Recreation of /v/'s Millionth Post

"Wow this board is pointless now, can jannies delete this?"

This is a RECREATED html file of /v/'s millionth post. Do not take it as an actual archive from the day the thread happened, although it has been made to seem as authentic as possible. The first 23 posts of the GET are seen in the recreation as they have no images posted with them, creating a barrier from the rest of the thread (full of lost images). The thread itself is based off of other 2006 hand-archived threads (for the code) and screenshots (for the file information/other minor details, like the red text). and the 2006-2008 4chan archive itself were used for this purpose, so there is not an absolute certainty that no post was accidentally lost during archival. The reason this GET was chosen over any other was due to both its age and the rare quality of having the original image of the thread saved on a third-party source. No liberties have been taken during the creation of the thread, although for the red text/global messenger I had to assume what "Otakon" linked to (based off what it linked to in a newspost two days prior) while I have a 99% certainty that "front page" linked to There is a high certainty that this is what the page actually looked like on July 22 2006 (albeit the slight possibility a post was lost).

The thread can be seen here:

/v/'s Millionth Post