particularly /b/- was always shit. The main thing which was better in days of yore, however, was OC. There was a constant wave of original content, or original takes on derivative content.

Regardless my point still stands newfag most of what the Vfags do is for political or moral reasons not LULZ. You must be one of those 2003fags who think /b/ died in 06 no it didn't it just evolved 2008/2009 was when it went to shit. Anyone remember how newfags would sometimes namefag and it was hilarious? You must be one of those 2006fags who think /b/ died in 13 no it didn't it just evolved 2013/2014 was when it went to shit. You must be one of those 2014fags who think /b/ died in 16 no it didn't it just evolved 2015/2016 was when it went to shit. Yeah i know 4chan going to shit and when it did is a generational thing what else is new? Originalfags left in 2006, then there was only newfags to greet the waves of newer newfags that came after scientology this is why i want to make a website where you need to write out your posts in HTML and use a command line interface to guarantee a minimum standard of intelligence me and some /b/ tards rigged that stupid snapple poll, not very epic compared to what you oldfags have done but as a newfag it was fucking magical

This seems very plausible im sure after 4chan trolled the entire country with that frog and the hand thing everyone wanted to come here and just "turn on the autist" for whatever they wanted or thought was funny to them Anyway after all I only became more then a lurker after the Shia thing that was only like 2 years ago There was mainly just loads of CP. That’s what these lying perverts really miss. It was funny and internet-focused. Community was different. Nothing. And any faggot here that has an ego so great they can't admit that it's just nostalgia is a liar

4chan itself used to be unknown to anyone who wasn't online a lot then /b/ users started doing more and more funny shit and getting notoriety eventually 4chan would be mentioned on the news and every edgy faggot wanted to see what it was about what made it different years ago was the fact that it consisted of a bunch of weird motherfuckers but now it's just a bunch of faggots it used to be a place for like minded retards, now I really don't know. Now it's a bunch of like minded retards smothered by a minority of useless faggots. Let /b/ bloom again.

useless faggots is a good point people used to actually do shit here organize irl fuckery, stick their dicks in cursed skulls all I see now is degenerate porn and shitty teenage humor So it's 4chan's lack of capability to adapt to a new era of the internet? there's no adapting 4chan can't exist in the state that it used to that era of the internet is done I can see that. From around gamergate until now, the world has changed considerably. 2016 was the breaking point, and now we're stuck with what's left. I think I agree with you that the old era is over, and there's no "going back," but it's really a depressing thought.

I used to post threads of my chick for fun. Talk with the folks, even requests. Now the 12yr olds cant contain themselves. rather annoying. Kind of glad /b/ is getting a clean up.

>Thread about how things used to be >All of the disgruntled BBC porn posting lefties get in >We wuz old fags n shiiiiet >We wuz neva raycist >Fucc da right n fuck politics Even though they are spouting about politics and how they hate the right every second. I assume that the coombrain effect wore off from all of the porn and now they are back to typical leftist mentality, subversion, don't fall for it.

remember when we all used to call each other nigger faggots and no one cried about it?

It was almost like a huge inside joke. I remember having no idea what anyone was talking about when I first came here.

The sidebar. DESU.

Concealing your pathological need for a rigid, unending stream of predictable and repetitive pornography behind a flimsy veil of faux-jaded edgefaggotry is still faggotry, champ.

The meaning of Anon is as vague and ephemeral as the identity of the man of who assumes the title for his posting. An Anon does not merely abandon their self when they take on the name of "Anon", he does not become no one, but becomes one who you never know or see beyond the title of "Anon." His self is filtered through this title, delivered to his peers in contracted form, with priority given to that part of him that is usually withdrawn and stifled. Anon is Man masked, free to indulge but also free to bare the most neglected corners of his psyche. But Anon is not a single being. Each instance of Anon leaves a mark, some indelible and many immediately forgotten, but even the intention is enough to effect a change. Each instance adds to a growing consciousness that morphs with an almost lifelike force, one that touches each Anon to come, and, in certain cases, touches even the Anons that have long since gone. Anon evokes a multitude of beings insofar as he submits to the collective consciousness and becomes one with it. The meaning found here is like the perpetually tumultuous consciousness itself, forever on the precipice of certainty but never to fall in. Anon denies a strict phenomenology, cannot amount to anything concrete, but rather sways back and forth between a self and a non-self.

>How is so often true that a board dedicated to a subject sucks at said subject? This is because 4chan's communities are all based upon a much lower barrier of entry than virtually any other site of note*. And while most community-oriented websites are popular for appealing to people's desire to avoid Sturgeon's Law (pic related), 4chan's moderation only consistently skims the most egregious bullshit, like spambots and US law violations. So you get the trend of: 1. People who wouldn't pass the filter on other sites, either for lack of decorum or substance, often find 4chan appealing for discussion around some topic. 2. People who would pass the filter usually find those other sites more appealing for discussion. They are specifically rewarded with engagement, often exponentially, due to curation/upvotes/retweets/etc., and are subject to less wanton deprecation and trolling than they would be on 4chan. This leads to 4chan boards being best suited for themes that are highly consumption-oriented, and where societal norms and standards of discourse are mostly irrelevant. If the theme fails the former, discussion largely concerns tangential topic that orient it towards consumption. If it fails the latter, discussion is frequently made tangential both by trolls and the posters who feed them (intentional or not). /ck/ and /mu/ are pretty symptomatic of the former, /k/ is pretty symptomatic of both but primarily the latter. */vip/ has an unusually high barrier even over other websites: having to pay to post in it. Unsurprisingly, it is the least used board.

Raids and OC every night around this time

old b faded away once 12chan got the party van /b/ as you know it was all porn, which means you came after 2015, if you came after 2015, you're probably a tumblr exodite, or a plebbit refugee. Old /b/ wasn't good, but it was better than this, and you could have a discussion thread without it getting pushed off by nigger spam racebait, discord tranny troll threads, stormnigger psyops, or having the thread nuked by off topic porn request.

To be clear it's not that b or any other part of 4ch is or was flooded with porn. It's that people constantly reply or contribute to it which means all the whining and complaining is actually setting a precident that random means whatever the jannies and loudest crybabies decide it is.

You want NSFW gif to be next, cool. But first take all the reporting babies and shithole jannies from b and make a non porn b with your own rules and then make a non porn NSFW gif and a sfw s and so on. I'm tired of having less reasons to check in on what 4ch is doing and hearing crying about spammers and logposting and why someone's sister makes Mac everyday. So what. It's random. Fuck off to Reddit where everything is an organized circlejerk with shitloads of rules. That's not b, never has been. CP was indeed around back then, but it wasnt being taken down a second after being posted as it is now. So maybe old /b/ wasnt filled with endless CP threads, but there were for sure threads with CP left in the open until a thread died. /gif/ is for porn, says so right here >>834265221 but yeah I guess a "random gif" would be neat.

as for the shit on there, don't care. I fap there all the time and there are plenty of threads for every liking. if you get baited then too bad. You know what the cure when you get sick of /b/ is? Migrating to a more relevant board. /b/ isn't all of 4chan, kt's meant to be a mixed bag of all topics, not all porn and spamming logs. /b/ IS flooded with porn, and like the other anons said, it's all so systematic that it pushes the organic threads off of the board. The mods are literally pruning the trash threads so that old /b/ (at least the perception of what old bee was) will regrow

I can never tell how serious people are being when they post questions like this. I want to give the benefit of the doubt and assume it's bait but this board is stuffed so full of newfags and tourists I can actually believe many of you don't even know there's an entire website here outside of /b/. Which is fine with me, because the rest of us don't want you.

I get what you say but calling for gif to be free of porn as well is fucking stupid if they want an old b make a classic and then prune there the fact is the old threads were still being posted but people didn't replay or contribute as much to them as the porn threads. Duplicates should be removed but all of it at the same time no longer makes it random and do the same to gif and it's fucking worthless to even come here when other sites have the same shit and you will just see crosspost worthless garbage and reposts with very little oc the community will shrink and the influx of new blood will make 4ch a legit community but one that never grows or changes. Removing something like porn from 4chan changes 4chan and that's what the person I replied to is basically suggesting. I really don't care but I hate rules and oversight and when shit starts feeling categorized on a random board and see the same shit to a lesser degree on the other no random boards like gif I wonder what the fucking point is to even call this random if it isn't really allowed to be and why NSFW gif is now being targeted for porn as well I'm not asking all the coolers to go back to fortnight but I'm also not asking random to be categorized and heavily moderated against specific posts. At that point its no better than Reddit. Porn goes in porn subreddits and whites can't post in blackpeopletwitter.

>which blows my mind they dont have a furry board because of 2 reasons: 1. 4chan was/is never about money and/or having a niche spot for everyone 2. NOBODY likes furfags. They are despised even more on the internet. Yeah, but now NewFags think they can remake the old /b/ /trash/ Only because of a technical loophole. I don’t even know why they come here in the first place, there are tons of chans with boards deficated to them. They even have the extra gay u-18 chan. Why do they come here, is it just out of spite?

Saltdog detected. I fear lurking would've been a better choice. Can't get involved in anything these days without some angering some rabid fuckstick anymore. Not even for nostalgia.

The most annoying thing about the internet/smartphone shit is that everyone tries hard for clout. I don't come here as often as I used to be I remember in the mid 2010s there were faces of /b/ threads daily. And 90% of them were young little "depressed" fags who needed a compliments. /soc/ is full of em now thankfully. Even corner of the internet is full of watermarked images or people using their real names as usernames, all hoping that their content gets recognized and traced back to them. I've had sports memes I've made go viral (across Bleacher Report for ex) and friends send them back to me not knowing I made them. Why the fuck do I care? There's no more anonymity anymore. As we see in this thread, there's a bunch of normies and zoomers larping as oldfags or trying too hard to remember whatever they can about the late 2000s when they weren't even 10 years old yet. Remember trolling 15-20 years ago? It would drive people nuts because at that point, they were the outliers. Coming into online games or serious discussion forums (before plebbit sucked everything up) and ruining everyone's time. Now we encounter millions of trolls daily everywhere that try to trigger people but their short attention span kicks and they move on to something else.

I really don't understand the volume complaints about the new /v/ boards. What is the problem these new boards create? The only one I will probably ever use is /vmg/ from time-to-time, but the mere existence of /vrpg/ and /vst/ doesn't provoke any sort of response in me. They're just new boards I probably won't use and probably won't effect me, like the majority of other boards. Why is this anything worse than a neutral change from the last three years, which was no new boards at all?

Never said it was something that should be crutched on, only something that has its uses; namely as a way to cut the shit for older/obscure titles with no seeds, get only a notable quality hit, and with it being the easiest of the streaming pack to circumnavigate the ads on - with 4chimp itself not exactly far behind how scummy it is/was with ads without adblock. Both the people who exclusively used it and have been cut off from anime as a whole and the people who simply write it off in some vainglorious attempt at preserving ePeen on an Anonymous imageboard are equally retarded in the situation. But don't forget it 'went down' last time because 'all the rights holders gave them a call' last time, as in their servers were melting so they just took it offline for a few weeks and reinstated it later like fuck all had happened. And, even if they're not making up excuses, like a fucking hydra, something with take its place. Given it's not directly Anime & Manga related (>as if that matters on nu-/a/ with the not-fetish threads and the not-tfwnogf threads polluting a third of a catalog on a given day), the mods are probably doing it for free on overdrive, like when eHen went down; there'll probably be shit in the offsite archives if you look for it. Because there are boards that people have been begging for for over a decade at this point, and the mods are off making boards which are dead in under a week. It's a testament to how out of touch they are more than anything, especially when you consider the no-generals rule on /vmg/, when a containment for /vg/'s gachapon threads has been one of the most consistant and highly requested threads for a while now. Essentially it's a let them eat cake moment.

My theory is that the impatient dopamine addicts cant believe that a slow, specialized board can be found appealing by anyone. The only addition they'd find actually worthy is a new fast board for an extremely general and popular topic (like e-celebs), where they'd be able to shitpost like mad and speedrun getting (You)s all day long.

The people who are expected to do their job are still not doing their job as per usual. The new boards should be and will be treated as a warm-up boards for newfags before coming into /v/ Come on you faggots, is this all you got? We're both correct. This isn't a hivemind/leddit; some people are irritated by the fact that there are boards much higher on the 'request/priority list', some see it as evidence that the moderation team is out of touch with the userbase (especially as >>3381197 hints, these new boards are being put in the legacy group of the board header, not the gimmick group or the 'new' group), others see it as 'useless boards' being made which are just a waste of everyones time and killing good discussion on /v/ (which is being left for dead, pun intended).

It's like taking a long, hard shit. Some laid back people may like the extra time afforded by a long stool, but dislike the excessive force required to push the sturdiness of the turdiness in passing; others may have a hurried and stressful life and in turn appreciate the small burst of euphoria of a steely shit finally plopping while being consciously annoyed at the time taken out of their busy day to have it. Two completely opposing opniions reaching the same general level of satisfaction regarding the same general event.

>I'm going to assume you're not someone from a non-gacha general who doesn't like having to compete with something even more obnoxious and popular That's precisely who I am. Gacha threads accelerate the pace of a board by very significant amounts. It leads to slower boards stagnating and dying.

kissanime dying brings up a very important topic to talk about on /a/ tho and that is japan is reforming its copywrite laws the future could be rather grim its possible fan translated anime/manga can die

I want to kill the cunt mod who issues that warning. Smash his putrid little manchild face into the ground until all of my knuckles are broken. Every single power tripping faget who hides behind a computer screen needs to be thrown against the wall, without exception. These are all examples of spoil t middle class parasites that drifted effortlessly through life, being handed everything and told they were special, only to reach adulthood and realise they offer nothing of value to humanity and thus cling onto an abuse any position of power they happen to chance upon. These are little more than cochroaches hiding from the light. I hope moot gets an aggressive cancer and dies before reaching 40. He is a perfect example of one of these filthy scavenger insects. Because its just splitting up the userbase, you're a fool if you think mods are just gonna stop with just RPGs, mobile games, and fucking Strategy games. Its just drip-feeding boards until /v/ essentially becomes Video Games/Random and everyone goes into their genre's exclusion zone.

The other mods may be extremely gay but the /g/ one actual Autism. >Public bans so people give good boy points >Way too retarded to make his own sticky, but doesn't want to taint his perfect board so he decides to flood /qa/ >has to be told to make a sticky for his funny anime character like a good boy and he does it obediently no you stupid fuck a public b& is a reminder to fucking mass report said cancer spam post every time some faggot makes the same thread because mods/jannies normally do not use the catalog looking for shit to delete and b& they are fucking lazy and just check the report cue however those few times they do browse the board and notice X bait/cancer thread reposted for the 6th millionth time has no reports a public ban is given as a hopeful reminder to anons that the big red text OP receives means this thread is aids report it the next time its made plus threads normally get locked/deleted rather quickly

>nig/g/er thinking /g/ has anywhere NEAR the amount of self-made praisebait public b&s as /a/. Criticise them for being indecisive about their sticky, but /g/ is easily one of the better moderated boards for its relative size on the site (for context, /gif/ is only two places below it). Using public b&s the correct way (indicating or reminding what is against the rules) isn't a flaw, retard. So let me summise what I'm almost certain happened at this point; >you got banned for making a post doing nothing but complaining about an anime character (/a/) on the technology board (/g/) with nothing else related to whatever topic was at hand (offtopic) >instead of an ounce of introspection, you see this as an affront of moderative power, the institution keepin' you down, because clearly it's because the mod (singluar, indicating how new you are) is being protective of their ebin wai-fu; and not because you were posting offtopic while also doing nothing but attacking the obvious general culture of the board (which, by not lurking, you failed to grasp) >you immediately avoid your ban, and head straight to the /qa/ and see nothing but a slew of soijacks, sneed and fellow complainers >with nowhere esle you think you'll be heard, you enter the happenings thread to complain about the fact you got banned (offtopic, again), which you skirt around to attempt to imply that you're arguing on behalf of somebody else (which nobody buys, given how invested you are) and how everybody needs to come to your side to fight against this moderative threat - when the immediate response is that the mods are indeed, usually in the right in this case - causing you to continue to bitch and whine, fueled by everyone elses ignorance of your complaining Literal nigger behavior. You might see unfairly banned; I see an issue that you can't be reported under multiple rule infringements at once (Offtopic, Ban Evasion, Extremely Low Quality and possibly Call to Raid and Underage). Kill yourself faggot; people like you are how genuine shitmods can slip under the radar (TN: ABIB) as people just assume it's faggots such as yourself whining over nothing.

>Its just drip-feeding boards until /v/ essentially becomes Video Games/Random and everyone goes into their genre's exclusion zone Considering I can actually hold a multi-day discussion on /vr/ with longform posts, I really don't see this as a bad thing. Sure beats killing /v/ by beating probably-underage anons over the head for posting famous internet people they want to post about. It's like getting blood from a stone, except the stone will just leave and then everyone will complain about how /v/ is dead.

>Interesting fact that I just learned: Between March 7 and March 10, 2016, /pol/, /sp/ and /tv/ all had post numbers in the 66 millions. I don't think there's been any closer convergence of three boards like this in a while. Now /pol/ has twice as many posts as /tv/, and /sp/ only recently cracked 100 million.

the real happening is that /vst/ has turned out to be a good board so far and over the weekend it was finally possible to have discussions about city builders that were pretty much impossible before :)

Teenagers who grew up only consuming entertainment and social media can not tolerate the idea that others choose to create meaningful content simply because they genuinely enjoy it. They are addict to dopamine and the only way to get it is either with smug cynicism or anger-fueled mental breakdown, so they only know how to be passive-aggressive bitches of mindlessly destructive drones. We can see it here too when the one or other sperg off his meds shows up and has a seizure because his garbage thread was deleted. On /tg/ this kind of users have been growing in number for a while, especially since the last 2 years, but the prelude was gamergate and the elections. As traditional games get turned from a niche hobby into a social media event, live streams, trendy celebrities, drama and economical/personal interests grow and spread, newcomers stop engaging with on-topic activities such as reading/discussing books and games, producing content, or even playing TTRPGs, and instead focus on following the current bandwagon, going after self-professed VIPs and drama, and mixing in external and unrelated things such as politics and agendas of whichever side they happen to be on. That's why critical role threads reach bump limit within an hour, even though most of the discussion is complaining they are reading from a script, drooling after this or that streamer, and fighting over american politics. That's also why the board gets regularly flooded with meaningless low effort thread, why brutal but constructive criticism turned into spiteful antagonism and doxxing, why threads depopulate and the newcomers, who do not care about the board's actual topic, turn it into a circlejerk of politics and personalty worship. >tl;dr Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.

It's quintessential rules of the internet: the more people you attract to a board/forum/site, the lower the quality of discussion as the demographics trend towards lowest common denominator. The abrasiveness also used to serve a purpose to keep people away. Newfags need to go back to gaia and lurk the fuck more. It raised the barrier to entry in a way. The scientology protests and Time Magazine's coverage of the 4chan when /b/ fucked their person of the year polls to get moot to the top brought the site into the public eye more than it ever had been before. There's pretty mich always been a decline, but the speed of it has only accelerated exponentially sinve then. Fuck, anyone remember being able to have actual discussions on /b/?

Even pass users won't be able to compregend the experience of a 4chan where every single function of 4chan did not require a captcha including the report function. 4chan felt more alive then, like a gigantic mass of internet ants or internet bees swarming every second, unhindered by any captcha. You could image dump without time restriction back then as well so whenever a popular anime character had their birthday, a board could be swarmed with fanart and it would not be considered spamming at all. Maybe moot might come back to 4chan after all since Google said they are permanently shutting down Google Plus and moot was supposedly hired to help Google with social communities.

They don't want the controlled opposition counter-culture to be opposed, I guess. Face it, 4chan is dead. People that use the site now are kids who do art, wanna get attention or just use it because its so mainstream. 4chan is turning into Reddit, that is a fact. It's bullshit, it's filled with shills, glows and mostly feds fighting other feds all the time to the point that just asking about the site can get you permanently banned. I remember around 2012 you could ask the jannies and mods about the site and they would make it better. Now if you ask about it, you just get shot and killed, and the site gets worse and worse to use. There is nothing but shitposts where you challenge other anons to see who can make the worst thread then another. Nobody is interested in argument or engaging each other on key points anymore, everyone would rather fling shit to get their fleeting momentary fix of superiority. But the point is dead, 4chan is dying and loosing influence, and they cannot admit it because it will ruin their ego. Mostly all of them will be traced by FEMA or arrested if they start anything on there by a undercover glow or agent, or even better, they would be doxxed by transgender people and they will whine about tendies and shitpost when their SSN gets found.

>Why are you still here when it’s devolved this much? Moot abandoned us. Not that person, but I was here from 2005-2012 ish, left, and only recently came back thanks to corona making my life boring Things that offend me: -this is just edgey reddit now. Memes from reddit and memes from 4chan are cross-posted constantly. Back in the day, internet communities were more islands, and there wasn't really any crosstalk at all (and Digg was still the thing) -the amount of anti-women teenagers: Everyone here used to post shit for fun and being offensive, and would cry over having no GF. Now its evolved into "I don't NEED a GF because women are WHORES" and live in a beta fantasy world that doesn't match reality. Basically the male teenagers of this generation are even more cucked than my generation was -the lack of real substance and lack of people making things Back on old /b/, people would constantly make new shit all the time. Nowadays, everyone just waits and reposts whatever they find, I don't think anyone makes anything anymore. Things like the LOIC for DDOS attacks were awesome, I still have that shit downloaded on an old computer somewhere. Tools made for the lulz. I used to make a lot of OC, and so did everyone. Now its all one person/a few people making a lot of things, and everyone else just looking for stuff to take, rather than trying to be creative. Finally, goddamn 40% of threads are russian shill political threads. Like its obnoxious. It's so obvious too, they all speak the same, use the same phrases as a 40 yo facebook poster ("Lyin' Joe!"), and the thread is filled with shills that all talk the same. I don't know how its all still up, its literally on the front page 24/7. This place is a dumpster fire now, and its people arguing with russian posters in half the threads.

/a/ should have a high barrier of entry, and I would argue that it used to. The mods don't allow us to preserve any oldfag culture outside of monthly (if that) nostalgia threads and yearly traditions like these. It is actively lowering the barrier of entry and making the board more newfag friendly. If I had to guess why, it's probably because /a/ is the most profitable board for gookmoot considering how popular anime is nowadays, and how it is next to impossible for him to make any money from the faster boards on the site.

it's /b/. it's fundamentally dogshit to start with, and it just kinda goes downhill from there. /b/ is like the meat of 4chan that has been left out in the yard for a week and is a bit green with flys on it, but you still think, "well, maybe it's ok" and you take a bite and then spit it out. but you are really stupid so you take another bite and swallow that one. then you end up sick for a week. then you get fired for laying out of work for a week, so you have to live in mom's basement from then on. so then you just sit around surfing /b/ and molesting your neighbors alpaca with a football bat. then things start to go downhill....

/b/ is a shithole for low life rejects of society. It's also full of larpers who pretend they've amounted to anything in life despite anyone with a job higher than flipping burgers wouldn't be on 4Chan. It's for people to use as a crutch, as their social interactions become less and less their dependency on 4Chan becomes more and more. It's an aggressive circle of self-hate, sloth and procrastination. This is why 90% of people who are 4Chan commit suicide by 25

But why is /b/ so uniquely dogshit compared to every other board? I don't even mean the threads themselves, I mean the comments and the posters. The best way I can describe it, is despite differences in board culture, every board from /a/ to /x/ is on the same "wavelength," even /pol/ arguing with /co/ is on the same frame of reality but /b/...it's like the rest of 4chan is on wavelength A, and /b/ is on wavelength Q, the posters there are legitimately retarded, like the 40+ year olds you see trying to use facebook

Get this. I actually have a pretty decent life. Good job, good long term relationship with someone I find attractive and actually care about, I look after myself and don't have many particularly destructive habits (I did used to though) But I still come to this fucking shithole everyday. I've been coming here since I about 2007 and I cannot for the fucking life of me work out why. I've tried to stop, even managed to succeed for some relatively long periods (6 months here or there) but I always end up back here. I agree with other anons, it started of shit and has got shitter and shitter over time. It doesn't make any sense to me.

It's because you want things to work out. It's because you've experienced the tide of progressive deterioration, and you're enamored with the false sense of things, just maybe, going back a step. We've passed that point. There will no longer be a pretense of it getting better. It's going to get worse, and the people who made it worth your while are all but gone. The internet is forfeit.

I always think it's interesting how early 4chan really didn't give a fuck about namefags, there was no principle that staying anonymous was intrinsically preferable to giving yourself a name, that you SHOULD stay anonymous and if you didn't you should be reviled for that mere fact alone regardless of what you posted. Early 4chan just didn't care. You see tons of namefags in a lot of early screencaps and nobody comments on that fact. Everyone back then came from forums where having a handle was necessary and a lot of people enjoyed that sense of community, that you could have an ongoing correspondence with posters across the board.

Now if you dare to give yourself a name there are innumerable posters that will pitch a fit, like having a name is antithetical to 4chan itself and not an idea that only started many years after 4chan was created.

Probably because back in the day even people on forums or any other site with usernames were still more or less anonymous. Almost nobody was associating their real identity with their internet activity.

Now that that's changing I think many 4chan users felt greater pressure to avoid the change and demand hardcore anonymity.

It's sort of similar to how "lol" fell out of use for a while. It's more accepted again today but there was a period in our history where you'd be called a normalfag for using "lol" and it's because the rise of cellphones made it a commonly used thing. Now that most phones use auto correction your average person isn't using many accronyms anymore

I always found it a bit sad, but it seems 4chan does like to change itself just to be different from the mainstream. I guess in some ways it's a good thing and some ways it's not

Tripfag and tripcode user were different things back then. We hated tripfags just as much back then as we do now. Most people used names or trips. This is a fact. What is not a fact is most of them were tripfags. Most of them were normal average people that came from forums to here and put names or trips on eventually. A small minority of them were the attention-whoring cunts out to make a name for themselves.

Trip-cracking was a regular fun thread we had that cracked peoples trips, which made tripfags especially mad when it happened.

They eventually started transitioning over to secure tripcodes, which is where the banner "secure tripcodes are for jerks" came from.

Also, Forced Anon on /b/ was the beginning of the end of this sites actual community and transition to the shitty meme content site that it is today. Equally the permanent removal of snacks, the one ballsy enough to tell moot to get fucked with his silly rules. snacks banned weebs, attention whores, gaiafags, raid fags and so on. Without him at the helm and the anonymous hivemind raid faggots from FYAD, the whole site dropped 40 IQ points in half a year. Fuck you menchi, weeb cunt. Fuck you as well moot for listening to him. Anonymous Discussion isn't even used on Japanese boards, both the major ones have forced IDs globally. (well, one uses 3 IP octets last I checked, which is more like /int/ flag tier identity)

In the early days Moot was basically another user, a tripfag with special honors, back then 4chan was small and hadn't really solidified it's identity, I wouldn't count that era.

But then, as you can probably see from some of the later screenshots, he was still a relatively active member. Even after the site grew too large for him to tripfag (due to his mere presence derailing threads), he still tried to communicate and discuss issues with the userbase using events, and tried to be as transparent as possible when it came to things like moderation, board issues, etc. During this very approximate era, from, say, 2007-2011, Moot was generally well beloved.

If you want to pin specific dates to this very vaguely defined era, I suggest Project Chanology as the start, when 4chan exploded into mass-media the first time and it's userbase rapidly grew, and Moot deleting /r9k/ in January 2011 as the end, because "he didn't like the community".

Over the years after that, Moot grew more distant towards 4chan, in part at least due to real life taking up more and more of his time, and he started to enforce more ill-advised and aggressive policies with no or extremely little transparency. For most users he was eroding the good-will he had built up over the years, and that continued until he eventually sold the site and moved on.

Hiro/Mootwo isn't perfect, and I honestly don't trust him to not have ulterior motives, but for the time he's been in charge (which, let's face it, has to be like herding millions of cats) he's done a better job than Moot did towards the end. Where late Moot would have drawn a hard line and enforced it at the cost of the community and site as a whole, Hiro is more compromising and willing to see eye-to-eye. A good recent example is /v/ and NeoGAF, if you go to /v/ Hiro has put up a sticky stating they're making a temporary exception when it comes to politics, because NeoGAF is so closely tied to videogames.

I think we're just some kind of experiment for some SA user's master's thesis in psychology. They develop all the original content there and then force it upon us. And we eat it.

Nope. /b/ is actually better than it has been in years, just a lot more porn and fap threads and shit. All the hardcore memers/shitposters left for /s4s/, and the retards jumped ship to other boards. If it wasn't for the speed and shit getting pushed off so easily, /b/ would be better for discussing anime, video games, and half of the content on the bigger boards. I've even seen better /x/ threads on /b/ than on /x/.

/b/ once again has to carry 4chan on their backs as the rest of the boards descend into shitposting, madness, and flaming autism. Because unlike you fags, we're trained as newfags to not take the internet seriously. So, if someone invades? We don't give a shit. If someone invades /a/ or /v/ or /pol/? They give them reactions out the ass and give people incentive to keep poking at them.

We don't cry when people disagree with our politics and blame /pol/, we don't whine about how our board was a bastion of pure golden content that is now somehow lost. We make fun of it. We're here to discuss whatever we want, whenever we want, and have fun doing it.

And THAT is why /b/ is still alive and kicking, and why nearly every imageboard has a /b/, and even some textboards. Check out other random boards. /s4s/ went from irony and descended into shitposting. /r9k/ went from gentlemen into feels faggots. /b/ alone stands eternally the same in its randomness. Stay mad, you're the architects of your own shitposting madness for breaking the rules of the internet and taking it too seriously for your own good.

It's not "important" in that it's impossible to run one without it, but there's always been that trend online and imageboards particularly. Each site that forms a userbase that can last (like 4chan) seeks to set itself apart from the rest. That's human nature for the most part. The whole imageboard culture and the anonymity textboards/imageboards provided allowed them to be far more open and only things that broke board rules/was illegal will typically get banned. That gives us a lot more freedom than most other forums. But you do get some sites that are more laidback and smaller that aren't hostile, but odds are you'll see a distaste for registration forums there. That's been around since the beginning.

So, there's always been that and it's why people shit on Gaia, Reddit, Tumblr, and all these other sites. These sites aren't risks. Imageboards (at least Japanese ones and such) were around long before those sites and will outlast them as well because they're just "trendy". There's never not going to be a market for people who want to speak their mind anonymously and avoid upvotes/downvotes. It lets us do what we want to do in a more free way, so even if 4chan died these sites would still live on.

And as another guy said before, it is pretty bad that we know much about the mods/janitors. They're meant to be anonymous for a reason, and if they don't have a "reputation" to keep up, they won't fall to the same pitfalls other mods and admins do when they act like raging spergs and ban any and all dissent/shit talking. When a mod is anonymous, he can take the criticism a little easier than if he knows the users know who he is and shit on him for it.

So, mods/janitors being anonymous is equally important and us being able to find their reddits and tumblrs is a double edged sword. Good in that we can see if they're faggots, but bad in that they have a reputation to keep up now after not being anonymous and that makes them more likely to just be utter cunts.

The problem isn't just faggotry, it's inorganic faggotry. They spam this shit out of spite to troll people in straight threads but when in their own threads they're all a bunch of blogposting tumblr users who don't just wank and go, they live in those fucking threads to discuss how to be the most flaming faggot possible. The kind of self important attention seeking blogposting only found on Tumblr. As much as I hate to admit, GG started it. As a prelude to this, the mod team took our ability to fight back by banning anything that can be considered organized "raiding" including good old /b/ blogtalkradio host trolling. Admin team got exposed for being filled with SJWs. /v/ and /pol/ and basically any board that should allow for free expression on relevant topics got fucked in the ass hardest so a ton of organic users fled to 8ch. Traffic dipped hard, moot sold the site to gookmoot while sucking anita sarkeesian's cock, blue board separation happened. Anyone who stayed on /v/ in 2014 was basically SJW because everyone else got banned for talking about the topic. The new rules for blue boards reflect that fact. Then the tumblr porn purge and coomer exodus brought tons of non organic users to this place who will scream and shout desperately about how they are actually oldfags who "matured" into "reasonable" people with decent ideas and opinions so that's why they are basically copies of 2012 era SJWs. With blue board rules against trolling they are basically shielded from any word they see as triggering and the splitting of big boards into smaller more circlejerk friendly boards like all the "general" boards further isolate users from opposing viewpoints.

Encyclopedia Dramatica has a detailed article about the downfall of this place including the leaked modteam IRC logs where they talk about 4chan users like we're vermin they had to get rid of as quickly as possible so that moot could save face.

yes. this board is designed to emulate japanese culture by deemphasising the individual.

rapeape/alt have both the admin/manager capcodes the dev is MVB and I call bs that dude doesn't get some funds to keep the servers up and running hell moot himself also use to give jannies/mods amazon giftcards for xmass (even on birthdays too allegedly)

THINK about why staff would say that everyone does it for free with all the shady sketchy borderline illegal ads ever since Hiro took over invsibro aka gingermod aka le palm tree man aka king of /bant/ aka swaglord works in (((adverting))) Alt also works in the field rapeape works in some sort of call management in IT advertising too its not just hiro pushing 4chan to the max to make money its imfuckingpossible some staff do not get a salarythe OPsec and skills needed are not something you can easily find without them 4chan would die and Hiro would be fucked with his investment

Moot kept 4chan running with minimal ads granted even with based ones like jlist he himself wasn't rolling in money from 4chan it wasn't his fulltime job for many years remember his failed startup companies I doubt staff received much money if any at all since moot was running everything and the servers were in NYC but in a post-moot 4chan in order for Hiro to keep 4chan open he would have to keep staff happy any slip ups would be instant doom for the site paying staff also keeps the whole work load and culture i doubt he even understands off his shoulders Hiro knows what happens when you piss off your users or staff either people move or your website is usurped from your very hands I doubt he wants a repeat of this especially after paying millions for 4chan also do you really think staff would be cool with hiro patching all these sketchy ads raking in money when he does no work here fuck no

tl;dr Hiro pays people to keep his company running just like any other buisness owner does its basic fucking logic its just an open skrt that no one talks about because it makes the staff look really bad gigachadscitzooldfags knows all

Immeasurable value is lost. It's a repository of the central Internet cultural force for the past 20 years.

Obviously there are shitposters, fedposters, and general retards all over 4chan. Forget those for a moment, and while you're at it, forget the really incredible and informative posts too.

Instead, focus on what 4chan means for the Internet.

Internet culture IS 4chan. Virtually every organic Internet movement has a home on 4chan. This extends beyond memes (of which, naturally, almost all organic memes you see anywhere on the Internet originate from 4chan) but to true movements. True schools of thought.

Try talking about FOSS somewhere that is't /g/. You will find yourself surrounded by transexual retards.

Try talking about anime outside of /a/. You'll see absolutely nothing but a plebbit-tier, Star Wars-tier fanbase for whatever is running at the moment.

Try talking about politics outside of /pol/. HA! You fucking can't talk about politics outside of /pol/. It's impossible.

Try talking about music outside of /mu/, film outside of /tv, sports outside of /sp/, vidya outside of /v/ (well, there is one place, but I dare not name it lest it get ruined too)... YOU CAN'T!

This place is an oasis. Nowhere else has the traffic, and nowhere else has the freedom.

Dumbasses and shitposters aplenty, but freedom of thought and general fun and youthful exuberance all around. There is nothing else like 4chan on the internet. So yeah, something of value was lost. Otherwise, you wouldn't even be on here.