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Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6579384  
dear /b/,

how do I give cunninlingus?
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
>>how do I gave cunninlingus?
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)

>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6579458
Step One: find woman willing to let you get near her cunt.
Step Two: Insert tongue, move in circular motion.

Advisory: breathe through your mouth. Some women stink.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6579534

P.S. - this thread was serious, I really do need to know how.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
you use your tongue? is there anything more to say?
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6579769
1. Tease her first, take your time before going to the clit. Gently bite her labia, blow on her clit, etc.

2. Lick clit.

3. Insert finger(s)

4. Try to vary the pace, but if you find she is particularly enjoying the speed/pressure, try not to change it, even if you're tired, otherwise you might brake her concentration.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6579842
Should I insert a finger in her vagina (maybe middle finger), all the while licking her clitoris in a circular motion?
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6579864

And after looking at the sex info site just a little, that site seems to be serious as well. It's not very well done, but it has the basics, including the fact that some women (like myself) have a clitoris that is too sensititve to touch with the tongue. Other women find clitoral stimulation to be the best way to achieve an orgasm, or at least the fastest.

Asking us this information is like asking us for that one way to get all women off that is universal. This is a utopian dream. It does not exist. That's why someone directed you to a website that reccomends multiple ideas and that no matter what you try, to keep making sure your girlfriend is okay with it.

If you want me to direct you to a good bible about sex, then get the latest version of the Guide to Getting It On! by the Goofyfootpress. I think they still have a site at
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
Well, it's just that I was fooling around with my girlfriend the other night and I fingered her and made her orgasm. And then last night she was really horny and desperately wanted alone time, so I guess I must have been doing something right. Haha! So...I figured that I would take it to the next step and do oral. By the way, she did seem to enjoy clitoral stimulation the best, and that's how she orgasmed.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)

Sure, but try to vary the type of motion, speed, and pressure on both your finger(s) and tongue while you do it.

React to what she likes, my gf for example prefers fast flicking of the tongue and high pressure/slow stroking of the front of her vagina.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6580056
Also, if you're interested in inserting fingers into the vagina, then I do reccomend something that is rather universal. Use only the middle and/or ring finger. They seem to work the best for some reason.

Males and females have the same erogenous zones until you get to the genitals. Then females tend to get more complicated and it really varies from person to person what they like. Learn what you can before experimenting, and then when you are practicing on your girlfriend, remember to focus. And for the love of God, do not break pace. The other person who said this is a sex god/goddess. My boyfriend breaks pace all the time, and then wonders why I'm so pissed at him after nearly orgasming 5 times and then my body just says fuck it and won't cooperate anymore.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
This thread is full of liars.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
>The other person who said this is a sex god/goddess

Thank you. Sadly my girlfriend is on anti-depressants and is rarely up for sex. :/
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)

No, I am Fred Gallagher
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
Yes this is very true, I agree. But it should be a little responsibility of the female, too. They need to voice it and be like "Ah yeah, it feels great right THERE! Don't stop" ya know what I'm sayin'? haha. Or else the guy will just switch up his pace and you won't be satisfied fully.

Like for example, the first time I fingered my girlfriend, I really didn't know what I was doing honestly. When we talked afterwards, she said that she nearly orgasmed 3 times or something, but everytime she was about to, I would move my finger placement to a different spot and it would be lost. So now I gague her reactions to certains spots and then that's where I maintain my strokes.

I think that it all sounds so very complicated with cunninlingus, though. What with motion, pressure, speed, etc... oh my. This is going to be so difficult.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)

Cool. Then I'll try to explain what a girlfriend of mine taught me once about clitorical stimulation. (lucky you, I know two lesbians, and both are nymphos.)

Anyway, she takes two fingers, the index and middle, and puts them on either side of the clitoris, both inside the labia and clitorical hood. Then she rubs up and down this area, about 1 inch of space for the up and down motion. She starts out slow, and then speeds up. How quickly she changes pace depends on how much she wants to tease her victim. You can vary pace slightly on this, but do it consciously. Only change pace to make her orgasm, or to prolong the agony before she orgasms. The longer it takes for one to achieve orgasm, the greater the ecstacy if there's not a bunch of frustration involved.

Hope this helps a little. Good luck!
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6580203
Advice from a girl:
Dont bother focusing on inserting fingers. It's nice if done as the same time as clitoral stimulation with the tongue, but focus on what you're doing to the clitoris. Else you'll be a complete and utter fail and she'll tell all her girlfriends you suck.
Oh yes, do that too. Suck on clitoris. Thats a good one. A very good one. Also, dont do that thing where you lick directly onto her clitoris by pulling the hood back and exposing it, it fucking hurts most of the time.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)

Yes, I forgot to mention that. There needs to be a lot of verbal feedback when first trying out new things. At least until you get used to each other's body language a bit more.
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun) No.6580310
I wish I had girlfriend I could do this with. =_=
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
Thanks for all the advice guys (and gals ;) !

I appreciate it a lot, I'll try it out sometime soon hopefully and let you know how it went!
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)
I must tell this to all the guys why I have the chance. Do not carry on with clitoral stimulation too long after a girl has had an orgasm. This really fucking hurts but your girlfriend will rarely admit to it. Also to the guy who started this thread, hold your girlfriends hand with yours, you'll know when she's enjoying it and where when she gives your hand a little squeeze.. or a big squeeze..
>> Anonymous 04/09/06(Sun)

If you're interesting enough to be here, then you most definitely will have one eventually as long as you talk to females. Talking with people is one of the best ways of getting into relationships.