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Anonymous 10/11/06(Wed)04:25 No.41686  
Dear /an/, the most amazing of amazing has just happened. Dark matter, the afterlife, everything now makes perfect sense to me. This may come as quite a shock to you I know. I have mentioned this to others only to be met with amazement. I could tell by their expression which seemed to be grasping the mere comprehension of it. The secret of life, the universe and everything is simply this: ghost shrimp. Let 42 kid you no longer. Gentlemen, there are ghost shrimp filling each and every possible location within our dimension as well as those both higher and lower. Yet our non-ghost shrimp minds cannot process their existance. They are like quasi-gods, watching over us all, setting forth the bounds of what we percieve as reality. Their non-perceptibility only confirms the fact that they are truly there. Be true in faith, my brothers. Ghost Godshrimp is watching over us all. Shrimp bless.
>> Lilith 10/11/06(Wed)13:40 No.41744
Okay, quit staring at your aquarium & get some fuckin sunshine. It's not ghost shrimps, it's the ghost crab gods, geez.
>> Anonymous 10/15/06(Sun)01:16 No.42322
Even more interesting is the fact that you posted a picture of amano shrimp.
>> Anonymous 10/15/06(Sun)03:57 No.42354
Quite the shrimp expert it seems you are. Sadly, we'll never see pictures of real ghost shrimp. THEY'RE GHOSTS, STUPID! Well, I guess you could use an EKG or something...
>> Anonymous 10/15/06(Sun)11:07 No.42405
PKE meter
>> Anonymous 10/15/06(Sun)11:24 No.42409
Ghost hearts yo, ghost hearts...