File :-(, x, )
Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)12:44:11 No.6574797  
hay /b/, am i cute?
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)12:45:01 No.6574810
Xena and Gabrielle are sitting at a table talking with Xanthis's mother who insisted on feeding them, thankful they found her son and brought him home. As Xena chews on an apple Urania tells them about the wolf.

"All began one month ago. My husband Epidemais and I were sitting in the evening outside. It was a wonderful and warm night. Epidemais went to get something to drink, as we heard that noise. It was a roar but it wasn't bestial neither human. My husband tell me that I should go back to the house. But through a window I saw everything. From the forest came running a big wolf. His coat was black like the night, you could hear and see his breath. He saw my husband and went after him. And than he began to speak. What do you want, you little individual? Do you think you can beat me? Your sword can't kill me. I'm invincible. I have to say I like this village. I think I'm going to visit you more. My husband was very angry, he said, you will leave here, because I don't scare you. It was the first and last time you come here. While he speak this words, he pulled his sword out and rushed against the wolf. I scream that he should come back, but he didn't hear me."

Urania stopped, visibly shaken. Gabrielle leaned over and touched her hand. If you don't want to talk any more its all right. We have a good idea what's happened to your husband."

Urania smiled at the gentleness of the bard.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)12:45:48 No.6574824
GTFO gook.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)12:46:06 No.6574829
you're old? more like "i'm not cute" OOHH burn feel the burn now
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)12:47:14 No.6574848
i'm cuter then doug atleast amirite
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)12:49:03 No.6574885
I'd hit it like the Ho Chi Minh trail.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)12:55:20 No.6575025
File :-(, x)
The lightspeed is not constant
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)12:59:12 No.6575106
File :-(, x)
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)12:59:56 No.6575122
File :-(, x)
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:00:44 No.6575145
not cute, just plain GAY
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:03:50 No.6575227
Oh my god, fuck yes. a/s/l
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:05:50 No.6575273
srsly, I would totally hit that.

I'm 25, female, Canadian.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:07:33 No.6575315

>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:09:03 No.6575364
File :-(, x)
Hay /b/, am I cute?
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:11:00 No.6575407

I'd fuck you right through that tooth gap. Yeah, take it monkeymangirl.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:11:10 No.6575411
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:11:16 No.6575416
I'd hit you. 22/m/netherlands
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:13:11 No.6575468
File :-(, x)
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:14:29 No.6575499
oldest image in the history of internets
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:21:01 No.6575647
I'm 18, and i live in IL

just turned 18 today
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:21:50 No.6575670
Yes, I think you are :) 25/f here.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)13:21:58 No.6575673
I'm 23 and I live IRL.