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"oh shut up, quit larping as someone with passion and go back to >>/pol/"

This is a list of all mootposts available in the 2006-2008 4chan archive. There probably aren't any posts missing in this page if they are in the archive. You can see the mootpost listed by clicking on its header. Please note that although I searched for posts by moot in the archive, I'm not able to search purely for results where moot didn't use his tripcode as it is impossible to differentiate them from the actual posts by moot and imposters, whereas it can only be moot if both the tripcode and name (lowercase) are accurate. Therefore, if moot didn't use his tripcode in a post, it is unlikely that the post will be seen here. Occasionally one will be found through pure luck.

NOTE: Many of these may link to 4museum, a static archive of the 2006-2008 4chan archive. Linking to individual posts doesn't seem to work so you may have to scroll or ctrl-f the post number linked.


No.1246938 and No.1246978 - October 27 2006

In a thread about some otaku toy/figurine site (probably, I'm guessing a bit of this since there are no images) where many were complaining that the new descriptions/updates were very uncreative, moot posted, in response to someone saying that "new ones don't even TRY to be clever," the text "It's because I stopped picking items and writing descriptions; now they send me weekly updates that are bland :[". Per usual, the thread became instantly derailed with the fact that god himself had just visited. One user responded to moot saying "Was that you who really banned me on /b last Monday because I said you never posted on /b anymore?" to which moot said "Yes." moot's visit was a bigger surprise to some as he gave the impression he actually disliked anime at the Otakon panel, but for most it was what it almost always was: a pleasant surprise.

No.1246975, No.1246996, No.1247094, No.1247115, No.1247138, No.1247163, and No.1247177 - October 27 2006

WIP: moot policy clarification. On October 20th, a janitor made a post to /j/ requesting an actual coherant policy for motivationals on /a/. e.g., a legendary bout of modfaggotry that ended up sparking a meme seen for generationsAfter complaints on /j/ about the biggest problems (as seen by the mods of the time) on /a/, ecchi/nudity and motivational posters, moot made a sticky as promised clarifying his policy on the issues. This came three days after mods had made a sticky also trying to do this but angered much of /a/ (as whenever a mod posts it is fail but when moot does it is win). His position was simple - for motivators, if they actually add to a thread and don't act as a negative, they're fine, but don't make entire threads about them. For ecchi/nudity, in his own words, "if I don't see nipples or vagina, I don't really care," but he also explained further saying that overtly sexual images should not be posted but borderline/mild images are allowed. The rest of his posts in the thread were in more of a Q&A format, in particular he pushed his policy on lolikon ("Why would lolikon be on /a/ in the first place? Lolikon doesn't belong on 4chan. There are plenty of alternatives out there for the stuff.") in response to someone asking if loli rapidshares were allowed in several posts. In another series of posts, he both learned a method of making a worksafe /h/ thread in /a/ by posting worksafe images from hentai doujins in order to post the rapidshare for the people asking for the source. He issued a non-descript banning of the practice ("They should probably stop as it sounds pretty annoying."). He also responded to some complaints to his decisions, but his rule clarifications were mostly well received on the board.

No.1444787 - December 1 2006

Another sticky made by moot for a policy clarification, this time over complaints of mods/janitors "wreaking havoc" by supposedly deleting rule breaking material. He renewed his anti-loli and shota stance as well as targeting nsfw images on sfw boards, both of which were now prohibited in the global rules. The thread was immediately locked as he made a point that nobody should actually discuss the sticky on /a/ and that everyone should email him with their thoughts about it in an effort to not shit up the board. The thread was removed when moot made a new sticky with only a few words changed in response to confusion in the thread two threads down.

No.1444813 - December 1 2006

In response to moot's sticky, someone who clearly didn't put two-and-two together after seeing the thread was locked made a thread to discuss it. moot, seeing this, posted "I locked the thread for a reason. Email me what you think; stop using /a/ for this kind of stuff." after only one post in the thread and two minutes into the thread's existence. He locked the thread soon after, but one there was one more post made before this happened: "moot loevs /a/."

No.1445044, No.1445066, No.1445069, No.1445098, No.1445119, No.1445125, No.1445135, No.1445141, No.1445153, No.1445159, and No.1445168 - December 1 2006

moot finally gave in and started giving a Q&A in a thread made for the discussion of the sticky. He had previously locked several threads that had attempted to do this but he just decided that many simply won't bother sending an email and will continue making pointless threads, either due to laziness or as an attempt to gather a board consensus. His first response was a clarification to one anon's confusion as the announcement implied that loli wasn't nsfw (the announcement stated that loli AND nsfw were against the rules, differentiating them). moot responded to this by saying, in part, that he was trying to "assert that not only is [lolikon] not allowed because it isn't worksafe, but [because] it also violates a global rule". After further pushing from another confused person ("Gitami"), moot eventually changed the wording of the sticky (even though he said he would do it tomorrow as he was "tired and ... going to bed"), see the thread below for this. Based upon one person's suggestion, he began discussing how most of the shit getting deleted on /a/ should have been posted on other boards that specialize in it and that dumps of pretty much any kind were not allowed (ecchi dumps/material should go in /e/, moe dumps should go in /c/, etc.). Pretty simple. In response to one user complaining about the recent "deletions and bannings" of worksafe material, moot said he had checked the logs and found no sign of this ever occuring (he said that most of the emails complaining about this were unfounded as well). Soon after this, the thread became so full of complaints and misunderstandings that moot gave up giving clarifications and just posted "Hooray for driving threads into the ground. I'm off to bed and on to better things. Good night /a/!" This was posted a full 22 minutes after he said he would be going to sleep.

No.1445089 - December 1 2006

Following a few persistent anons asking for further clarification in the sticky (they were confused over how loli and nsfw material were differentiated in the sticky, implying loli wasn't nsfw. moot claimed this was unintentional.), moot removed the first sticky clarifying the rules of /a/ and replaced with another, even more clarifying sticky (although the changes were only done to one sentence to satisfy those few anons). The changes were made to the last sentence of the first paragraph, adding "pornography" after it says "lolikon and shota", removing any doubt as to whether they're nsfw or not, and adding "and as always" to where it says non-worksafe images aren't allowed on worksafe boards.

No.1457024 - December 3 2006

In a thread moot made that was most likely immediately locked (no replies), he had "Dear "Zebs"," as the subject and the actual text was simply "E-mail me what you intended to send me on IRC yesterday. Thanks!". It was probably stickied, but there was little discussion about the thread on the rest of /a/.

No.1613522 and No.1613585 - December 27 2006

In a /b/-like "Confessions of an Anonymous" thread, one anon responded to a shitty moot impersonation with "moot is that really you", to which the real moot responded with "no :[". This immediately resulted in a thread derailment (although the thread was already considered somewhat off-topic), with the usual half-serious requests: "MAKE SOME FUNNY THREADS IN /b/ AGAIN LIKE THE OLD DAYS. I WANT FUNNY MODHAX!". One anon posted in response the moot saying "why do you always post with a tripcode, you don't need it since you already have an admin tag", and in a rare instance of moot entertaining the menial requests of anonymous (another example of this would be the 2009 shoe on head incident), moot posted without his trip. This defied the expectations of other anons who predicted moot would not post in the thread again, while others noticed how he seemed to be depressed, with both posts containing some variation of ":(". Despite further questions in the thread, moot would not post again, presumably as to not turn the thread into a Q&A.

No.2000059 - February 10 2007

The 2M GET on /a/. This milestone was extremely important to /a/ as the 1M GET was (presumably) stolen by /b/ and/or mods and /a/ wanted to make sure it wasn't stolen again. To their credit, the GET wasn't stolen, but it was still shitty. It was a picture of Mariya from the anime Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru blushing, with no text. To this day, it is considered one of the worst GETs to ever grace /a/. Most of /a/ was understandably pissed, and so was moot. Apparently, he had been tracking the progress of the GET as well, and this was shown by the fact that even though there was a massive rush of people posting their disdain for the thread moot managed to be the 19th post in the thread. He posted "SHIT SUCKS FAGGOT" and banned the poster of the thread. The response was somewhat quick in thread but there wasn't alot of surprise that this would happen, mods had banned GET posters in the past for being shitty and it was generally assumed that they would continue to do so. "SHIT SUCKS FAGGOT" became a popular text-meme for the following years. moot didn't post in the thread again.

No.2322224 - March 13 2007

Dan Kim (a well known web-comic artist who had made comics for 4chan in the past) posted a thread requesting people vote for him in some Canadian comic contest (with him lampshading the personal army request). Responses were mixed as to this, with some choosing to vote because of his generally well-made comics while others choosing not to out of spite of Dan Kim being partly responsible for the Desu meme (his comic helped popularized it) and how the online contest required personal information to make sure you're Canadian, although you could always put in info from Google. Dan Kim gave his reasoning as why he posted this to /a/ as "I'm the only weeaboo on the final ballot". After several requests (amongst the simultaneous waves of praise and disapproval) and Dan Kim making a few casual promises in that regard (along with a small Q&A), the thread seemed to be dying down, with Dan Kim's last post being at 10:49. The thread continued with amble conversation until around 1:00 in the morning when one rogue mod (who was probably trolling or possibly moot) inexplicably stickied the thread, almost 30 minutes after the last post. With this sudden rush of life into the thread, after several claims of a mod conspiracy and generally unpleasant and sticky-meta discussion, moot made a post about 12 minutes after the thread was stickied, essentially disavowing the sticky and Dan Kim in general (although its impossible to tell if he's trolling or drunk or whatever):


Interestingly, there was not much of reaction to this post, only two replies with very banal responses. Around five minutes later, the thread was pruned following user request. It is possible that the sticky was an accident, where a mod meant to delete the thread and accidentally stickied it, something that has happened in the past. Although moot's post acknowledges a rival imageboard, a rare occurrence (even in a somewhat insultative manner as seen here), and the writing style checks out with other writings from moot, so it's most likely actually moot and not just someone using namefield tricks.

No.2734823 - April 11 2007

No.11127824 - April 23 2008

In a thread that was about how many /a/nons were fat and ugly hikikomori (the thread was originally about when girls find out about yaoi), a skinny guy starts posting pics of himself. Many called him out for looking like a trap. Shortly after, a WOMAN started posting pics of herself, later posting pics of herself in a bra. Since she was a bit obese, most disliked these pictures. It was later thought that these were reposts, but the woman was able to post a timestamp and a personalized message. "Thread starts out as /a/. Turns into motivational /co/ thread. Turns into attention whoring cam whoring /b/ thread." one poster said. After all this transpired, moot posted a single simple message: "hahahahaha". The thread quickly devolved into people freaking out and worship, but after the sudden wave of responses ended, the thread became filled with tripfags and discussion of the camwhores, and near the end it was became filled with various anime pics, many erotic/nude. moot banned someone later in the thread after they replied to him with "Sage for tripfag."

No.11383950 and No.11383988 - May 3 2008

In a thread about good resources for downloading manga, the OP included an image of Yotsuba, leading moot to say "404 girl what". The post immediately after moot's post was "Buy 'em in stores". This poster probably didn't see moot's post. After six replies to moot he posted again responding to the store buying suggestion by banning him and replying with the text "WHAT???". The thread was filled with lulz and screenshots afterwards, two of which still exist to this day (along with the archived thread). This one here shows moot's first post, while this one shows moot's second and banning post. A few dozen replies later, King of GETs posted "If my post ends in "5", moot needs to ban himself." which happened to end in 5. Unfortunately, moot never banned himself. The rest of the thread were replies and requests to moot (many requested a /fig/ board) while actual answers to the question posed by the OP were sprinkled in here and there.



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