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Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)12:40:58 No.6574735  
Anyone know Nevada-chan's real name? It says it was released.

Also, has anyone noticed how artsy the CP has been lately?
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:02:56 No.6575207
File :-(, x)
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:05:53 No.6575275
artsy CP is child model stuff, not propper dirty homemade stuff
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:06:50 No.6575293
and what does the gookenese mean?
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:07:50 No.6575326
goddamn it "Don't you think?2"
Why is releasing her name such a problem?
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:10:19 No.6575389
HN: ? duo ?