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UPDATE by moot - 11/08/03 @ 5:40PM EST
Both new boards have been added:

/a/ - Anime
/l/ - Lolikon

Make sure to recheck the updated rules page. If you plan on using /l/, please make sure you understand these rules. I am NOT messing around with the real stuff.

That is all.

HOORAY by moot - 10/29/03 @ 2:38AM EST
Site went back up a few hours ago; everything looks good. The oekaki board isn't up, I'll try to get that back in a few days... Thanks to everyone who donated, ichibanMuffin, and Peter Payne (J-list is now hopefully going to sponsor the site) for making this comeback possible; without your generosity it probably would not have happened.

Some things that were fixed/changed/added:

1. Fixed: Thumbnailing problems! This should help curtail bandwidth and load times.

2. Fixed: Japanese character display--all pages should now be UTF-8. Although UTF-8 isn't totally friendly with Japanese ASCII art, it should be a large improvement (it's either this, no Japanese text, or improperly formatted English).

3. Changed: The board now uses a MySQL database (modified futabaSQL -> "yotsubaSQL") for storing information. The last board used a flatcode text file, which was pretty inefficient.

4. Changed: Minor changes went into the board formats (ie. posts now show the day of the week when posted).

5. Added: Protection from some robots, however this will only help a little. Will look into some anti image linking (direct) soon.

Alot of ideas have been raised as how to keep this site up through donations, so far the following have been considered:

1. Sponsors: I believe J-list will sponsor us, since Peter said once the site went back up he would consider it right away (yes this does mean ads, however they won't be obnoxious) If you know anyone else who might be interested, please contact me.

2. E-mail: A few users inquired about paying for e-mail accounts. I've consider requiring a small per year subscription for this, but I have yet to think about exactly what would be offered. If you'd actually be interested in paying for this, drop me a line.

3. Subscription: Spork came up with a great idea (I would do this at least, if I didn't run the site that is), involving paying for archive access. He suggested providing the ability to download backups of older posts, since sometimes the boards can be filled up so fast you miss good content. This should directly impact bandwidth and speeds in a positive way, because I would be lowering the ammount of posts per board, and only letting these subscribers access the old stuff. Just a note: I am completely against forcing people to pay for use, however income is needed to support the site. Please e-mail me if you'd be interested or have any input on the matter.

With a new server also comes the ability to add a few more boards! The following have been suggested: trains, real-life, ASCII, weapons, and discussion. If you bear a strong liking to one of these subjects and would like to mod it, or have another idea for a new board, please e-mail me!

That said, ENJOY!

... by moot - 10/16/03 @ 4:08PM EDT

I must say I'm impressed. Word has gotten out on 2chan and we have alot of new Japanese posters to the community. Every board seems to have had it's traffic at least doubled, and /c/ has had traffic go up tenfold! Obviously with so many new posts an influx of bandwidth usage has occured, however this is not a problem so far. I've gotten many donations today, and this will definantly help (or even totally) pay the bills. My huge thanks goes out to those who donated, and all of the dedicated users we have recieved thus far.

I expect 4chan's English users to accept the new guys, and I don't want to see any racist crap on any boards (unless it's on /b/). I also expect 4chan's new Japanese users to use discretion on choosing which boards to post on. Granted there are no Japanese rules up, the most basic thing I ask is don't post "DESTROY USA BASES AT OKINAWA!!1" (LOL Golgolmois) on the real boards. Hopefully Shingo can work on getting the rules page translated... In the mean time, check the following page out, 日本語 (Japanese)

Some things on the to do list:

1. Fix thumbnailing problem for pictures. Thought we had this fixed, however numerous new cases have been reported.

2. Fix Japanese character display, and ASCII art. It appears that if you post off of an English computer, it prints fine under UTF-8, however some posts from Japanese computers seem to display incorrectly. I'll think about looking into Shift_JIS again.

3. Translate the 'Rules' section into Japanese. If you're Japanese and speak English, help would be appreciated in the editing process. I can be e-mailed here.

Once again, all comments, suggestions, complaints, etc. are welcomed. As always the e-mail address is

/h/ by moot - 10/02/03 @ 7:24PM EDT
A new image board has been introduced: /h/ - Hentai. This board actually has rules, so head on over to the rules section and read them.

TEST by moot - 10/01/03 @ 10:32PM EDT
Just testing out the mainpage... Many thanks goes out to [NPH] for writing up this simple and efficient site!