File :-(, x, )
Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6577858  
WASHINGTON (AFP) - The administration of President George W. Bush is planning a massive bombing campaign against Iran, including use of bunker-buster >>>nuclear bombs<<< to destroy a key Iranian suspected nuclear weapons facility, The New Yorker magazine has reported in its April 17 issue.


Fuck you America. Fuck you. FUCK YOU.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
This means that we all die :(
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6577948
yeah because it's totally april 17th
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
File :-(, x)
This means yanks suck cock.
The yanks in big chairs with cigars up their ass i mean. Or those who vote bush.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
will you fuckers just go look up "project for a new american century" so you can understand why all this is happening and TRY to do something about it, already?
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6577986
i love how people freak out as soon as the word NUCLEAR is added

a "regular" warhead can do just as much damage, but unless it's NUCLEAR it's alright
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
First, sage in /b/ is lol.

Second, it doesn't mean that the magazine is published yet.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6578014
File :-(, x)
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
If we all don't die, we should all meet at the Mariposa and start anew
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6578055
this is so awesome

can't wait to see the burning sandnigger kiddies
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6578074
File :-(, x)
America haters think american people support Bush policies.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
File :-(, x)
lol, sand niggers.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
One former defense official said the military planning was premised on a belief that "a sustained bombing campaign in Iran will humiliate the religious leadership and lead the public to rise up and overthrow the government," The New Yorker pointed out.

lol what.

I don't know about you, but if the US was bombing the shit out of my country and killing my friends and family and shit, I wouldn't really be thinking too hard about rebelling against the IRANIAN regime.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6578113
Lurk m o a r with politics.

Once you drop a nuke, no matter what size, on another country, you basically open Pandora's box.

And once that box is open, we will never close it. We will enter the age where nuclear war is a reality.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6578117
so why exactly do people still think that when a nuke is used that THE END OF THE WORLD IS UPON US...?

japan was nuked. twice. has the world been burned to ashes? not really. and what would happen anyway? iran gets nuked, they use their one nuke on the US, the end. we (the europeans) are all happy and can laugh at the burning sandniggers and rednecks.

it's the /b/ way
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
Over 50% of them do, apparently.

He did win the popular vote in the last election, remember?
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
u've got them the other way around
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
yep, history really shows you to be correct

go back to your commune, tree-hugging hippy
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
Oh well that's okay then.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
but guys in halo we are all freins against fuck cvoenent lol like brits and yankjs
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)

we don't know how many they have.

remember, they are old buddies of russia.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6578230
Japan was different. The nukes dropped on Japan were an experiment: There is a reason no nuke has ever been used since.

It's common knowledge that the Japs were planning on surrenduring but the Americans dropped the bombs anyway to see what happens.

Also, the nukes in WW2 were used to *end* the war. Not start one. This is a totally different context.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6578236
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
.... Doesn't America fuck YOU, instead of you fuck them?
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6578273
jp were not planning on surrendering, bullshit
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)

>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6578291

also, today's nukes are hundreds of times more powerful than the ones used against japan.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6578313
Yes they fucking were. There are documented communications between the Japanese and American authorities shortly before the nukes were dropped talking of a surrender. The americans ignored it.

No, I don't have the link but I'm sure someone else knows it
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6578328
cake any one?
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6578337
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
exactly, I hope Bush is wise enough to not use the big guns in his lust to change the middle east, he should use a weak nuke, with enough power to destroy the target, and surrounding government investments, not thousands of innocent people sitting around outside of a military base
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6578403

the nukes were specifically used because the japs were not willing to surrender. the first one was not enough, because they didn't think the americans would use another. after the second, they realized they had to surrender or they'd get bombed completely to death and only then did they surrender.

you believe in chemtrails, right?
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6578404

Japan wasn't going to surrender to the US. The alternative to dropping the nukes was a conventional invasion, which would've cost the lives of 1 million US marines, at leats as many Japanese servicemen, and whatever Japanese civilians that got in the way.

The American president sent an ultimatum, warning the Japanese of "complete and utter destruction", and was ignored.

The Japanese military wanted to KEEP fighting after the second atomic bomb went off, but the emperor overrode them.

The atomic bombs saved more lives than they took. Between them, the death toll was 100,000 by the most liberal estimates, far less than the 2 million+ of a conventional invasion.

Fuck, man, I'm from the UK and I know that america did right by that. Where'd you learn that bullshit?
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)

*cuts cake
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)

Google is your friend.


>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
again, chemtrails
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
oh and 9/11 was staged by the american government!!
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
File :-(, x)
We should all be so lucky