4chan CSS

"Every get is a modget."

This is an archive of all css from 4chan that I could find in the source code.

spooky.css - Spooky (Halloween Special)

yotsubanew.696.css - Yotsuba New

yotsubluenew.696.css - Yotsuba B New

futabanew.696.css - Futaba New

burichannew.696.css - Burichan New

photon.696.css - Photon

tomorrow.696.css - Tomorrow

yotsubamobile.696.css - Yotsuba Mobile

catalog_spooky.694.css - Catalog Spooky (Halloween Special)

spooky2017.672.css - Spooky 2017

catalog_mobile.694.css - Catalog Mobile

janichan.696.css - Janichan (/j/ special)