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”only retards debate in forum threads for days anon lol”

This is the shit that seems atleast somewhat important archive-wise in the 2006-2008 /b/ archive that wasn't archived on the Archived Threads page and didn't have any material that warranted it being put in another page. Even though this is a very specific category, the contents are very diverse, allowing me (in my opinion) to name this page "Other Stuff" as I can't really think of a title that would adequately describe this right now. Although they weren't put on the Archived Threads page, they are still available on old.sage.moe, a site providing the 2006-2008 /b/ archive with timestamps and postnumbers. They are linked to old.sage.moe instead of to this site to conserve space.


Found in 6575094.html - April 9 2006

doug makes egg sandwiches

check it:http://cgi.4chan.org/ck/res/2283.html

/ck/ had only been created a day prior, so it would make sense he would actually participate in the board. The only replies were "dougwich" and "lain is my goddess!". [Note: "moot" wordfiltered to "doug" back then.]


Found in 6579514.html - April 9 2006

Getting people to contribute has always proved difficult. Leeching has once again begun to dominate as the site gets faster. Instead of spurring contributions, the new speed has given rise to leeching once more.

We need your help. See the above graph? Note the average inbound traffic of 5.65mbps. To get things rolling, we'd like to push this past 10mbps. Post more, contributing can be plain ol' replies or images--every post helps!
POST MORE. YOU HELPED PAY FOR THESE SERVERS--NOW PUT THEM TO GOOD USE. Replies and image posts are what MAKE this site!
Think of it this way: The faster we hit our goal (or at least see things speed up), the faster this annoying red text comes down.
One more thing... We've got an extra 40mbps to burn through during the month of March. We plan on putting it to good use. Stay tuned.

The thread had no replies. It seems to be a post by moot by the in depth knowledge of 4chan's inbound traffic and how it's directed at users. What really makes it obvious is where it says "the faster this annoying red text comes down", making it pretty much positively a global message (an example of one of these can be seen here). It was probably made late February/early March of 2006. More evidence it was a global message can be seen here, in a screenshot taken April 9 2006 (the day the text was posted) where a global message stating "oh jesus 99.9mbps!" can clearly be seen. It was likely someone saved the previous global message in a notepad file or something (since it would have been unavailable by April 9th) and then randomly posted it just as the archive began, therefore saving it from being lost (there is no other appearance of it currently known).