/b/ Terminology 2006-2008

”None of you should ever breed.”

This is all the 4chan Terminology that has come directly from the 2006-2008 /b/ archive. Some of these may not just be native to 4chan. If you see anything that isn't terminology and is actually a meme, please email me at 4chansociety@gmail.com.


Faggot/fag - A name applied to someone annoying or generally bad. Does not necessarily mean that the person is gay, although it will almost definitely be used when the person is (Alternative used when the user is a actually gay: "gayfaggot"). Example taken from actual thread: "FAGGOT WEEABOOS GET BACK TO /cgl/"

Moar/M0ar - More.

Weeaboo/Weeb - Someone who likes anime/japan a lot. Example taken from actual thread: "FAGGOT WEEABOOS GET BACK TO /cgl/"

Plz - Please. Example taken from actual thread: "repost this plz"

ZOMG/Zoh My God - (see "Omg") "OMG" but with a z. Seems to be that the topic replied to with "zomg" is more important than for it to just get an "omg". Example taken from actual thread: "zOH MY FUCKJING GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD SAUCE"

Sauce - Source. Said when the source of an image or statement is unknown. Example taken from actual thread: "zOH MY FUCKJING GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD SAUCE"

Omg - Oh My God.

Moaron - (see "Moar") Someone who says Moar too much.

Hawt - Hot.

Stopt - Stopped. Example taken from actual thread: "they stopt? :("

Ya - You (or in some occasions "Yes", although this is rare). Example taken from actual thread: "Lurve ya! ;)"

Lurve - Love. Example taken from actual thread: "Lurve ya! ;)"

I Came - That the poster of this has just cum through masturbation to the prior images (or in some rare cases text).

FUKKEN SAVED - (see Fukken) This is both a meme and a terminology, but it will only be referenced on this page. It means that the image or text was so good (copypasta or a funny picture) that it needed to be saved on to person's computer. It can also be used when replying to CP, although this may sometimes lead to a ban.

Repost - To post something twice/the exact same image twice/asking someone to post something that they have seen before on 4chan. Example taken from actual thread: "repost this plz"

Hay thar - (see "Hay") Hi there. It could also mean "Hey there", but this is most of the time unlikely. Example taken from actual thread: "oh hay thar"

Hay - Hey. Sometimes means "Hi". Example taken from actual thread: "oh hay thar"

P0rn/Pron - Porn. Example taken from actual thread: "It's pedo p0rn."

Mod - Moderator, most likely referring to the moderators of 4chan and their policies.

Lolz/Lulz - (see lol) Laughing Out Loud, lol. The z and u may just attribute it to trolling/4chan.

Lol - Laughing Out Loud.

B&/Permab& - Banned/Permabanned. Example taken from actual thread: "link B&"

CP - Child Porn.

Microwave my drive - To destroy or erase the contents of your drive. Does not necessarily mean actually microwaving it.

Scans - Online scans of a book/graphic novel/comic book. Usually Hentei or anime related.

Lol'd - (see "Lol") That you have just Laughed Out Loud to some the poster posted.

Sticky - Means the Thread in question would be pinned to the top page of the board, "stickied" per se.

Screenie - Screenshot. Example taken from actual thread: "I'd show you a screenie, but thats over on my other hd."

In Before/in b4 - Means that the thread is destined for something, such as "in b4 shitstorm" in a thread where a GET happened in, or "In before fucking sticky" in a legendary thread.

WTF - What The Fuck.

Gook - A person from Japan/Asia.

Gookenese - (see Gook) Japanese/Asian language.

Doug - (see moot) A wordfilter for moot.

moot - The founder and owner of 4chan.

GTFO - Get The Fuck Out.

Amirite/am I rite? - (see Rite) Am I right? Usually posted after a bad pun.

a/s/l - Age/Sex/Location. Was an AIM thing.

Newbies/newfags - Newcomers to /b/ or 4chan. Universally hated.

Oldfags/Oldbies - People who have been on 4chan for a long time.

Sage - Lets you post in a thread without bumping it to the frontpage. Almost always used when a thread is of bad quality.

Bump - Doing this in a thread bumps it the the first page/homepage.

Pedo - Pedophile.

B7 - Intentional typo for "b&" (seeing as the & and 7 characters are the same key)

Anonymod - Anonymous Mod.

pwn/pwnage - Either to hack or to destroy.

The Second Death - The second time 4chan died, in 2003.

Cokehead - Cocaine addict.

Noob/n00b - (see Newbie) Inexperienced Newbie, someone who is bad at something they are new to.

@ - Other than its actual use, can be used alternatively to "at". Example taken from actual thread: "lol @ memes even shittier than desu"

gb2 - Go Back To.

SA - SomethingAwful, a forum which moot came from and 4chan got a lot of its early memes from.

2chan - The Japanese site which 4chan is a sister site to.

Mongle - Suck/handle.

Rite - Right.

Fuckbag/Fuckhead - Someone who is an asshole.

Macro - A very popular form of meme at the time, an image with Impact font text on it.

O RLY/RLY - Oh Really?

YTMND - A site dedicated to user-made webpages containing looped audio files and images/videos.

Amerikkka/Amerikan - Sometimes the word "America" will be spelled with three k's. This is thought to be referring to the KKK, saying America is racist. First known appearance here. Currently Researching.

Who'da'thunk - Who would have thought.

Bebe - Baby.

IZ DAT SUM - Is That Some. Any of these words could be used on their own, (sum used on its own: "you guys have to do sum sort of password cracking/hacking").

Lawd - Lord.

Hax/Haxxed - Hack/Hacked.

Ftw - For The Win.

This is Relevant To My Interests (spinoff: This is relevant to my internets.) - A message that is used to show that the poster is enthusiastic about something.

A Challenger Appears (other versions: A ____ APPEARS) - Commonly used when a challenger to something appears in a thread, obviously. Probably derived from fighting games.

I C - I see.

Rule #34 - A Rule of the Internet. This rule simply states that anything that exists has porn of it. No exceptions.

FileShare - A filesharing site that was popular in the late mid 2000s.

Kthxbye - Ok, Thanks Bye.

I See Pixels - This is usually a response to an image that is either very blurry or pixelated.

Fukken - Fucking.

Loli - Lolicon, porn of anime/cartoon underage girls. Not yet illegal in America. Different than Shota.

Shota - Shota, porn of anime/cartoon underage boys. Not yet illegal in America. Different than Lolicon.

Git - Get.

Gunna - Going to.

Nurdy - Nerdy, but in a sexy way.

CTRL + Z - Automatically undoes whatever you just did on a computer.

Winrar/Winnar - Winner or generally just a win.

Herd - Heard.

Liek - Like.

Ffs - For Fuck's Sake.

Rofl - Rolling On (the) Floor Laughing.

Haet - Hate.

Sedu - Misspelling of Desu. See ~desu/DESU/Suiseseki (/b/ Memes 2006-2008)

v& - Vanned. Means arrested by a Party Van (See 4chan Party Van (/b/ Memes 2006-2008)), in most cases meaning for child porn.

4get - Forget.

Nu- - New.

Bewb/Bewbz - Boob/Boobs.

Frecklecock - A cock with freckles on it. Usually asked in the form of a question when someone posting their face has freckles/is ginger (example: "btw, you got a frecklecock?").

Firecrotch - Red Pubic Hair. Usually asked in the form of a question when someone posting their face is ginger (example: "btw, you got a firecrotch?").

Jawesome/Jawsome - Extra awesome.

Sux - Sucks.

Multigayer - Multiplayer (although is used to refer to it negatively).

RL - Real Life.

Tho - Though.

Pen0r/Penor - Another way of saying penis.

Digicam - Digital Camera.

Batshit - Crazy, Insane.

EBaum's World/Ebaumsworld - A site/rival of 4chan that reposts memes from 4chan and general media from much of the internet. Considered by much of /b/ to be thieves. More information about this is available here.

Lain - Most likely referring to the anime "Serial Experiments Lain".

Pro-Fur/Anti-Fur - Referring to ones stances on Furries.

Desuchan - [Not to be confused with Desu-chan, a person found on the -chan/-tans page] Some sort of 4chan knockoff that has its main focus on Desu-related memes.

Noe/Noes - No.

Sed - Said.

Nekkid - Naked.

Pix - Pictures (rarely referring to only one).

U (on its own) - You.

IIRC - If I Recall Correctly.

GF - Girlfriend.

BF - Boyfriend.

SMS - Short Messaging Service. Also known as Texting.

Vidya - Video Games.

BTFO - Blown The Fuck Out. Used mostly when something/one loses heavily.

/b/tard - A frequent user of /b/.

/r/ing - Requesting. The "/r/" board on 4chan is the requests board, so those on /b/ who are too lazy to click /r/ simply make their requests on /b/ with the text "/r/ing" to show that they are making a request.

Shitburger - Many different meanings, but the general consensus is something bad, 'shitty' per se. One definition has it "A euphemism for something that looks appetizing, or is believable, but is actually complete bullshit".

FYI - For Your Information.

Harbl - Generally means Penis or just the genital area, as it spawned from a wordfilter on /z/ that changed "cock" (or possibly penis) to harbl.

Woot/w00t - Generally means excitement or happiness.

Nvm - Nevermind.

Spamfest - Derivative of spam, means a lot of spam is about to or has already occurred.

Fugly - Fucking ugly, or, possibly, fat & ugly.

Butterface - Although now seen as an insult towards fat people, the original meaning was the merging of the words "but her face", denoting someone with an unattractive face.

BBQ - Barbecue.

OMGWTFBBQ - A merging of three acronyms "OMG" (Oh My God), "WTF" (What The Fuck), and "BBQ" (Barbecue). Merging acronyms has been done before, but the fact that "BBQ" is included in the mixture makes it almost parody-like. It has mainly been used to convey massive excitement/surprise, as if "OMG" and "WTF" weren't .

Ronery - Lonely. Originated from Team America.

Unknown Terminology

This is for everything that I am not sure if is terminology as it is currently an isolated case.

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