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"oh shut up, quit larping as someone with passion and go back to >>/pol/"

This is a list of all mootposts avaliable in the 2006-2008 4chan archive. There probably aren't any posts missing in this page if they are in the archive. You can see the mootpost listed by clicking on its header.



In a thread that was about how many /a/nons were fat and ugly hikikomori (the thread was originally about when girls find out about yaoi), a skinny guy starts posting pics of himself. Many called him out for looking like a trap while others claimed he was in drag. Shortly after, a WOMAN started posting pics of herself, later posting pics of herself in a bra. Since she was a bit obese, most disliked these pictures. It was later thought that these were reposts, but the woman was able to post a timestamp and a personalized message. "Thread starts out as /a/. Turns into motivational /co/ thread. Turns into attention whoring cam whoring /b/ thread." one poster said. After all this transpired, moot posted a single simple message: "hahahahaha". The thread quickly devolved into people freaking out and worship, but after the sudden wave of responses ended, the thread became filled with tripfags and discussion of the camwhores, and near the end it was became filled with various anime pics, many erotic/nude. moot banned someone later in the thread after they replied to him with "Sage for tripfag."

No.11383950 and No.11383988

In a thread about good resources for downloading manga, the OP included an image of Yotsuba, leading moot to say "404 girl what". The post immediately after moots post was "Buy 'em in stores.". This poster probably didn't see moots post. After six replies to moot he posted again responding to the store buying suggestion by banning him and replying with the text "WHAT???". The thread was filled with lulz and screenshots afterwards, two of which still exist to this day (along with the archived thread). This one here shows moots first post, while this one shows moots second and banning post. A few dozen replies later, King of GETs posted "If my post ends in "5", moot needs to ban himself." which happened to end in 5. Unfortunately, moot never banned himself. The rest of the thread were replies and requests to moot (many requested a /fig/ board) while actual answers to the question posed by the OP were sprinkled in here and there.



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