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Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6577850  
Dear /b/,

three weeks ago, my ex-girlfriend called me again for the first time in 6 months. She felt pretty bad at that time because her new boyfriend recently broke up with her in about the exact same way she did with me and I was able to cheer her up a lot. Now we talk pretty much every day, I already slept in the same bed with her a few times (cuddling all night, nothing more yet, sadly) and she was the one who asked me to come in her bed. She calls me every day, we meet at least twice a week and we're having a great time together.

Problem: She is pretty much the ideal woman for me, I'm already falling in love with her again but she said to others that I am a good friend (best friend probably) but not more again. "You mean very much to me" is what she said to me.

How should I interpret the things she's doing? Is it normal that she has such intense contact with me without having further interest? She's behaving in the exact same way as when we were together, except the sexual stuff.

I think she's kinda abusing me. What would /b/ do? (except stickin it in her pooper?)

-confused Anonymous

Pic unrelated.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
Explain your copy pasta addiction and she'll understand
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
As long as you fully realize she's back to you most likely only because she was dumped and wants to feel wanted again, it's ok you stay "friends" with her. IF how ever you feel like you want more, you will have to tell her about it. Most likely she's just hanging with you until something else comes along again. Prepare to be re-dumped, in that case.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
Marry her.

Then stick it in her pooper.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
she's using you man.

there's no way in hell of you getting any with ANY girl if you continue having this kind of contact with your ex.

Not only does she not want sex (all she wants is someone to make her feel wanted until she finds something better, i've been there and done it to girls myself) but while you're with her everyone will assume you're not interested in anyone else.

SO, tell her you can't have this shit anymore, and that you're going to find a proper girlfriend if she doesn't want to be it.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
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You are a disgrace to all men. You are just setting yourself up to get fucked over again. Kill yourself now, pussy.