Stickies By Board

"i know its b8 but come on bro"

This is a history of stickies by board. This list will not be including stickies that were not archived as such or were not archived as a whole because fuck that. All dates are relative 4chan time, which is EST.


NOTE: There is currently no archive available that can search for stickies on /3/ (Warosu has the old fuuka design, without that capability), meaning I am unable to do a complete search for all /3/ stickies. These are all the archived stickies I have been able to piece together (not that many).

No.248019 - December 19 2011

General rules sticky/board information sticky. Interestingly enough, this thread was originally started by a regular user who had found a copypasta of the former board sticky in his hard drive. After a few pleas for it to be the next board sticky, and a bunch of /3/ related images coming into the bottom-half of the thread, mods stickied it. It is unknown when the thread was unstickied, but it was still in existence by January 2016 and possibly until the new sticky was created in 2017.

No.561987 - April 25 2017

Complete clone of the thread above except this one was made by mods and didn't have any user posts in it. There are several hyperlinks in the thread, including the last post which says "Click here to open this thread."


Many of these link to, which may sometimes not show the sticky symbol next to the thread. Be aware: I looked for the stickies by searching through Desuarchive and then linked to because Desuarchive has many thumbnails and images missing. They are all stickies. is dead, they will all now link to

No.62602919 - March 11 2012

Negima Speculation thread. Probably stickied because it was ending soon. Received over 1500 posts before be destickied. Destickied about 15 minutes prior to when the thread below was stickied.

No.62654036 - March 12 2012

"YO DAWG WE KNOW YOU LIKE LESBIANS AND FURRIES SO WE ADDED MORE LESBIANS AND FURRIES IN YOUR NEGIMA ENDING.", with an embedded image of xzibit, making the OP post have two images at once. It was assumed to have been made to replace the previous sticky since it was made right after. Generally regarded among users as pointless sticky and considered /b/ shit. Was unstickied and deleted after only 10 minutes and 120 posts.

No.63080409 - March 21 2012

Noboru Ishiguro, director of Legend of the Galactic Heroes (among others), dies. /a/ is generally saddened by the news and many pay their respects in the thread while also posting some of his work. After 70 posts or so, a mod posts "Do you guys want a sticky for this? I was wondering whether or not to sticky the other thread yesterday but then decided not to for fear of turning a decent RIP thread into one filled with trolls." After most who responded answered yes to the question, the thread was stickied to mostly positive feedback from those posting tributes. Thread died after 500+ posts.

No.66314919 - May 26 2012

Sticky by mods about Toonami since it was airing that night. It said that in order to prevent /a/ being flooded with it, mods would create a Toonami discussion thread on /vg/ (as well as vowing to delete all Toonami threads on /a/ for the rest of the night). This created a massive amount of confusion and anger among the /a/ userbase as well as /v/ and /vg/, particularly because Toonami didn't have any real place on /vg/, and would have been better put on /tv/ or /co/ if not /a/. Many called out the mods for being lazy and simply tossing the problem to a different board. The sticky was deleted a short time later due to the failure of the test.

No.66874559 - June 8 2012

Thread about how Chihayafuru was getting a second season. Most anons were pleasantly to hear this (most considered it a very good show), and many were also showing thanks to the mods when the thread was stickied (which is extremely rare). However, there were some in the thread who saw the show as boring and generally shitty/unpopular, causing them to constantly complain about the sticky and the show itself (which others said was ruining the thread). Almost at the end of the thread, a mod responded to a post complaining about the sticky with "Nah, man. I'd have taken down the sticky like an hour ago if 95% of all the negative posts made in this thread weren't all from you. At this point, I'll just leave it on until the night to see how far your autism will go. Peace, /a/.", exposing him for the samefag shitposter he is. A short time later and at 800+ posts, the thread died.

No.72529916 - October 5 2012

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure hype thread. The first episode was airing that night, so there was a lot of hype in the thread (as well as those complaining, as always). Only after 400 posts in the thread, as well as two mod posts, was the thread stickied. Throughout the early parts of the thread, many were asking for a stream for the show, with the requests growing in number as the show was closer to airing, culminating in the show being five minutes from airing and no stream available. Even the two mods' posts from earlier were asking for a stream. However, with only minutes before the show started, one hero anon posted a link to a stream, saving the day. /a/ went into a frenzy of excitement when the stream link was posted, with even a mod thanking the poster. The posting rate consistently accelerated when the stream started, with most posts being in all caps. Anons were constantly spamming whatever just happened in the episode into the thread, a reoccurring theme for future threads with livestreams. Among some of the things spammed/constantly posted about was the quality of the stream (which was higher than expected), "PART 4 CONFIRMED", and "DIO DIO DIO DIO DIO DIO". After the episode was over, most considered it extremely good, one anon saying they skipped class for it. There were much less trolling/Anons complaining about the sticky/anime than usual, and one anon who did complain about the show/sticky was bombarded with many Fuck offs and Go Fuck Yourselfs. Thread was either deleted by mods or, according to one anon, "So good it broke the sticky". Either way, it seems to have been deleted a bit later on after the episode/stream had ended with 1000+ posts.

No.74823670 - November 16 2012

A mod post, with Fly Me To The Moon from Evangelion embedded and autoplaying. Since it was stickied and autoplaying, when anyone would open the frontpage of /a/ it would begin playing. Stickied because Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo was coming out the next day. After only 21 posts in the thread, a mod (thought to be the same mod behind the posts in the Jojo sticky above) posted a crude drawing of Asuka from Evangelion along with the text "P.S. If you're in Kyoto, let know so we can see the screening on Sunday.". Since it was impossible to not hear the music coming from the thread when coming on to /a/ (other than simply hiding the thread and ignoring it), the thread became one of the largest stickies in a long time at that point, almost triple the amount of posts from the sticky above. Along with general discussion of the show, much of the thread was just spam of various copypastas, mostly the same few being spammed over and over again. The thread finally died more than a day and a half later with 2940 posts, at which point the constant music on the frontpage was starting to get a bit annoying.

No.74919556 - November 18 2012

Thread regarding the announcement of Season 3 of Rozen Maiden. Most anons responded extremely positively and excitedly (it had not aired in almost six years at the time and was mostly seen as a dead project) and rejoiced at the sight of one of 4chans most well-known and oldest memes returning, and the thread was stickied very shortly after it was created. It had been the first Desu-related sticky in a long time, and the thread itself quickly turned into a series of 2006-era desu memes and screenshots. While it was unstickied after ~12 hours, the thread continued. Thread died after 1900+ posts.

No.75216151 - November 23 2012

Kino no Tabi is reported to get a second season. This was just the latest in a string of popular project rejuvenations through new seasons. Some anons took this to mean that a new Golden Age was coming. "If it keeps going we'll remember 2012-2013 as the years we finally got shit we've been waiting for.", one anon said. Almost everyone in the thread was very excited about this new season, even the mods began celebrating (6 posts by mods). Some said that the thread was only stickied when it was on the last page. However, the mood began to turn once the people actually translating the article linked to by the OP did not explicitly say that a new season was coming. It only said that a "surprising development for Kino readers" would be coming, which could mean anything from a new box set or a spin-off novel. Much of the discussion towards the end was discussing the possibility that the surprise coming for Kino fans would not be Season 2. The thread was actually deleted soon after this as the mods also realized that the article doesn't guarantee Season 2. Thread was deleted after 1200+ posts. In the end, Kino wouldn't get a second season until 2017.

No.76055826 - December 7 2012

One anon got Nyotai ka!! Sekai no Dokusaisha Retsuden, a mook (magazine/book) showing moe and bishoujo depictions of dictators and autocrats, and began posting scans of the mook. A better explanation of this mook can be found here. The anon in question who made the thread quickly posted a large list of every dictator included in the mook, including Hitler, Lenin and Stalin, Fidel Castro, and Saddam Hussein, quickly raising the excitement level in the thread. The thread went silent for ten minutes until the first set of european dictators was posted (starting with Hitler), and most were happy with the scans and thanked the OP. Shortly after Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was posted, the thread was stickied. Some complained as to why the thread was stickied, but most were content and discussed the scans amicably. As the thread progressed, the topic of the thread shifted from the discussion of girls and scans themselves to the dictators and countries in real life. Many interesting accounts of people who lived under or have a relative who lived under one of the dictators were posted in the thread (several relayed accounts of Pinochet). Near the end of the thread, the OP (who is swiss) posted the final mediafire links to the complete raw scan of the mook. Many in the thread thanked the OP and sent him wishes for a speedy recovery from his illness as he revealed that he had been suffering from a cold (some hypothesized that he caught a Japanese cold through his imports). Thread died more than 12 hours after it started with 1800+ posts.

No.76754471 - December 20 2012

The popular manga series Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui! gets an anime adaptation. The OP of the thread made several indications that they were the author of the manga, but this was doubted by most. The source of this news was the Anime News Network. This was good news to most, although some voiced sadness over the fact that the world was due to end the next day. There was noticeably less excitement in the thread then there usually is when a new anime adaptation gets announced, as there was more general discussion of the show than there was all-caps spam (which is preferable). There was more room for complaints in this less-enthusiastic group of posters, and some complained that there was nothing to make an anime of from the manga, some joking it would only be three minutes (and that J.C. Staff would be producing it). Many posters shared mediafire and online store links for copies of the manga and to pre-order. The thread was stickied relatively late, with over 320 posts being made prior. Komm, süsser Tod was autoplaying on /a/ at the time since the end of the world was coming, which was fitting in terms of the sticky. Thread died after being unstickied at over 2500 posts a bit more than a day later.

No.77388775 - December 30 2012

Thread immediately stickied as it was created by mods to clarify certain moderation policies and address the problems of /a/ for the coming year and as a general town hall. The mods began by acknowledging the /a/ did not actually have any major problems at the time and those facing them currently were trivial compared to those of the past. However, mods labeled the largest problem to be the "“us vs. them” mentality", a term used to describe clique/fanbase warfare. They claimed that much of the posts exemplifying this mentality were bannable shitposts. They also attributed this mentality to the anti-outsider sentiment, as /a/ had been seen as an isolationist very unsusceptible against new trends/buzzwords, such as "feels" and greentexts. Mods also took the thread as an opportunity to defend themselves from allegations of "not doing jack", as they were doing moderation in silent as to interfere minimally with threads. They then made some points about self-moderation being the best moderation, that users need to use the reports system, and that NSFW content is not allowed (with some exceptions, such as nudity that occurs in non-pornographic anime/manga). However, as the thread was opened up to answer question, the mods stated that "Irrelevant posts will be deleted", with little explanation as to what this may be. Therefore, as posts like "your a faget" and "suck my cock, dude" were deleted, some posts that were actually related to the topic at-hand were deleted as well, such as "/a/'s biggest problem is complaints about /a/'s problems" and "Just make /a/ NSFW already and remove /h/. No one goes to /h/ and every thread that does start in /h/ just turns into an imagedump". However, most posts were not deleted, and this is most likely because of the heavy mod presence in the thread (obviously) being more set on deleting shitposters than usual. The thread itself (after the initial hoard of shitposters) was relatively straightforward, posters made suggestions/complaints, mods sometimes responding. Mods reaffirmed their stance on an /a/ sticky (no), silent moderation is better as it doesn't derail threads (although this position was somewhat reversed later in the thread due to popular demand (posters demanded to see threads bathed in red)), generals suck but won't be deleted, and that ironic shitpostings is still shitpostings. Most of the serious discussion from /a/nons was just suggestions and sometimes even lists on what and who should be banned (among the popular contenders of these lists were buyfags and moefags), while others discussed the problems stemming from the elitist "super secret club" mentality on /a/. After just over an hour, mods decided to lock the thread. During the time it was locked, anti-mod sentiment proliferated on both /q/ and the ghostposting on the archive sites. It would be almost two hours later that the thread would be unlocked, and most /a/nons were very harsh and had more vitriol directed at mods than usual, as they saw the threads locking to be mods getting tired after reading posts for an hour and generally being lazy. The mods also seemed more irritated, telling anons to stop asking the same questions over and over again (this was directed to one anon who said "Are you the same moderator that deals with /jp/? If you are you are fucking atrocious."). An interesting thing one mod posted later in the thread was that there were "no shitposting mods", which was quickly met with several counter-examples. Kinomod made an appearance in the thread with SJIS mostly restating previous points made by mods whilst also defending them. However, the /a/ response to this was actually affable compared to the other mods since he already had a higher standing in the community and was actually respected and liked. He later confirmed that there were at least three mods in the thread. The clear highlight of the thread occurred later on however, and was a response to a response of the confirmation of three moderators. One anon responded with "Group hug the mods?" with an anime-related hugging image. This was then replied to by a mod with "*hug* I don't have an appropriate anime-related hugging image to accompany this post because I don't watch anime, but I do help /a/ with blatant shitposting and wanted to offer my support in this thread. Have a good evening, /a/. The other mod should still be here to answer more questions". The backlash to this was so immense that the post got the "(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)" tag applied, although it's unlikely that the mod was actually banned. Later, another mod responded to the banned mod saying "Disregard this normalfag. He doesn't watch anime". Just over 40 minutes after the thread had been unlocked, the thread was locked again to "delete some irrelevant posts so it's easier for people who missed it to go through the thread". This would be the final time the thread would be locked, and presumably the thread itself would be removed by mods sometime on the 31st as the mods could see it was a failure. It was deleted after 1500+ posts.

No.77470007 - December 31 2012

R/a/dio New Years Thread. R/a/dio is an anime-tailored music station obviously coming from /a/. Kind of like a successor to /a/ radio. The sticky was seen as an official mod approval of r/a/dio threads, a topic discussed during the previous mod sticky as it was "not related to anime or manga and do not promote discussion thereof" and a "topicality". There were gifs playing in the background (changing everytime you refresh. Known gifs that would show include hypnobutt, dancing colbert, Yui-chan, Nisemonogatari, Sakamoto, Mai Hime, Rias from High School DxD, Dancing Flans, and dancing Haruhi. However, there seemed to be problems for Firefox and 4chanX users. A few small thumbnails showing this are available here, here, here, here, and here.) and song requests flooded the thread. Many users were unusually affectionate in the thread, telling others how much they loved them (although there will still those calling them fags and saying how much they hated them). The posting was at an incredibly high rate, only nine minutes into the there being over 300 posts. Questions were asked as to what song would play at the stroke of midnight, and this post here began a lengthy amount of spamming once Colors, theme of Code Geass started playing. The thread status was described by one anon as "JIBUN WOOOOOOO EXPLOSION". Even a mod posted while it was happening, not much different from the other posts but with a "HAPPY NEW YEARS /A/". The first post made after new years was not actually in the thread, but instead was a a picture of Yukikaze Panettone from Dog Days in a boobs thread. According to one user, there were over 750 listeners on the r/a/dio at the time of new years. Keep in mind that this is occurring during EST, so the new year passed at different times for different timezones. After this, the thread became a celebration of the year to come and many more song requests (such as UNTZ and GALO SENGEN) were made and spammed when they were played. Later, a mod embedded a gif of Kigurumi Haroukitei dancing when the ending theme for Joshiraku was playing. When new years came for CST, Trainroll was playing. Komm, susser tod played shortly after, as well as Bohemian Rhapsody. The thread died about 35 minutes after the CST new years, and immediately after a second sticky was created to continue the celebration. All in all, in less than two hours the thread reached over 4300 replies, extremely quick compared to stickies prior and after.

No.77478188 - January 1 2013

The sticky came into effect just as the previous thread died. "NEVER STOP PARTYING, /a/!" was the tagline for this thread. The mood of the thread was somewhat dampened when one anon posted that BitGamer, a video game tracker (pirating) site had died. Later on, the thread became flooded with America/Hamburger memes as "Ai Like Hamburger" from The iDOLM@STER 2 began playing. After that, Weed Circulation was played (the vocals of Drop It Like It's Hot overlaid the instrumental of the Renai Circulation theme song) and after that UNTZ became spammed again as Yellow Line started. When it was almost time for the New Year to hit the West Coast timezone, several anons began posting what they were drinking in response to another anon. The song that was playing when New Years did come was Feel So Moon, by Unicorn. After this, probably in a state of sleep-deprived delirium, the thread again got very emotional and began "grouphugging", as some people were just hugging their monitor. Thread died soon after with 3500 posts, about 800 less posts than the previous thread.

No.77485545 - January 1 2013

At this point, the thread stopped being a "celebration of the new year thread" and turned into a "first stream of 2013" thread. The stream had dropped to about 680 listeners as it was already 8-10 a.m. for the Europeans and many had gone to bed. There were some complaints over the song choices directed at Eku (the DJ), many saying that they wanted less remixes and more "real songs", but most continued to post "Party Hard" images. Eku did promise to end the electronic music "soon". Both a Pastebin text file and a Google Docs document were created in order to funnel all of the /r/'s that were being posted in the thread, although neither are still available. At 3:48:38 in the morning, 4chan time (EST if you didn't know), exactly this point in the thread, the stream began breaking. "Unfortunately the stream is down for the moment, please return later" was on the front page, and the /a/nons in the thread began freaking out (there were many however that were happy to be finally free and were now able to sleep). Luckily, in just over two minutes the stream was back, and an admin said some time later "the entire server broke a moment". The DJ that had been on earlier, Hiroto, said in the thread that he "woke up to fix everything". The thread, over the next two hours, became something of a goodbye thread for those that had stuck around for all the threads, the beginning of the end of the sticky; It was essentially a wrap-up thread, and activities like the posting of new year's resolutions, dance gifs, and waifus were seen. Some likened the entire event to that of a concert, because even those that were not posting still felt that they were part of a group activity. There was some celebration in the thread when one anon posted that a well-known and hated tripfag shitposter, Komeiji, announced he would be permanently leaving 4chan, although many doubted this (he would actually come back in March of 2013). Exactly an hour after the previous major stream outage, at 4:48:27 EST Eku made a post explaining how Hanyuu broke after he restarted foobar and now he can't get the stream back. However, unwilling to give into the requests that he didn't need to restart the stream and could just let it go, ending it, and after an uproar from the rest of /a/ who refused to stop partying, Eku announced he would move to Mixxx the fix all issues. There was not much celebration, most posting in the thread were too dazed to understand what was happening. After a few goodnights and final suggestions, the thread was locked and then deleted. The last post of the thread, marking the end of the new years and of the stickies, was the thread-defining "there's no way in hell /a/ could agree on what songs to include". There were more than 9700 posts in the stickies combined and roughly 8000 in the r/a/dio threads before it, and it was estimated that the posts accounted for 1/5 of all posts that day. The thread itself lasted just over three hours, longer than the previous two threads, and anons from Alaska and Hawaii posted for when their New Years occurred (one and two hours after PST, respectively), while the actual post count was only 1900, almost half of the previous thread.

No.78372981 - January 15 2013

Ghost in the Shell gets a new anime, titled "Arise". There was no release date in the post linked by the OP, only a set date of 2013 and the press conference date of February 12. This was very exciting news for most as the last major release in the Ghost in the Shell franchise by Production I.G was in 2008 (Ghost in the Shell 2.0, which was only a re-release), although there were some complaints over the casting/production choices and some claimed that Ghost in a Shell is /v/ shit. Because of the many announcements for animes being released in the 2012-2013 season (see the many stickies from 2012), 2013 was already being seen as one of the best years for anime due to the sheer amount of material set to be released, and it was only January (a good compilation of hopes for announcements in the new year is available here). However, there were several questions over the veracity of the sources given by the OP and other posters, leading some to believe it to be a fake, but as more and more news sources began reporting on it, the thread slowly became more believing of the new anime. Even though there was plenty of petitioning towards the mods to have the thread stickied (one anon even posted to /q/ to get mods to see it), it would be over ~700 posts before the thread was stickied, at which point it had already begun to autosage (in fact, another thread was created just in case the original thread would 404). Interestingly, a few anons were able to determine that the anime was a prequel before much information had gotten out about it (which ended up being correct), although this was quickly disregarded and argued against by the others. After this, much of the thread was either arguing about very minor details of the anime (small redesigns) or anime in general ("Name one anime from the last 10 years with no cgi at all"), although for a while the discussion mainly revolved around board culture as there were mainly complaints about /v/ (as usual), this time as someone linked to a /v/ thread discussing the new anime, leading to much anger amongst /a/ ("/v/ is full of hypocrites who shun almost anything Japan-related but then circlejerk over certain Japanese games/anime anyway"). After just a few hours under two days, the thread was finally unstickied, and it died about an hour and a half later at 2700 posts.

No.79925283 - February 10 2013

moot's shitposting thread (although he may have been drunk considering many of his posts made no sense). Almost two hours before the creation of the sticky, moot was having a bit of a Q&A on /r9k/ (some fanboys were literally begging for moot to respond). The thread was discussing how /r9k/ had been completely alone in its bracket in the top line of boards while also more broadly being about the board culture but had quickly spun off to discussing moot and moot culture as well as asking him questions. One anon asked "moot why did you stop test posting on /a/? It was hilarious". moot opted to see this as a dare rather than a question and promptly made a test thread on /a/ without an image and linked it to the thread on /r9k/ (this thread was different from the stickied thread and this occurred just over an hour prior to the creation of the thread). This led to applause from the small crowd on /r9k/ but stirred panic from the many on /a/ who saw the thread quickly become full of off-topic discussion, many coming from other boards (particularly /r9k/ (obviously) and /sp/ came to shitpost) with zero effort from mods removing the off-topic posts (one of the few posts removed was one criticizing moot, lol). Much of /a/ was fed up with moot using the board as his test board as this always drew in off-topic discussion, such as those attempting dubs (off-topic thread = off-topic posts. What could mods do? Remove the thread?) and mod-sanctioned shitposting had been a topic discussed during a sort of town hall sticky by mods back in December (see "No.77388775 - December 30 2012"), as mods denied that there were any shitposting mods, much less the admin. Once one anon found moot's /r9k/ post along with its context, the anger of those anons who were already pissed from what moot was doing increased largely when it became clear it wasn't actually a test thread and that moot was heeding the whims of someone who just wanted him to fuck with /a/ again with no thought to how it may actually affect the board. One anon summed up how much of the board felt towards him at that point: "I just want him to talk about anime or not post." One frantic anon made a thread on /q/ trying to get him to stop fucking with the board. However, as this was directed towards the mods, nothing ever came of it. The thread was not stickied, but now, moot had been drawn to /a/ and decided to stay for awhile. moot had a trait where he would come and fuck around with /a/ for around a day before leaving for a month or so just to come back and do it again. Just over an hour after the creation of the previous thread, moot had picked his new thread. Although the OP of the thread wasn't moot (he simply hijacked the thread), the fact it was stickied within minutes of being created with only one post in a mostly ignored thread cast a cloud of suspicion that it was just moot posting without the admin tag, although this was later disproven. It was an Anime Club thread (unsurprising considering the "anime club video" was playing in the background of the previous test thread according to one anon on /q/), and there was the usual wave of confusion and questioning behind the motive of the stickying of this seemingly inconsequential thread pretty much instantly after it was stickied. Within an estimated time of 30 seconds after the thread was stickied, moot made his first shitpost of the thread: "Y'ALL NIGGAS POSTIN IN AN ANIME CLUB THREAD" along with an Evangelion macro (he had previously posted this image in another shitposting thread of his in January). By the massive wave of posts of those posting for the sake of posting ("Holy freaking crap!!! Posting in a sticky!!!"), moot's first shitpost went ignored for 12 posts, at which point he had already made another post. Although it was such an early stage of the thread, many postnumbers were immediately successive to one another. After this, the initial shitpost became the main post for replying to by the confused anons petitioning him for either some explanation (after moot revealed himself to have been the one to sticky the thread, which most had already suspected) or for whatever other nonsense they felt moot should do at that point, such as playing music. But, as usual, there was no explanation, and it was just moot being moot. The thread was even more off-topic than the test thread from earlier, although this time the ever-so-light presence of mods (surprising considering it was moot's thread) was clear in the thread from the posts deleted (which included a few posts that weren't criticizing moot, although what they chose was pretty arbitrary and most were dealing with moot). The topic of the /q/ thread from earlier had also shifted topic towards moot's shitposting on /a/ with this new sticky, but it was mostly just complaints as they knew there was nothing they could do. Several began speculating what the occasion was this time, whether he was drunk or if he was just in the mood for fucking around. Based on his posts later in the thread, it's probable that moot was either 1. actually drunk and just pressing random buttons on his keyboard, explaining why some of his answers made no sense and why they were all in lowercase, or 2. he was just pretending to be drunk and stupid for shits and giggles. The latter was more favored by speculating anons in the beginning of the thread but as the thread carried on and moot's text became making less sense, among other changes (including no longer using any capitalization), the possibility he wasn't actually pretending took hold. Some believed he was just sleep-deprived. Some things that had been removed in the past by mods, like sound threads, found a sort of refuge in the thread as everything was off-topic anyways. The usual allegations of posters being from /v/ or /sp/ ran rampant in the thread moot replied to random posters with no clear pattern, some not even asking a question, making it hard for those trying desperately for moot notice them (see the fanboys exhibited in the /r9k/ thread previously discussed) to attain the attention they sought. An example of this is moot's second post in the thread (a /pol/-like "IT'S HAPPENING" gif of Ron Paul) which responded to a post thats only notable fact is that is was the first reply with direct >> linking in the thread. moot's third post in the thread was engineered to stir anger from /a/, a response to someone thanking moot for stickying their thread (proving moot had not created the thread) to which moot said "Thanks for having exquisite taste, Anon! Unlike these fucking casuals." The response was immediate: those most angry with moot were the quickest to respond. mootposts 4-7 were all just random, insignificant posts that only served to rouse the crowds, interspersed between hundreds of posts. He expressed his love for asuka as his waifu, which touhou he would fuck (he decided he would), that he would only eat crepes in Nippon, as well as describing his relationship with Yuu Asakawa and saying Love Hina was the "best chinese cartoon ever" (which was promptly attacked by several anon for "shitty" taste, which also aligned with the theory moot probably hadn't watched anime in about ten years as his two favorites (Love Hina and Evangelion) were pretty old by anime standards). For pretty much every mootpost many people responded not actually discussing the post itself but just to tell moot to fuck off. The post that gained the most amount of replies was probably mootpost #8, arguably the most controversial post he made in the thread. In response to a post saying "I bet you loved the dub, you silly !" which itself was responding to moot's post about Love Hina, moot responded with:

>not watching dubs

english VAs are really superior to their nipponese counterparts, at this point, imo

The strategy of avowing the superiority of dubs to subs is extremely effective on /a/ to get a rise out of them and has been used several times by moot and other shitposters. A notable example would be when moot put a subtitle on /a/ saying "BELIEVE IT (also dubs are better than subs)" (moot was fucking with /a/ on this day in retaliation for them doxxing a mod. More information on the 4chan/history page page on Bibanon on August 13th 2013.). For a short period of time, every new post in the thread was replying to this dubs post and it was the last post made by moot with explicit intention of making /a/ pissed, although he would create less controversial posts later that were less comprehensible and only confused anyone reading them. moot's 9th post, like his fifth post, was a response that didn't actually answer the question. This encouraged the theory moot was drunk as he nonsensically responded with "probably" to the question "what english VA makes you eargasm?". This spawned a short-lived thread-only "probably" meme. This was just over 30 minutes after the start of the thread and it would have been 12:25 a.m. EST, making it more likely he was drunk than sleep-deprived (although as previously stated he may have been pretending). 12 minutes later, moot's 10th post was made, in a similar fashion to his earlier posts in the thread with a seemingly random image to a seemingly random post. The image was of Sayaka Miki from Madoka Magica ("Sayakafag") and there was no text. After another Asuka-related post, moot's final posts of the thread were made. After a short string of posts, moot's 12th and 13th posts were a pair, reading directly after eachother and being made only four minutes apart. As moot's grammar deteriorated throughout the thread, the final posts were riddled with errors, but it seems that the 12th post was purposefully made that way as it was a planned ending with the 13th post (makes more sense if you compare them). The 12th post was a not-fully-lucid goodbye; not to the thread, but to /a/ in general. After a few misspellings and random letters here and there, the post ended "b-bye /a/ forever ;_;". There was no image. Responses were split between "Don't leave us mootykins!" and "GOOD. FUCK YOU". After a short period of murmuring as to what this meant, moot made his final post, essentially just saying "jk". The post had the famous "YOU'RE HERE FOREVER" Mr. Burns image with the text "jk, i'm here forever just like all of you ^_^". Again, responses were pretty mixed between angry and happy. Coincidentally, this post was comparable to moot's first post of the thread with only two less replies than the first post (coming full circle). The rest of the thread was composed of the random shitposting interspersed with actual anime discussion that had essentially been the thread since its creation. Devoid of any purpose, the thread was (presumably) unstickied and died just over two-and-a-half hours after it created with over 2500 posts, despite the guesses that moot had "[gone] to sleep and will unsticky this when he wakes up".

No.84292890 - April 26 2013

[See this article for more context/qrd.]
General discussion thread about Free!, the anime willed into reality by fujoshi after a fictitious promo for it was posted to Youtube (created by Kyoto Animation just for shits). When the video was first posted, the "Swimbros" anime was causing significant discomfort on /a/ as many disliked yaoi culture in general and didn't want to see KyoAni, a traditionally "cute anime girl" anime company, begin to pander to fujoshi and create explicitly homoerotic anime. KyoAni was set to announce a new anime or something of the sort on April 26 2013, and there was much speculation in the KyoAni general threads as to what the announcement would be. The main questions were whether it was going to be a new series and what genre. Some possibilities floated were new seasons for Full Metal Panic, Haruhi (somewhat jokingly as it is now considered one of /a/'s never-evers), K-On, and, of course, Swimbros. Throughout the entire event there were those who believed that Swimbros would have its day and those who were fiercely opposed to the possibilty of it. One small thread made several hours prior to announcement followed the same routine as most other threads discussing KyoAni, with one anon being particularly sure that Swimbros would never become a reality:

Anyone who thinks swimbros will actually happen is far more delusional than those still clinging to hope for Haruhi S3. Despite popular belief, KyoAni isn't staffed entirely by retarded howler monkeys. They aren't about to alienate 90% of their current audience to pander to a bunch of fujoshi, because they are a business who likes making money rather than bombing harder that 1945 Dresden. Jesus fucking Christ, how many times do I have to say this? It's going to be an original series.

With such colorful language being used in the post, the anon this guy responded to felt compelled to take a screenshot for safekeeping, in case the other shoe were to drop. As evident, it did. Roughly an hour after the announcement was made, sending /a/ into a frenzy of faggotry with a considerable spike in activity (bump of ~12000 posts compared to previous day). The anon from earlier decided this was the appropriate time to post the screenshot to /a/, including the event-defining text "Pfhahahahhahahahahahahah", "HAhahahahhhhhhhhhahhaah". After Part of a larger shitstorm that had been unfolding over the course of the day, the sticky began as a laughter thread at those



























No.5871965 - September 16 2013

A rule breaker made an example of, a somewhat popular trope in rule stickies. Original post consisted of one anon with the subject "Redheads" posting "Source or more like this". There was a single reply, a saging user named "noko" who posted "YOU SEEM TO BE IN /gif/, NOT IN /r/". It's unknown if the reply was a genuine user posting or a mod disguised as one, but the reply was several hours after the initial thread creation (somewhat implying there was a full-on thread in this time and that the mods simply deleted every other post in the thread) and served as a direct clarification as to what rule violation had occurred. The OP had an image, but it was removed by mods as it was deemed irrelevant for the purpose of the sticky. The thread was closed and remained stickied until some time between July 29 2015 and September 10 2015, during which mods finally decided that it had reached obsolescence and was blocking view of the more important rule sticky directly below it.

No.6226033 - April 19 2014

General rules sticky, serving as an update to the previous two-year-old rule sticky. The previous rules sticky contained mainly the same info and syntax in the same order, but eventually, growing over the years, there became a major gap in its description of rule/board information (what it was supposed to be nutshelling in the first place) that couldn't have been added to the sticky at its 2012 creation: WebMs. Webms were given support on 4chan on April 2-6, them being enabled on every board on April 6th with a main push coming on that day to get users to acknowledge/use Webms through the use of a blogpost and a red-text global message. To much of 4chan, webms were a neat new feature to be marveled, a rare instance of a change/decision by moot or the mods that is widely supported by the userbase with little controversy. However, to /gif/ and /wsg/, webms were a blessing from the heavens, proof the gods (mods) had smiled upon them that day. It was clear every thread on both boards would include at least one webm for the rest of time, with dedicated webm threads in the early days and calls to remove "gif" from the board title completely, e.g. /wsg/ being rechristened /wswm/. Anyway, /gif/ wasn't archived during this time so it can only be assumed their response was similar to that of /wsg/, considering webms filled the board as quickly as it had /wsg/ (based on screenshots). Mods did not update the sticky to include webms until 13 days after the webms had been added, most likely drafting a new rule sticky they intended to be 1. more eye-catching and 2. inclusive of the new webm functionality. Firstly, the image used in the sticky was slightly larger, likely meant to prevent the text needed from being long enough to straddle alongside the bottom of the image, where it is less visible and therefore less read (falling into the priority of increased eye-catchiness). This had occurred in the old sticky, the gif of a shaking cat chosen not being large enough to prevent one sentence from getting stuck underneath. This issue would also be considered in another way written of further below (the second post in the sticky). The new sticky used another random, but still slightly large, gif: a /b/-esque gif of a dogs balls, almost made like a game in the goal of not staring at the balls while it gets increasingly difficult not to as a closeup of the balls is made to goad the players attention, being enlargened and spammed. A very tame nsfw. This sticky was, as stated previously, created 13 days after the addition of webms, and the image in the sticky remained a gif instead of a webm. This may puzzle some at first, questioning why mods would not choose to embrace the new feature in the board most applicable/common to it, but the reason for continuing to use a gif becomes obvious upon further examination. Webms were just a new feature, a plaything that moot and the mods had given support to for the simple purpose of progress on the site, in whatever shape it may take, whether as a new filetype being allowed or as a wide changes and updates to the code (which would follow shortly after in the same month). "Gif" is literally the name of the board, to make the sticky image anything other than a gif would not be keeping to the roots of the board (which was created in a board addition cluster with several other photography/image-centered boards, /gif/ being the black sheep of the crowd) and its very name/purpose. The name "Adult GIF" was not changed after the addition of webms, neither was /gif/, obviously. Both the previous sticky and the new sticky were closed, as is custom and necessity. Finally, getting to the actual changed content in the sticky would require analysis of the ability of mods to edit posts: Possibility #1 is that they do not have the ability and either never bothered to code in the feature or are explicitly against the idea as counter to the ephemeral nature of 4chan. Possibility #2 is that mods do in fact have the ability to edit posts and have for some reason found it easier time and time again (as evidenced by quickly deleted and reposted stickies that contained unchecked syntax/minor spelling errors) to copy and paste the post they want to change, delete the post, and then create a new post with the intended change. Clearly, it is probable that most mods cannot be arsed to do such a thing as choosing not to edit their posts when it would be much easier to do so. In the previous sticky, while there was no actual change in the text/any identifiable edit, there was a bizarre form of link rot (as far as I can tell) that occurred between June 13 2013 and April 6 2014 in which ">>>/r/" stopped linking to /r/. This link was carried over to the next sticky and did not experience this phenomenon, still linking to /r/ to this day. The first major change between the content of the stickies is the use of the subject line in the new sticky, which was utilized for the first priority of eye-catchiness, quite uncreatively stating "READ FIRST," certainly convincing all newcomers to read it. Within the actual post, the second priority of webm acknowledgement is immediately dealt with as "&webm files" is added directly after "/gif/ is dedicated to NSFW gifs" (whether "&webm" is a typo remains unknown). No other changes to the first sentence are made. One reddit space afterwards is a list of four rules that are not listed on the rules page for /gif/, instead meant to explicitly describe the real rules of the board rather than those vaguely given. Rules 1., 3., and 4. were unchanged (apart from the >>>/r/ link working again) while Rule 2. got a minor change in regards to the minimum number of images a new thread must have. "Contribute 2 or more related images" was changed to "Contribute 2 or more additional related images", bumping up the number of images needed from two to three with "(in addition to the OP)" being clearly added to the end of the sentence to ensure no ambiquity in phrasing. Presumably, this change was made to cater to the mild concern the mods harbour over lazy OPs that don't put in the effort to dump their personal collections of the very topic they are posting of to get the thread started (thus not differentiating their thread from any average /r/ thread, an issue mods had previously dealt with through the "No.5871965 - September 16 2013" sticky above). All pretty standard stuff that you would expect from this type of sticky, "Please review the following rules to ensure your posts contribute to the overall board" and whatever, blah blah blah. What really sets this sticky apart from the previous sticky (other than the existance of webms) is the second post in the sticky, a post that didn't exist in the old sticky the second post regarding cp is its own post not just because it was very important to the mods, but also because if it was in the op post it would have been swept under the image The old sticky had been most likely removed the same day as the creation of this sticky, mods wanting to leave no major gap of time between the two stickies. To this day, gifs remain remarkably absent from the boards they are supposed to find sanctuary on, their purpose from creation In the years after the addition of webms, no mention has been made of webms on the rules page for /gif/, neither has it for /wsg/




































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