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If you have any information about any of the various GETs that have occurred on 4chan or have a screencap of one, please contact me on Twitter at @4chansociety or via email at 4chansociety@gmail.com. I am currently in the process of adding information and fixing links on the GETpedia page, which seeks to catalog GETs. Thank you!

I made this site out of spite.

Every page available on the wiki: Everything.

Something that has been annoying me for a little while is that most information about 4chan culture is spread randomly through a hundred or so sites/site subsections. So, I decided to make my own site as an attempt to put all information in one place (although probably only well documented events and the very important things, such as GETs). As I am using a free Neocities account, I will not have images on this site, and will contain all images on 4chansocietyim.neocities.org as to save space. The idea for this site came when I was unable to obtain an account to Lurkmore.com in order to edit the GET encyclopedia, and I only decided to act on the idea when 1d4chan died was down for a week and everyone thought it shut down. If you want to see my progress and what pages I will add next, that is here (Note: Those little quotes things below the header are funny quotes I get from 4chan, with the exception of this one of course. There is a different one for each page, and all of them are located here.)

Anyway, here's the category to every page available on the wiki (also above the text): Everything.

Fellow 4chan/imageboard "societies" or discussion:

The Yotsuba Society (2008-2015)

The Society for the Study of Modern Image Board Culture (2004-2015)

4chan's archived Imageboard Discussion board (2004-2014)

Unaffiliated/Similar Sites (2006-2008 4chan archive):

4museum - Offering boards /a/, /g/, /sp/, /trv/, /tv/, and /v/. Has a calendar thread/date selector.

old.sage.moe - Offering every board, including /b/ (with postnumbers and timestamps!), although a large portion of /b/ and /p/ are missing. Looks like a modern Fuuka archiver.


If you need to contact me or have information about GETs, please email 4chansociety@gmail.com. Otherwise, These are my accounts and/or usernames on various sites.

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