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If you have any information about any of the various GETs that have occurred on 4chan or have a screencap of one, please contact me on Twitter at @4chansociety or via email at I am currently in the process of adding information and fixing links on the GETpedia page, which seeks to catalog GETs. Thank you!

"Can our name be /x/offenders?"

WIP - September 25 2022 - On September 17, the update for was published, in which the admin was able to successfully repair the corruption that had made the majority of posts from /b/ (and /p/) missing and absent from the archive, making available more than 50M posts and 3.3M threads. Other notable changes include the replacement of the old server (as to hold the new posts) and the discovery of (which allowed me to place the actual dates of the different /con/ iteration timeframes to the Board Addition Timeline page where there had previously The admin explained this as being likely the result of been just estimated dates and speculation). There was also the discovery of an even earlier /r/ archive, beginning at January 19 2005, almost a full month prior to what the original All changes are catalogued in the newly created "Site History" page, a page linked to in the global-message made to announce the update.

September 16 2022 - The archive of (which holds the 2006-2008 4chan archive in a Fuuka-style archive, making it very easy for searching and whatnot) apparently has an update planned. In the message box at the top of the site, the text "2022-09-15: Update soon. May result in some downtime." has been added. This is cause for some excitement: what possible update can a static archive get? There is no real active archival to speak of, being a text-only archive it does not face the difficulties of archiving an expanding 4chan, constantly requiring administrator supervision to prevent any cp or other illegal content being archived. is in such a stable position the owner of the site felt confident enough to remove the ability to donate from the site back in May, generally the only way archivers can function without being a financial burden on their admins (on top of being very time-consuming). One can only speculate as to what is in the works regarding site, nearing its one year anniversary soon (having been created October ~13 2021) and being in almost the same state as it was on creation. The fact that it may "result in some downtime" is rather significant, but one must try not to get their hopes too elevated in these things. There was one supposed leak in the /trash/ happenings thread, when an anon posted some kind of screenshot only showing what appeared to be the title of the site changed to say "New Oldfriend Archive," implying that the update will be large enough to serve as a Oldfriend Archive 2.0. The poster of the image refused to elaborate further, writing "i wouldn't spoil the boy's update". In my opinion, it will likely be an update to the base Fuuka software of the site, such as search feature additions. Perhaps I am hyping this entire event up too much, who knows.

August 20 2022 - I remembered: Today is the two year anniversary of the creation of 4chansociety. A semi-global message is added for the day.

August 9 2022 - I've noticed in recent days that the majority of the pages (a whopping 17 out of 25) on the Everything page aren't particularly being updated anymore, e.g. they served the site when my main focus was adding threads from the 2006-2008 /b/ archive to the Archived Threads page (I wrote a little narrative in italics on the history of the 2006-2008 archive's influence on 4chansociety, showing why it has become totally irrelevant for the purposes of this site). The page was clogged with dead articles that only served to obscure and hide pages that I hold in higher regard, so I decided to remove them from the page using a Wikipedia-esque idea: Categories. I simply lumped every unused and "Last Edit:2021" pages into a new page called "Category: 2006-2008 4chan Archive Related Pages", a home for the forgotten and neglected. I added a link to it to the top of the Everything page, creating a template for if I ever need to create a future Category.
"I would go through individual threads in the archive in my computer folder and select ones worth adding to the "Archived /b/ Threads" page, sort of like a personal Chanarchive. I actually went into the thread code and made inferences as to which post was replying to which, adding postnumbers and whatnot, something particularly time-consuming. Information from these threads I considered valuable would be added to their own specific pages, such as Memes, Terminology, Copypasta, Named Days, etc. This continued on for quite some time until the coming of the far superior, a Fuuka-style static archive of the 2006-2008 archive that made the main task I was performing of adding threads with edited code to 4chansociety, at the time the only site that had them available for public view, completely obsolete. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it allowed me to refocus my efforts to other, less time-consuming and more rewarding endeavors, such as the GETpedia and the Stickies page. The both require tons of research and walls of text, something that has become my passion at this point."

July 21 2022 - Apparently, on July 19 Desuarchive removed the /gif/ archives from view, stating "it's basically an endless stream of gore and BBC porn. There's barely anything worth archiving on it, and we don't have the storage to save the files anyway." Gigachad archiver always had /gif/ available for search and contains roughly the same archive (in terms of dates) as Desuarchive, giving rationale archival-wise to Desuarchive for their decision (perfectly reasonable otherwise considering the previously-stated justification). Surprisingly, there was no loss in images (or gifs/webms in /gif/'s case) as Desuarchive did not cover either on this board due to storage constraints. Despite these things, I panicked that the admin of may turn against the coomers at some point as well and began adding the stickies for /gif/ to the Stickies page, the only reason this event (or anything in the last few newsposts for that matter) really effects 4chansociety. This was done way earlier than would have been done going alphabetically (I'm still on /a/, lol) as I have been doing but I've flirted with changing my methods for some time now, considering there are a massive amount of /a/ stickies that require walls of text for descriptions. Luckily, /gif/ only contained two archived stickies, both modposts.

July 19 2022 - Short addendum to the last update regarding Fireden. I wrote in the last update that "Every board stopped archival, there were no favorites picked to keep archiving like on Warosu" on Fireden. On July 8, I made several posts in the /qa/ /trash/ happening thread discussing with another anon the recent archive fuckery to figure out which specific boards are currently going with out an image archiver (since all boards are text/thumbnail archived by The original conclusion was /cm/, /xs/, and /y/, /cm/ and /y/ being only covered by the faltering Fireden. However, shortly after this was posted, I found that Fireden had restarted archival a day or so previously for /cm/ and /y/ only. An anon speculated that it was due to his posts on other archivers requesting them to begin covering previous Fireden-covered boards that the admin of Fireden may have seen the post or had an archiver contact him. Either way, Fireden appears to be following a similar archival philosophy to Warosu, the law of most convenience: whenever there is an issue with storage, just stop archiving! Problem solved! However, it is also possible that the archive legitimately just stopped working and regular users had no way to contact the admin of the site to inform him of this. The other archivers had to serve as the middleman with the only direct line of communication with the Firden admin. The archives stopped April 26 and began up again ~July 8, once again Warosu-style in not containing any posts creating in threads that died between those two dates (e.g. gap in archive). /cm/ and /y/ can be considered somewhat slow boards however, so there was a generous amount of threads months-old or so still available for scraping. Search is unavailable on Fireden, for reasons clear and obvious. In other news, has allowed search to be available on /biz/ following user petitioning. This is one of the first signs of good news for the Stickies page in a while, considering most archival news lately has been collapses and removal of the search capability, such as with /cm/ and /y/. /biz/ was only covered by Warosu, which uses the old Fuuka design that can't search for stickies. has currently paused archival because of the 4chan API change, with unix filestamp increasing by three spaces. Sidenote: it turns I'm a fucking moron and never actually added the mootposts page to the Everything page, meaning it was never available to anyone who didn't find it in this page. It has been added.

July 3 2022 - Consolidated archive update: This regards the archives of Wakarimasen, Warosu, and Fireden, two of these being negative in terms of archivalism/data hoarding. I've seen this section of the site get more and more into a sort of newsletter for all the archivers (which no one asked me to make) and neglecting the "The Site" part of "The Site's Progress". As a matter of principle, I will try to focus more on how each event in archival effects 4chansociety in particular. Firstly, Wakarimasen is dead. In my last post, I hypothesized that Wakarimasen would serve as a server for archiving images and webms on boards that other boards did not, namely the deficiencies of Warosu and the inability of Desuarchive to keep webms from /gif/ and /wsg/. This would theoretically decrease traffic to the website as it transitioned from an actual Fuuka archive to a simple storage site for other archivers (namely to link to for images. My evidence was that images were still being archived on the site on the torako server long after the site had "gone down", writing that "Here is a post with an image made on May 29th, 8 days after Wakarimasen went down, and here is the Wakarimasen copy of that image". As evident if you bothered to click on the second link, Wakarimasen no longer holds the image. This is precisely what occurred during the debacle of March 2021 (see "March 24 2021" on this page for more info), where images were temporarily available on an independent server before they went down with the rest of the ship. I never linked to Wakarimasen for anything (I don't believe...), so 4chansociety should come out of this unscathed. Wakarimasen is dead, long live the successors. Secondly, Warosu seems to be actually doing well for itself. Being the only modern archiver that continues to use the old Fuuka design, stopping the archival of many boards for more than a year (March 7 2021 for most up to last month) and having spambots litter every thread in the ghostposts, it seemed that Warosu wasn't a dead archive but rather a zombie one, dead in spirit but continuing to exist in a mostly static state. Most had disregarded Warosu as an archive that the owner had forgotten existed and would be collapsing any day now, struggling to cover images at times. However, Warosu seems to have pulled itself together. After removing the /g/ and /tg/ archives from the site in May (something I complained about on the "May 15 2022" newspost) for storage reasons (/g/ and /tg/ being the largest boards archived), Warosu disabled Ghostposting, cleaning up its act regarding the incessant spammers. However, the most important action Warosu has taken is the re-archiving of the static boards causing it to function for its intended purpose again. This was done at the end of May and applied for every board. The boards that had static archives on the site are as follows: /3/, /biz/, /diy/, /fa/, /ic/, and /sci/ weren't archived since March 7 2021, while /cgl/ wasn't after October 12 2021. Keep in mind that the gap in the archive remains, it just simply ended with the starting up of the archive again in May. /ck/, /jp/, /lit/, /vr/, and /vt/ were the only boards actually being archived (although /vr/ did suffer a blight of unarchivedness from March 7 2021 to April 25-28 2021). Everything rests on the decisions and arbitrary choices on the owner and storage space, which just got a little more alleviated thanks to killing off /g/ and /tg/. Effect on 4chansociety: Not much, nothing linked to Warosu, but good to have a second backup for images (in case of fuckery). While things are looking up for Warosu, the exact opposite is happening for Fireden. Fireden is one of the more forgotten archivers due to the fact that the major boards it covered, /v/ and /vg/ (as well as /a/ but that was already covered by Desuarchive), were given to after "Archival of /a/, /v/, and /vg/ suddenly ceased without warning in August 2019" ( - Archiveteam). The owner created a static archive of /a/, /v/, and /vg/ on .onion sites and kept a small collection of boards to archive, the largest of which being /co/. Anyways, archival on Fireden, like what happened to Warosu, suddenly stopped on April 26. Every board stopped archival, there were no favorites picked to keep archiving like on Warosu. There is no meta board on the site to discuss anything, and search went down as well. The static .onions are also down (atleast on my machine), solidifying the MIA status of the site's operator. Recent images are unavailable as well (except for /cm/, so there might be favoritism). Effect on 4chansociety: None in the present, nothing linked to Fireden on the site. All effects of these archive events can only be seen in the future of the site, as the Stickies page is the only page that would foreseeably be screwed over by these things, but the status of the page is that there is so much work to be done that archive failures will only eventually hurt the site. The pain will be felt when I try to add content to the site; I am working on the foundations right now. The moral of the story is never get too comfortable and complacent with any 4chan archive, no matter how reliable and stable they may appear (although the three discussed are the complete antithesis of a stable archive). This update took a bit longer than expected, something I blame due to burnout from the writing required for the previous update, something that ran much longer than I'd originally intended (generally feeling drawn out), far larger than any other update or generally any single wall of text that has ever graced this website. I've recuperated a bit since then and have plans for expansion on several fronts, such as the GETpedia (I would like to thank @jayceevee_ for providing me with an html copy of /f/'s 1M GET!), the Stickies page (which I have several ideas for since making the May 20 update) and a possible 4chan historical resources/directory page, something inspired by Vyrd which has been in the To-do list at the bottom of this page for almost two years now.

May 31 2022 - This post got a little ranty (the philosophy/motivation of archives and whatnot), so the gist is that Wakarimasen is currently down but images are still being archived and are still available via a server within Wakarimasen, making it probable it is just down for maintenance.] More bad unclear? possible-negative news from the archives. I waited for several days to make this announcement to gather more reactions and theories from archivers and anons alike, but the time has come. In order the make this wall of text a little more manageable, I have separated it into two sections: "The Facts" and "The Theories/Other".

The Facts:

The archives of Wakarimasen stopped being publicly available May 21st. Wakarimasen is an archiver covering every board with full images and webms (which already poses a clear problem) but only archived since August/September 2020. It is similar to in the boards covered and nothing else. As of today, any page on the main Wakarimasen site contains a single gif of an anime girl crying (from the anime "Berserk" I've been told) while the source code contains this cryptic alt text associated with the image: "Even if we painstakingly piece together something lost, it doesn’t mean things will ever go back to how they were." However, it was soon found that images are still being archived on the site on the torako server, meaning that it is highly likely that the site is just down for maintenance. As proof, here is a post with an image made on May 29th, 8 days after Wakarimasen went down, and here is the Wakarimasen copy of the image (you can check the unix timestamp filenames). Unfortunately, the downtime has led to a massive outpour of schizophrenia and shitposting in a matter making it difficult to discern meaningful information from threads regarding Wakarimasen (as evidence, just look at how many replies every single post has in this /g/ thread). Prior to the anime girl being the default state of the site, for a moment when the site stopped being publicly available this page was made default before the crying gif was instated. The page gave a brief explanation stating that the database host has kicked him off and that he was looking for a new home for the server, giving the date for the site to be back up as "August 16th 2021". For some time, anons of /g/ and elsewhere speculated that "2021" was merely a typo and that the site would be back by August 16th 2022. However, after some digging on my own I found that the page was actually shown August 13th 2021 and the days prior to August 16th, giving evidence to the idea that this was just the default page that popped up when there was nothing FoolFuuka to display on the site whilst discrediting any theory that this was the official explanation for the downtime and that the site would be back up in 3 months. Along with mental illness, there was also two simultaneous outpours of support and vitriol from pro and anti-archivers. On one hand, the loss of Wakarimasen would be the single largest total archive loss since, and not a single hero archiver coincidentally finished scraping the site but a week prior as happened then. On the other hand, archival of 4chan in general can be considered counterintuitive of the function of an anonymous imageboard. In the words of one anon, "if we wanted permanent records of our retardation we'd reg a username on a forum. being able to vote to archive a thread was a good compromise but those days are long gone." This refers to 4chanarchive, the original 4chan archive (selective thread archiver that began in 2006) that went under in 2013 with a full archive loss. The pro-archive rebuttal to this is to use the fear of glowies every 4channer shares (if an anon doesn't share the fear that's a good indicator he's a fed), in the words of one anon, "let them delete history and reform it to their perverted will, it's no biggie, touch grass". A fact to be considered is that Wakarimasen harbours malware ads and shit to pay the bills. Half the time when you click on an image, it would redirect to a cancerous malware website. In fact, the admin even implemented a donor tier to bypass the fuckery (in fact, Wakarimasen is one of the only archivers in recent memory to include the ability to register an account (for the donor tier purpose), giving some credence to those who see Wakarimasen as detrimental to anonymous imageboard culture). Others noted the similarities between Wakarimasen and, another archiver that covered (almost) every board with full images (going back way farther than what was covered on Wakarimasen) that went under in early 2021 with no explanation from the site admin. In fact, was one of the least transparent archivers I've ever encountered, atleast Wakarimasen has a meta board for discussion (in which the admin actually interacted with users) as well as internal pages. Even further back is (not to be confused with, but for I wrote a descriptive account of the site and what transpired after its shutdown in the newspost titled "March 24 2021" (ctrl+F) and in the days directly after it. Wakarimasen would be the single largest archive failure since if things go any farther than the state of stasis it is currently in. On the DMCA/Abuse page on Wakarimasen, the page states that "This archive is a mirror for content hosted elsewhere." This is somewhat ambiguous, whether it means other archives or simply that the content is hosted in the database and that FoolFuuka is mirroring it to the website is up for debate. Wakarimasen also stated it was "associated" with Bibanon, and Antonizoon himself stated that "Since we know the guy and helped him out it seems like he wouldn't give it up without at least providing dumps. However, he hasn't been saying much recently so we don't know the current situation, but we assume that he is still scraping and just not publicly saying anything yet." Anyways, some anons began trying to figure out how to create a glowie-proof archive, but it's unclear if the idea will go anywhere.

The Theories/Other:

The waves of schizophrenia began with this post, a somewhat conspiratorial post authored by someone claiming to be an alt-chan owner/moderator stating that the feds want access to alt-chan/archive servers to datamine users. If the owners don't comply, the feds will spam CP to obtain justification for the seizure of the servers (also claiming "radicalization"). Although considered a schizo persecution fantasy, this and the next two posts go very in-depth over the shenanigans feds and others would get into to spy on the average internet user. The poster goes over the tactics the so-called feds would use to kill the site as fast as possible: Stirring up drama to drive away users, becoming janitors on these sites to gain further abilities, monitoring the admins sleeping habits to maximize destructive/FUD potential, using millions of bots with VPNs and residential IP addresses, and using false-flag techniques to discourage the discussing of politics and "anti-free speech laws", all in the apparent goal of seizing site servers for illicit purposes. This entire process is routine and streamlined in federal buildings and has been pumped into overdrive since 2019. This claim/theory is relevant to current 4chan events in how it heavily derives its basis on fears of glowies and feds, something that has become prevalent somewhat recently after the Buffalo shooting sparked fears that 4chan is a honeypot, making the theory very appealing to the average glowie-fearing anon. For a much longer post screenshot that goes into greater detail and schizophrenia over glowies, click here. A following post made by another anon takes the standpoint of U.S. law and free speech, claiming that big tech would centralize the internet and that all supposed free speech hosts would fold the second ADL or the FBI call. One final long text-schizo post made shortly after the second one ended the series, taking a focus on hosting providers and a programmers point of view. Firstly, the post states that most archivers are in it purely for the ad money and that to share the database would be counterproductive to this purpose, creating separate motivations for running an archive. If your motivation is to keep and store 4chan threads/history, you would share the database (like Desuarchive and 4plebs). However, if you are purely seeking ad money from the venture, sharing the database would cannibalize your site as mirrors would create less total dependence on your site, therefore decreasing ad revenue. Wakarimasen was the only archiver covering full webms for /wsg/ and /gif/, and there were many boards that Warosu stopped archiving in 2021 that only Wakarimasen had the images for, a small monopoly; To archive all boards with full images is no easy feat. This mindset of being in archivalism only for the money is a major cause of many archive failures/total losses, with the tendency to become a single point of failure completely devoid of the original mission and purpose of archiving 4chan. Secondly, even if the database is shared, there is not a provider in the world willing to host it. "They aren't going to risk losing their entire customer base to host one faggot that's archiving the asshole of the internet." This somewhat circles back to the idea that the feds are contacting hosts to take down/seize archivers, as the hosts "cucked instantly the moment they were threatened to have their uplink cut". Thirdly and finally, the poster writes that the solution to the "web problem" would be a new protocol and hypertext language, with any new protocol being worked on suffering from faggots trying to "turn them into memecoin scams and attempting to become the next FAGMAN company". The hypertext language would simply need a few extensions internally to avoid any reliance on Javascript, making auditing very simple for the browser portion as well as simplifying the hosting process (requiring less resources than "http services"). The basis of the post is that greed is the main cause of the death of archives and the internet as a whole, the main points being "Google adsense is what killed the web" and "We could eaisly [sic] fix the web problem if so many people weren't so eager to sell out for the almighty dollar". After these rants, the thread contained anons at every stage of grief (few at acceptance). The reason the (one of the largest archivers in 4chan history, archived in a somewhat similar way to Wakarimasen) went under in 2021 (see "March 24 2021" on the newspost page for more info) was under speculation for some time, and bibanon admin Antonizoon wrote his theory in the bibanon IRC chat: "they most likely only cared for profit. when ad renevue dipped likely due to coronavirus and google's anti cookie measures, they probably saw that there was no profit in the future and pulled the plug. people like that will just shut the place down if there's nothing in it for them. a real user who actually browses the board would have a different motivation which can be more stable in a way, though i guess less stable in different ways." This somewhat eerily follows in what the third anon wrote in the existence of the for-profit archive, making it more and more credible as a legitimate theory in the matter. Wakarimasen added a donor tier which removes ads from the site for a fee just two months ago, it is possible that the admin saw that not enough money was coming in from this and it was time to close on the site. This is highly unlikely however, as the site has remained up even though the archive is unavailable whereas most of the time it just closes fully with no warning. Also, images are still being archived. Another very simple idea for why the site is down is that the archive just ran out of money, as some anons claimed the admin had been begging for money in the previous months (although this is indicative of every archive ever). This is the cause for about 30-40% of archive deaths, alongside #2 hosts/glowies shutting them and #3 hard-drive failures and storage issues/#4 loss of will or morale with keeping the site up. For an example of #2, look no further than loveisover while there is a whole cache for #3. For #4, who can forget the famous "I have officially run out of fucks to give. I have no obligation to anyone. I am going to take a simple duty of care to migrate data to another admin and wash my hands of it" from Nyafuu's admin, VoH. Bibanon admin Antonizoon has some wise words on the demoralization of archive admins, a thankless job (cobbled from various IRC posts with minor edits):

Most likely the evolution of a 4chan archive sysadmin is that they read 4chan less and less, awful shit happens, and then they want it out of their life. People who dont want to work together and accept assistance so they suffer in silence instead are often susceptible to this.
- They probably don't get paid for one.
- Volunteering is really draining on your life if you dont get direct benefit.
- Essentially can be considered corvee labor. It looks like the population of competent 4chan archive admins to date can now be counted as solely the people who are in this group chat [The Bibanon IRC]. I never expected it to be that way. Also this really calls for new people to step up and learn to archive and have a commitment to public archive dumps, because this old generation of archive admins cant keep doing this forever while we see new upstarts get fucked due to lack of experience and then we clean it up from there. Those that have the skills donate their time, those that have no skills donate their money. Generally admins bear the brunt of the costs though.

I do not believe that Wakarimasen made any attempt to contact the Bibanon IRC in the ten days after the outage began; I was informed that an anon apparently emailed the admins and got told it was maintenance (stated in a /g/ thread), so it is possible Wakarimasen was just trying to fuck with the userbase with the cryptic source code text. However, the post claiming this is not particularly verifiable. There were several faggots claiming that they reported Wakarimasen to some unknown higher internet god/host which took action to shut the site down over the malware links, but this is almost definitely complete bullshit. The admin of Desuarchive gave this post acknowledging the uncertainty of the situation but that it was unlikely Wakarimasen suffered a legitimate database failure. A final theory interests me the most: it is possible that Wakarimasen did indeed run out of funds to keep the site running in terms of bandwidth, but the entire storage/database of the site is still archiving and available. Therefore, there is a possibility that the admin just removed the actual main visible part of the site (replacing it with the anime girl) whilst still keeping images/media up on the torako server for other archivers to redirect to, e.g., keeping the most vital part of the site (the webms not archived by Desuarchive and images from boards Warosu ditched) available for archives whilst decreasing page views (or querys or whatever). The entire idea of having zero publicity would require private contact with other archives as to this plan and their cooperation with not informing the general 4chan public of this, allowing for a covert partial-archive shutdown but not really. If this is true (although impossible to verify), it would mean Wakarimasen is a true archiver and not a for-profit archive as suggested in the third /g/ post. In this sense, the archive is playing opossum. The archiver of made some theories as to the downage of the archive, mostly covering the usual suspects:

- Too time consuming to handle, even though they had a larger staff than I do (I'm a single guy) - I receive sometimes up to 500reports a day on Moe alone and up to a dozen emails.

- Maybe they didn't profit that much from the adds to cover the hosting bills? They used a third party provider to upload each picture, making it quite costly. I don't remember if only the upload or the download of a file was billed, but it can be pricey.

- Maybe the 10-50emails per week from DMCA/copyright agencies or emails from the police regarding illegal content, that can also take a toll.

- Could be also the content hosted, 4chan gets tons of porn, tons of animal abuse, tons of illegal content, shootings, etc. etc.


Today, May 31 2022, 10 days after the outage begin, Wakarimasen is still down.


May 29 2022 - I experimented with changing the "Everything" link on the frontpage, making it italics, bold, and slightly bigger.

May 28 2022 - The site has hit 70000 views. Thank You!

May 20 2022 - I created a page solely for [s4s] stickies as a subpage of the Stickies page, because they're special and deserving of their own category :3. Really, this is in preparation for when I begin work on it because there are 1127 stickies available, far above the count for any other board, and I don't want the original page to become overly lengthy. This may happen with other boards if they have many stickies too, but [s4s] was the only board I found this to be an immediately pressing issue. I am unsure what will happen with the Sticky timeline page (where I can't simply split off separate boards), but I will probably have to split it up by year if things get too long.

May 15 2022 - Warosu has officially removed all of /g/ and /tg/, ending the cooldown period that had been in effect since the decision was made, which was around mid-October of 2021 according to ArchiveTeam. Other info from ArchiveTeam states "Warosu's last archive of /g/ and /tg/ was in August 2019 and March 2021 respectively, before being removed completely in May 2022." My main concern with this was that Warosu was the only archiver that kept very old thumbnails for /g/ (compared to Desuarchive which doesn't have any prior to 2014), allowing me to download several thumbnails of ancient GETs, such as that of /g/'s 10 Million GET that was discovered after the post itself was found on Desuarchive with no thumbnail or image. These images are now gone forever, which is certainly unfortunate. There has always been many archivers for /tg/ however, and everyday is repost day, so there is hope for recovering the lost images. Otherwise, apparently ghostposting was removed on Warosu as well during "maintenance", which I cannot blame Warosu for as 99.9% of those on the site using ghostposting are bots. All of these things have come after years of disk space issues, most boards stopped being archived on March 7th 2021.

April 15 2022 - I'm Back.

April 9 2022 - From today to April 15th, I will be on a trip where I will not be bringing my computer and will not be able to edit the site. There will be no new content added during this time.

April 2 2022 - As it turns out, there was a reason for the image outage on Lurkmore. It is unclear what the exact purpose of it was but something major occurring on the site can be seen as a satisfactory explanation. Simply, Lurkmore has updated it's wiki software. Other than a large revamping of the site (logo and front page), the site moved to a more advanced form of MediaWiki, marking the first major style change to the site in a decade or so (at least in terms of css change). The site has seen sporadic but consistent edits by mainly one person (the admin) as the site has become more restrictive on account-creation and more focused on things unrelated to 4chan for the last 6-7 or so years. In the unique position of holding a large and valuable amount of 4chan history and still being relatively isolated from all other 4chan-related sites, the admin of the site has the power to completely shut it down with no warning and never speak of it again, similar to what happened with As always, there are many archives just in case. All images have been reuploaded to the site, meaning all the original image upload dates are gone. A side by side comparison of the differences can be seen here.

March 30 2022 - I've neglected making this update for some time from the thought that either of these two issues may be irrelevant or relatively minor, but I've found it time to air these frustrations. Firstly, and I noticed about a week or so ago, had its security certificate expire. According to certificate information, it expired on March 11th and now everytime you try to access the site in Chrome a privacy warning appears. This is easily circumventable and can be completely ignored, serving no significant barrier to the average archivist or anyone very interested in shit like this, but will probably succeed in scaring off any newcomers to the site. Secondly, an interesting series of events occurred over the last few day over the site "Lurkmore" an early ED-type site that contains the 4chan GET Encyclopedia, the inspiration for 4chansociety (in how I was unable to edit it). On March 29th, I noticed that for some reason all the images were removed. At first glance, it looked perfectly fine with all the thumbnails showing, but clicking on them would reveal that no image was actually available on the site. This, again, was no cause for alarm for the average 4chan archivist but would have effectively scared away and left those inexperienced in archivalism (the average 4chan user) bewildered and lost in how to find the image. Whether the sudden disappearance was purposeful or accidental, even if the images never came back (or even if the whole site goes under) there is backup upon backup available on The GETpedia, my attempt at creating an updated and relevant version of the encyclopedia (which hasn't been updated on Lurkmore since 2014) is 99% the GETs from Lurkmore carried over. I finished transferring all the images about a year or so ago, so there would have been no real loss on my behalf. Anyways, I sent the webmaster/admin of Lurkmore and email on the 29th (after relaying the issue to the #bibanon IRC) and on the 30th the images were back. It is likely that there was some other alerting to the issue for the admin as I received no response to my email.

March 9 2022 - After some investigation, I found a strange issue in /con/ board on /con/ and /out/ are internally linked. When searching for /con/ posts on the site, the only post showing up is the 1st post on /out/. Another damning piece of evidence is the linking between images between the two boards - hashes from /con/ images match completely different images from /out/. Take this thread for example. The image does not seem like something that would generally be posted on /out/, and yet when performing an image search on the site for that image, the only result is an image from /out/. Reviewing the thumbnail for that image available on, this image and the image from /con/ are nothing alike. It is unclear what is causing this phenomenon, but the two boards are not consecutive alphabetically and it is unlikely that this is something done purposefully by the admin.

March 5 2022 - Post-mortem of Nyafuu: Most of the data went through fine, a few things are off/gone forever, whatever. Nyafuu has offially stopped redirecting to (at least on my machine) and doesn't seem to really exist anymore. Most of images were uploaded to, some didn't make it. For one example, I checked whether this image, only posted once in 2011, was available on, something it definitely was on Nyafuu (I made sure in February). It is not, unfortunately, but images that have been posted more recently have been saved and the archive itself seems to be functioning in replacing old images with new copies of them, as is done with other archivers. Thumbnails are all available, which is good. Another bit of good information is that search is finally available on the site, allowing in depth analysis to begin. I've begun my research into whether all the textual data has transferred and I should be done by tomorrow. The boards that began archiving separate from Nyaffu (/qst/, /pw/, and /i/) all began archival between January and February of 2022, not taking archives from any other site. There are a few discrepencies, including /con/ not having full images (linking to 4cdn), but whatever. covers /con/ with full images anyway and there are a few backups.

February 27 2022 - I only checked today, but the majority of images on are up. The internal board (/meta/) has been removed as well. Interestingly, the site message "Transferring of Nyafuu is still in progress and is expected to complete soon" is still seen on pages that haven't has all the images uploaded yet. The archival of images and text altogether seems to be functioning, and /wsr/, which didn't have the archive functioning at the beginning, is working. Archival has been set up on all the boards on the site, and only a little bit of data is yet to be uploaded. I feel comfortable in removing the "RIP Nyafuu" text at the top of the page and replacing it with the GET message.

February 21 2022 - 4chansociety reached 5000 edits today.

February 16 2022 - So far, it seems that the admin of is not closed-off admin akin to that of but more of a transparent, actually talking to people on the site boards and taking suggestions type admin. This is relatively good news as the admin will actually be able to talk to the users if something has gone horribly wrong. Images are not yet on the site, but as said prior, they should be on there at the limit of March 1st.

Febraury 14 2022 - Death day has come, and there are several concerns. For one, seems to have not had their image data begin functioning yet, but word from the admin on the site as well as a site-wide announcement states that "Transferring of Nyafuu is still in progress and is expected to complete soon". I am a little concerned from the fact that Nyafuu has stated that they are no longer archiving (site-wide announcement on their site as well) and images don't seem to be being archived yet, but both admins have tried to assuage these concerns and, as stated yesterday, if archival of images doesn't start until later, there is always Wakarimasen. I believe that the transfer will go through smoothly but my archives have been completed either way, so I'll manage regardless of a data loss. The data transfer is said to be almost over, and by all estimates the end of the transfer should at the very limit be over by the end of February.

February 12 2022 - DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS. Nyafuu has officially made the announcement that they are shutting down (with the official date being February 14), making my somewhat wishful newspost from January 25 completely incorrect. Apparently, all the data is being given to a new archiver,, which came into existence today. The admin of Nyafuu was so kind as to warn people of the coming dissolution prior to it actually happening, instead of a sudden and unexpected collapse or random post to 4chan as has been done in the past. This new site also has (somewhat worryingly) three more boards than Nyafuu had: /i/, /pw/, and /qst/. Another worrying factor of the new site is that it is yet to archive images, in most cases literally just linking to 4chan (4cdn specifically) for them and linking to nothing otherwise. Search is also currently unavailable on the site, although that is to be expected with a large flood of traffic with any new archive. I assume and hope that these issues will be ironed out within the coming weeks, with images being uploaded to the site (the majority of the threads and text has already been fully uploaded to the site, only a few boards like /wsr/ are a week or so behind in the posts). Although I am concerned in the strength of the new archive, I have been atleast somewhat assuaged in these feelings by the fact that the admin of Nyafuu, someone who cared for their archive for almost a decade, has placed their trust in this archiver in storing the content the admin dedicated much time to. As done when the first server went down in November and this all started, I will be archiving all the sticky search results (example) on to preserve them for the stickies by board page. As I did this in November, there are only a few boards that have had stickies since then, so I will only be rearchiving a handful of pages. I will also be archiving all the oldest thread search pages (example) to check against the new archive when the transfer is through. If the new archive ends up not archiving images (very unlikely), there is always Wakarimasen. Somewhat humorously, Nyafuu is going to be going under almost exactly a year after the death of, another important archiver that went bust (although with no backups). I changed the semi-global messenger to reflect the death.

January 25 2022 - Despite my original assumptions, (see November 27 2021) the admin of Nyafuu has apparently not fully given up on the site (or atleast is taking longer than expected with any announcement). I only noticed today, but a new message is on the top of the site saying "Hopefully fixed an issue with the search server going down and additionally an issue with error 500 pages. Additional announcements still upcoming." It seems as if the site may not be going down any time soon, but the "additional announcements" may not necessarily be good news. This does prove, however, that the admin has not stopped caring about the site completely, and still cares to atleast keep it functioning.

January 12 2022 - The 4chan Wikipedia page someone how went 2004-2022 without being deleted once, meaning that all the old page revisions are still available, holding a large amount of reference material and anecdotes to early 4chan culture. This is an important find for the board timeline page as the page contains a very early list of boards, helping to narrow down the dates for some board creations.

December 31 2021 - I replace the Christmas message on the red text with "Happy new year!" just a few hours before midnight.

December 25 2021 - Merry Christmas! I put this on the global messenger today (very late in the day however, as I was unable to be on my computer for most of the day for obvious reasons. I wasn't able to edit or do anything relating to the site today.).

December 21 2021 - I spent a few hours between today and yesterday recreating /v/'s millionth post (July 2006) to see how easy it was to fake a handarchived thread. It turned out to be remarkably easy, requiring only, some internal 4chan pages (the blotter and the newsposts page), and several actual handarchived 4chan threads (mostly vyrd, as well as BigCore as the basis for an actual 2006 /v/ thread) for the code and context. I added the page to the Everything page while the actual thread can be seen here. The thread itself is based off of other 2006 hand-archived threads (for the code) and screenshots (for the file information/other minor details, like the red text). and the 2006-2008 4chan archive itself were used for this purpose, so there is not an absolute certainty that no post was accidentally lost during archival. No liberties have been taken during the creation of the thread, although for the red text/global messenger I had to assume what "Otakon" linked to (based off what it linked to in a newspost two days prior) while I have a 99% certainty that "front page" linked to (based off common sense). Also, some minor edits to the frontpage were done today.

December 18 2021 - Sorry for a bit of a slump in the amount of edits the site has had in the last week or so, I should be back to working on it now.

December 5 2021 - At some point today the site reached 50000 views. Thanks everyone for continuing to use/support this site!

November 27 2021 - The admin of Nyafuu has officially had enough and stopped caring to continue the site. It is probable he just got sick and tired after years of paying server bills on top of generally ungrateful anons, but he seemed to be beyond done with the site in his post and allowed some servers to expire, losing a shitton of images (although one anon pointed out that most of the lost images were from between 2020 and September 2021), with "more notices likely in coming weeks" (keyword: likely) being on the top of site for any sort of information in the future. The main loss were thumbnails, which were pretty much completely wiped out (except for some of the newer boards like /vst/ and /vt/), but they are all saved on anyway and they don't really matter when the images themselves are still available. It seems that the very oldest images on the site were always unavailable and weren't deleted by the server expiration. It is hard to tell what images were deleted and which were never there since there is no definitively reliable information about what exact data was lost yet (except for the most obvious and verifiable). Apparently, this happened almost two weeks ago (November ~15th is the oldest date I can find for the loss of images while the admin made the post on the 24th) but I've only found out now due to the trip. The damage is limited, with thumbnails as previously stated being available on, at least some of the more recent images being found on, and it is possible to check if the lost image in question is available on any other archivers. In his post, VoH (the admin) wrote "I am going to take a simple duty of care to migrate data to another admin and wash my hands of it." It is unlikely that the admin will simply delete all the data before disappearing like the owner of did as it is something that he was very dedicated to, but just in case, I will be archiving all the sticky search results (example) on to preserve them for the stickies by board page on this site. With 17 boards, if the site were to completely go under, it would be the largest archive death since in May 2016 (18 boards). There were warning signs that something like this would happen, not that the admin would quit per se, but just issues with the outdated software that the site used. Particularly, the board statistics had been disabled the month prior, and an explanation can be seen here. In his own words, "the software is old, the server is barely able to handle that load, and I'm trimming where I can to keep it working smoothly".

November 26 2021 - I'm back. This replaced the previous message on the messenger. Also, it seems that the freezing of /qa/ has continued past the deadline of November 12th by two weeks, making it possible that a new board may be on the horizon (pretty much just a rumour, but mods are said to be discussing it in IRC).

November 12 2021 - From November 13th to November 26th, I will be on yet another trip where I will not be bringing my computer and will not be able to edit the site. There will be no new content added during this time. I put this on the semi-global messenger, replacing the lowtax message. Also, /qa/ hasn't been unfrozen yet, meaning it will remain on the board timeline page.

November 10 2021 - "RIP Lowtax ;_;" is added in red to the semi-global messenger, replacing the GET message.

November 6 2021 - The freezing of /qa/ has now been included on the Board Addition Timeline page. If the freezing ends up being permanent/lasting longer than November 12th, it will remain on the page, and if not, it will be removed.

November 5 2021 - [This is somewhat a site-policy post.] The main purpose of the Archived /b/ Threads page is to be a personal chanarchive of sorts, where the threads I find in the archive that I consider to have some sort of value will be saved. This was always the original intention, but now that there is another resource for these threads online I see it more like Sup/tg/ where quality is the supreme factor. Since is obviously the best option for linking to old /b/ threads, I will begin to do so on some pages (when I cannot link to the 4chansociety archive). I have updated both IRC threads with the postnumbers and timestamps.

November 1 2021 - Small update: I will update the meme page and all other associated /b/ archive pages with links to if not to the site archive as there is no other site offering such threads currently (also, I am unwillining to host them on this site as I found them unworthy of archival in the first place). I have also set the semi-global message back to the GET thing as Halloween ended.

October 31 2021 - I have decided that my main course of action with the happening of is that I will update all the threads on the Archived /b/ Threads page with the postnumbers and timestamps now available. This will take forever to do but it will make it much easier to navigate the pages since every post can now be linked to. Also, this will correct any possible incorrections in the archive since I was making inferences for each of the postnumbers (except for the OP post of course). The first thread in the archive has already been updated. The information from has shown me that the gap in the archive is from July 30 2007 all the way to October 16 2008, roughly between the post numbers of 34M to 90M has the missing posts. These are all available in the folder on my computer. Also, Happy Halloween! The semi-global message was changed with that message today.

October 30 2021 - I have been informed that there is now a site similar to the Fuuka archivers that provides access to the entire 2006-2008 4chan archive, After about 20 minutes on the site I found that the archive contains both post numbers and timestamps for the /b/ archive (apparently, this was all in the MySQL version of the archive) and includes many threads that I didn't have in my /b/ archive folder, including the 10 Million GET. However, ~3.2 million /b/ threads are not on the site as they are corrupt, meaning the /b/ folder on my computer actually contains more than the site, even if they lack post numbers and timestamps. This has effectively rendered the /b/ archive on this site obsolete (all of the threads on this site can be seen with post numbers and timestamps on, but now I can sift through the /b/ archive more effectively with many more posts available than before. If I ever find a thread not in the archive worth archiving, I will place it on this site. For other parts of the site, such as the mootposts page, I will continue to link to 4museum, somewhat because I prefer how the site looks in comparison to how old 4chan actually looked, somewhat because they don't actually include an image and filename in place of the original ( uses the trollface image uploaded alongside the archive on, and somewhat due to a form of brand loyalty. Also, I revamped the frontpage (adding links to both and 4museum in a new section called "Unaffiliated/Similar Sites (2006-2008 4chan archive)") and slightly increased the size of the text linking to the Everything page.

October 29 2021 - It seems as if I have not been keeping up with the archives. I checked for whatever reason earlier today and this global message had been added to the site: "Due to resource constraints, /g/ and /tg/ will no longer be archived or available. Other archivers continue to archive these boards". I checked and apparently this happened almost two weeks ago. I wasn't too surprised as it has always seemed that Warosu was a dying archive (constantly having issues with archiving, whether it be boards not being archived for years or lapses in the archival of images) but what really annoyed me was the fact that this meant that Warosu would most likely be deleting all the images/thumbnails archived with these boards, thumbnails that other archives don't have (particularly Desuarchive having pretty much no /g/ thumbnails pre-2014) and that these thumbnails may be useful at a later time, such as the screenshot thumbnail of /g/'s 10 Million GET that was discovered after the post itself was found on Desuarchive with no thumbnail or image. However, for some reason both /tg/ and /g/ are still available on the site, they are even still on the frontpage, only removed from the topbar. It is still perfectly possible to go to any page or thread on /g/ and /tg/, but it seems that /tg/ has already been purged of all of its images. It's probable that it's just taking forever to remove everything from the site and eventually the boards will be completely removed, so this is a warning to all those reading this to save what you can while it is still available.

October 1 2021 - Happy 18th Birthday, 4chan!

September 28 2021 - Again, apparently in the last week or so, search has been fixed on Desuarchive. It served no problem when it was broken but I guess it's good to know it's working now.

September 19 2021 - Apparently, for the past week or so, search has been down "intermittently due to a provider issue" on Desuarchive. I didn't notice until now as I really wasn't doing anything on Desuarchive (the only page that really uses it is the stickies by board page and that hasn't been updated in about a month). It will probably be fixed soon but I already have the next sticky queued up so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

August 27 2021 - After three months of redirecting my attention to the more neglected parts of the site (see June 5 2021) and the addition of a new mootpost to the mootpost page and a new sticky to the sticky page, I'm ready to begin work on the Archived Threads page once more - new threads will be added soon.

August 21 2021 - It took me over a year, but I finally enlargened the text linking to the Everything page (the page that links to every other page on the site and is needed to navigate it) as to make it easier to find. I was worried people must be unable to find the rest of the site from the homepage because they couldn't find the link. Also, I just now realized that yesterday was the first birthday of 4chansociety. Sorry! I'll try to remember next year (and try to plan something as well).

August 9 2021 - A semi-global message like the one I put up during the trip (see June 11 2021) is added to the site, this time a call for emails giving information or screencaps about GETs ( if you are interested). It states "If you have any information about any of the various GETs that have occured on 4chan or have a screencap of one, please contact me at I am currently in the process of adding information and fixing links on the GETpedia page, which seeks to catalog GETs. Thank you!", and I don't think this will be taken down any foreseeable point in the future unless some other happening needs to be reported.

July 31 2021 - I finally finish exporting and adding all the images and thumbnails from Lurkmore to the GET encyclopedia page and to 4chansocietyim, as well as making all of the in-site links mistakenly linking to nonexistant pages on 4chansociety link to Lurkmore. This does not mean every single link on the page is fixed, most of the non-image or Lurkmore links are still broken (particularly the references), but this just places the 4chansociety page at the same level as the page on Lurkmore as the reference links on their page are also all broken (link rot, such as linking to tinypic and 4chanarchive). Surprisingly, 4chansocietyim did not hit 10 MB from the new images as I expected it to (although it did increase by around 12 MB) and is currently standing at 97.35 MB.

July 21 2021 - I've just noticed that on the 17th the site hit almost 20000 views in one day, far beyond whatever record the site previously had and flattening the rest of the week in terms of views. I have no idea what caused this, it seems there was no new reference to the site on 4chan (searched the archives) nor any on twitter. The unique hits counter is only 527, so someone must have clicked every page on the site a hundred times. 4chansocietyim also saw a similar spike on that day, although it was much smaller and is comparable to the other spikes of the week.

July 16 2021 - The site reached 4000 edits! This occurs amidst a large wave of fixes on the GETpedia page, mostly with the addition of many images imported from the Lurkmore page, but I also added a new Contents section at the top, allowing easy access to the different parts of the page. In doing this, I've made a lot of empty sections that exist purely for the purpose of furture GET additions and for the contents list.

July 15 2021 - I add more narrowed down dates to the board addition timeline page as I've found more exact dates on the /co/nservatory board-tan pages.

July 8 2021 - I remove the board addition timeline page from the Unfinished/Work-In-Progress Pages section of the Everything.html page as it turns out I forgot to do that. Also, I'm testing a new look on the Archived /b/ Threads page here. Feel free to give feedback on it. It hasn't been put in place yet and could possibily be removed, its just for testing on what I want the page to look like (as it looks a bit simple right now). If it goes well and I decide to keep it, I may institute it on other pages (it shortens the page length considerably).

July 7 2021 - I added the first new addition in several months to the Posts by moot 2006-2008 page - Read it! Its title is "No.1246938 and No.1246978 - October 27 2006", and it's the first to use the new "Missing from archive:" thing I created after I began using links from 4museum.

July 5 2021 - The Bibanon wiki has been fixed! Following this exchange on /qa/, an admin fixed the problem, which turned out simply to have the wiki's cache dying after running for too long and having to be restarted. Now, the 4chan/History page is editable (and I was able to log back into my account) and the entire site is very fast (the main issue I wrote of on the 28th on June). I had been accumulating all of the things I wanted to add to the past for the past two weeks in a notepad file on my computer, which has now been emptied.

July 4 2021 - I finally finish the board addition timeline page and I believe it to be the most comprehensive and (probably) correct list of board additions anywhere (even the 87 page 4chan - Summary document had a few boards missing, like /vp/ and /soc/). I did most of 2007 yesterday and did the rest today. I took sources from at least a dozen websites and archives of websites and occasionally searched through the /b/ 2006-2008 archive for information on the more obscure boards, like /yg/ (I was able to estimate /yg/ was removed during November 1 - November 20 2006). Now comes the exciting period of me forgetting the page exists until the next board addition/removal.

July 2 2021 - Fybertech is back! I went to the site just earlier just to see if there's anything new in the source code and was shocked to find the site not only pretty much completely back to normal but that the owner of the site had made a forum post explaining what had happened: it was a simple software upgrade. Site-wise, a few things were done: Firstly, I found that the quotes page containing all the little lines under every pages title, one of the oldest pages on the site, wasn't even listed on the Everything.html page, and I added it under the "Meta Pages" section, which until now only contained the progress page. It had previously only been accessible through the frontpage. Secondly, I added a page titled "Other Stuff" to the Everything.html page as well (I'll probably change the name later since I couldn't think of one right now) that basically serves as a dump for everyhting that seems atleast somewhat important in the /b/ archive that doesn't belong anywhere else, not even the funny/interesting messages on /b/ 2006-2008 page. The final thing I've been doing (on what I've been doing the most) is working on the board addition timeline page. I made all the listings blue or red to represent board additions and removals and I finished all of 2005 and 2006 (I used information from the 2006-2008 /b/ archive in order to get more specific and accurate ranges for the /yg/ and /con/ boards). Last thing: I reached 30,000 views on the site today. Thanks everyone for supporting the site!

July 1 2021 - Lots of work on the board addition timeline page: I've gone through a few hundred very old screenshots and a few hand-archived webpages (some sources here, here, and here, some other sources cannot be linked as they are files on my computer and I can't be arsed to zip them right now) in order to gather more accurate ranges for when some of the more obscure, ancient boards were created and deleted. I finished all of 2004 today and I've shortened the possible range for when the original /3/ was removed by 24 days, from the range listed on the 4chan/History page on Bibanon May 7 to June 25 to the new range of May 12 - June 6. Unfortunately, I still cannot edit the 4chan history page on Bibanon as it's still very laggy and unfunctional for me, so I can't add any of the things I want to add to the page yet (they're now accumulating in a notepad file).

June 28 2021 - I just found out that Fybertech, a pretty old handarchiver having threads dating back to 2008 (I actually used a thread from the archive to learn the code for the archived /b/ threads) is no longer available (it only shows a simple webpage saying "Hello" and none of the subpages are available anymore). Unfortunately, there is not a lot of images (sometimes not even thumbnails) from the threads save on the wayback machine, but luckily all threads up to February 2015 are saved on (only 13 threads were archived after that date). However, "Fychan", some sort of 4chan-like forum that had images and posts dating back to 2005 has very little available in the wayback machine. The actual forum part of the site, seen as the main part for those not interesting in 4chan, has a very large archive available on the wayback machine. It has been down since at least June 15th and the only part of the site I could find that still remains are a few images that are seen in home directories (example), some seen here, here, and here. I don't know what happened as of right now and if anyone has any imformation email it to me at or simply tweet it at me. Also, I finished adding 04/09/06(Sun) to every Archived /b/ thread. For some reason, my bibanon wiki account is really slow and I wasn't able to make edits to the 4chan history page. So I tried logging out to fix the problem, but now I can't sign in since it is so slow. No other site is like this. My account on a different computer is also now not working, so I can't edit the page anymore. However, the fact that it's not working on two computers and there has been no edit on any page since the 25th probably means this is a problem many are facing and will probably be resolved soon. I also removed the red text stating I'm back today.

June 26 2021 - I'm Back! I'm starting to like this semi-global messaging system I put up, may use it more. I finished the >> addition to every number on the GET Numbers page, something I started doing on February 15 but completely forgot about, as well as adding 04/09/06(Sun) to every Archived /b/ thread in the Archive as I found I hadn't already been doing this (a screenshot from one of the threads was posted on /qa/ and someone said they were faking being an oldfag, so I'm trying to prevent this from happening again). Other than that, just general fixes throughout the site (such as the introduction of sections on the Copypasta page).

June 11 2021 - For the next two weeks, from June 11th to June 26th, I will be on a trip where I will not be bringing my computer and will not be able to edit the site. There will be no new content added during this time. I'm trying to add as much content before this and I will get back on the site with an update to show I'm here.

June 5 2021 - I planning on working on some of the most forgotten pages on the site: the mootposts and board timeline pages. The mootposts page has been barely touched since's death and the board timeline page hasn't been looked at since at least 2020. My motivation is that I've found a static archive of select boards from the 2006-2008 4chan archive: 4museum, a site also hosted on Neocities. The guy who runs it told me to tell him when I need a new board available on the site (recently he made /sp/, /trv/ and /tv/ available), so it all works out. For the board timeline page, it was one of the first pages I made on the site (September 15 2020) and I feel as if I've abandoned it.

June 2 2021 - I finally finished writing the descriptions for the R/a/dio New Years stickies for /a/ on the Stickies By Board page. It had took me several weeks because they were absolutely massive (first two stickies had 3500+ posts, last one had 1900) and had a lot of events that I had to write about. I'm now moving on to the other stickes.

May 29-30 2021 - On one of these days the site hit 25000 views, 25104 by the time I noticed.

May 28 2021 - I've removed some threads from the Archived /b/ Threads page as they are of lower quality/worth than I previously believed. They have been added to the Funny/Interesting messages page, which has really just become the "Bad Jokes and other nonsense" section of the site.

May 11 2021 - I only noticed today but it seems in the last few days the site has reached 20000 views. Thank you to all that visit! As for what I have been doing on the site, it is mostly adding to the archived /b/ threads page and its spinoffs, like the copypasta page (there was also a major revamp of the memes page today, adding new content and changing links to Encyclopedia Dramatica pages to reflect the fact it is more closely related to 4chan that KnowYourMeme).

May 2 2021 - Finally, the torrent has become available (posted on /t/). It is 400 GB, but it is useful for the archives that other sites don't have, like the small 2012 archive of /soc/.

May 1 2021 - No new information, just making this update to let people know that I am alive and still updating the site.

April 16 2021 - Search is now back on Desuarchive.

April 11 2021 - (the archiver for /cgl/, /g/, and /mu/) merged with Desuarchive (the archive for a whole fuckton of boards, including /a/, /r9k/, /mlp/, /co/, and /k/). This means that the search function is temporarily down, causing a fair bit of annoyance but not stopping any work on 4chansociety since the search pages on Desuarchive I need were already open on my browser and haven't been reset.

April 9 2021 - Today marks 15 years since the beginning of the /b/ text archive. Also, I just now realized that I have gone over 3000 edits, 3077 by the time I notice. I probably reached by sometime in early April/late March. Counting today as the day I reached 3000 (although it is wrong), it has only been 61 days since I reached 2000, which took 89 days to reach from 1000. The speed of which I am editing is increasing.

March 27 2021 - I have found a suitable substitute for (a very stable archive) has most of the thumbnails for the /a/ threads linked, while desuarchive has little to none. Neither of these archives have many images, but I'll have to make do. I finish removing all links later in the day.

March 26 2021 - A /g/entleman may have come to the rescue regarding the situation. The thread is available here, and the anon claims to have scraped the entire site (although only text) shortly before the site went down (beginning of march), meaning most of the data will have been saved. The anon gave many images proving this and said that he will post it to the Internet Archive soon. In total, it would be ~400 GB. Due to the amount of evidence that the anon posted, the post is most likely not a troll and the site has been saved, atleast text-wise. However, we will see. Since there are no images, I will still have to link to other archives for the time being, beginning with the mootposts page.

March 25 2021 - Not everything is broken. I think I may have exaggerated a bit in the previous post. As I go through the Desuarchive pages in /qa/ for Operation Happening Recovery, slowly but surely more and more posts have both images and thumbnails. This means the project is able to go on as more have full images than don't from this point on. And, if they don't I have found a selective archive that has several /qa/ threads with full images just in case. For the 2012 /a/ threads, however, there is no solution to that yet.

March 24 2021 -, one of the best archivers, is now, without a doubt, permanently dead. Almost thread/post discussed in the Posts by moot page and the Stickies By Board page linked to as it had almost every full image and thumbnail while the other archives barely had any. There is no clear successor to it nor is there even any site that seems to have the data. I'm annoyed with myself that I didn't save the threads in the Archived Threads page, but that would have been impractical as there is so many posts and images that it would have taken forever. However, there is no clear solution to this other than to check for archives of the pages via sites like Google Cache and the Wayback Machine, although I've already checked and there does not seem to be many. I'm not sure what to do other than that, because I don't want to give up yet and just link to different archive. seems promising, as it has most of the thumbnails but none of the images, while desuarchive has almost none of either. The death of also has consequences outside of those two pages, as now I have to put Operation Happening Recovery (the thing where I would go through every single /qa/ thread in search of happenings to add to the bibanon 4chan history page) on hold as well since for some reason desuarchive doesn't have most of the images for 2015 /qa/, only thumbnails. For this reason I would go to to check the threads for important images that I could use, but now its all gone. These images were very important as they could add clarity to certain happenings. I had 200+ bookmarks of different threads (though this is less of a concern since most of these threads are on other archivers, but some of the images in these threads are irrecoverable). Also, was the only archiver archiving /pw/ and /xs/ (other than, although the search function seems to be fucked up on that site). Most archivers have images for threads after 2015 however, so the death won't necessarily effect 2015+ threads (although it would have been nice to double check that neither archive had the thread).

March 23 2021 - I make a new containment page for a well-known textual meme/copypasta, George Zimmer/I GUARANTEE IT. The page currently has no entries as I haven't found any instances of it in the archive yet. I add the page to Everything.html.

March 18 2021 - I finish adding all of the known "Cautions" into the available Caution page. I also finally add it to Everything.html.

March 17 2021 - I make a new archive-related page, but it is more of a containment page for a type of textual meme that sporadically shows up every now and then in the archive. It is called "List of Cautions", and the meme itself is defined as "A meme in which you warn of what you are about to be requesting or what is currently in the thread. The text would be some sort of unicode symbol above and below the text of "CAUTION:", with the following caution being directly after." Once I realized there were more than one of these in the archive, I decided it deserved a page.

March 10 2021 - I add two new measurements to the Info about the boards in the 2006-2008 archive page, "Sorted by Start Post Number" and "Sorted by End Post Number". I do this for the purpose of adding GETs to the GETpedia.

March 5 2021 - I have an idea. I want to go through the boards in the thread archive by least amount of threads to most, because I think it'll be faster in going through and finishing entire boards in the Thread Archive. The first board on this measurement is /ip/, the board for Oekaki Pro, with only 55 threads. It was merged into /i/ a few months after archival started along with /ib/. I also have another idea regarding Tripfags and Namefags. I am going to make a complete list of the Namefags and Tripfags (sorted by board) I come across in the 2006-2008 archives (along with a description and list of threads they appear in). This sounds like it will take forever, but so will the Thread Archive. This is simply another archive-related page.

March 3 2021 - I add dates to all the threads in the Thread Archive. That was my intention in the beginning, but I had somehow forgotten it as the /b/ threads don't have dates (although I was able to infer all of the /b/ threads I have in the archive were from April 9 2006) and I was working on adding /b/ threads most of the time.

February 26 2021 - 4chansociety reaches 10000 views!

February 16 2021 - I reach 1M on the GET Numbers page.

February 15 2021 - I begin the process of putting >> behind all of the numbers in the GET Numbers page in order for to easily be copy and pastable to 4chan itself. This has caused me problems before because when there is a new board, I copy and paste from the page and then have to put >> behind every number in order to get links to them, which always takes a long time and ends up with me only linking to the important ones to save time. Essentially just an accessibility change.

February 12 2021 - I keep having to add new boards to the Stickies By Board page. It's getting kind of annoying.

February 9 2021 - For the first time in months, I made an archive-related page. Ideas for boards (2006-2008), a page dedicated to ideas for boards (like /desu/ - Desu) as well as plays on existing boards is added to Everything.html. I also add the GETpedia page to Everything.html, as I realised I forgot to do that on the 7th. Also, I got the 27.6M GET on /x/ on this day.

February 8 2021 - I add the only image that this site will ever have (most likely) thats hosted here instead of 4chansocietyim: The original 18x18 sticky gif. I do this as I had it to the Desu sticky, finally finishing it after 3 days of continous edits to the page and around ~2 months since the page was originally created.

February 7 2021 - At some point before 10:30 A.M. on this day the site reaches over 2000 edits due to the massive Desu sticky thread, 89 days since I reached 1000 edits. Today was extremely productive on the site. I made a massive amount of changes to various pages on the site and, to show for it, over the last two days there has been a massive spike in the amount of views the site has been getting, the highest it has ever been actually, just due to the sheer amount of edits made in the last two days.

February 6 2021 - I finally get tired of waiting for nothing and make the goddamn GET encyclopedia. It will take forever to get everything onto the page, but I was trying to find screenshots and archives of GETs for the past 6-7 months while not putting them to use. I begin the process of importing content from the Lurkmore wiki (the inspiration for this wiki).

February 3 2021 - I'm trying to get past certain blocks stopping progress. At the Archived Threads page, this 403-post Desu sticky has been taking for forever to get done with and move on from, but I have been making some decent progress and should finish soon. Also, for the sticky pages, I have been trying to find ways around the fact the /3/ (the very first board alphabetically) has no archive that allows for the search of stickies. I have found other methods, and I already know of two stickies so I may just skip that board. [Also, sorry for not making a post or even editing the site in almost a month. I had to work on a few things not relating to this site.]

January 9 2021 - Another fucking side-project: Operation Happening Recovery. I begin sifting through the /qa/ archives in search of happenings to add to the 4chan history page at Bibliotheca Anonoma since I thought that there were more interesting things that could be added to the page from the 2015 section onward then there is on the page already. I find a happening I think worthy of being added pretty quickly.

January 1 2021 - Happy New Year!

December 28 2020 - I change the 404 page not found page to something I found in the archive.

December 26 2020 - I finish with the 2006-2008 thread count thing with the grand total being 9,853,481 threads, slightly less than 10 million. I also sort the list by when the archives started and how many threads were in each of them. This can be found here. I also have the grand idea of going through the archive for all the mootposts that are in the archive since I can search for them now. These are essentially sidequests from the main goal, however, and I'll get to that eventually.

December 25 2020 - I decide to go through the entire 2006-2008 4chan archive to see how many threads there are in total and to see where their archives start. I also want to see what post numbers they start and end at. Jason Scott already put a ballpark estimate of 10 million, but I want to see the absolute number. This is also probably going to help in my search for GETs since I can figure out what boards have the GETs in their archives that I have layed out in my GET numbers page. I also would like to start on some other stuff on my to-do list since I have completely forgot it existed.

December 20? 2020 - I combined the code from an archived sidebar from 2007 with the archived frontpage from 2003 and create Pubchan, a chan with no boards nor functionality. I was just bored and wanted to test the code.

December 8 2020 - I finish adding 87 boards and a few hundred lines of code to make the table of contents for the archived stickies page. Now all I have to do is add the stickies.

December 5 2020 - I add a page for a timeline of archived stickies to the Everything.html page. I had created the page about a week prior but forgot about it until now.

December 1 2020 - 4chansociety reaches 5000 views. I think I'll stop updating the site every thousands views from now on.

November 20 2020 - I make a page for archived /an/ threads on the archive page.

November 18 2020 - 4chansociety reaches 4000 views.

November 17 2020 - I make a page for all the funny messages I find in threads that don't deserve to be archived. I add it to the everything page.

November 16 2020 - I make a page for spam floods I find in the /b/ archive. I put on the everything page.

November 15 2020 - Work around the site. Something I found interesting when going through the archive was this message from April 9 2006: "Today I only saved 1 pic from /b/ what the fuck is up with you fags. POST ORIGINAL CONTENT YOU IDIOTS!!!!!"

November 10 2020 - Around this time 4chansociety hit 1000 updates (edits), 82 since the creation of the site.

November 7 2020 - I add a page called "4chan CSS" to the everything page for all archived css pages from the source code. Also, 4chansociety reached 3000 views this day AND reaches 1 MB of content, while 4chansocietyim reaches 2000 views.

October 28 2020 - I add four new pages again today. I make a new page for all of the Ascii that I find in the 4chan /b/ 2006-2008 archive. I later make a page for all of the named days in /b/ archive (CP Sunday, KitKaturday, etc.). I also made a page for all of the -tans and -chans in the /b/ archive. THEN, I make a page for all of the copypasta that I find in th /b/ archive. I put all four in the Everything page. I also added a section on almost every page I added yesterday for "unknown" memes/terminology/emoticons, as some things that I categorized as some of these may be an isolated case and need further research. 4chansociety reached 2000 views this day.

October 26 2020 - This day I added four sites to the Everything page. I make a page called "/b/ Memes 2006-2008", hoping to catalog every single /b/ 4chan meme from those years. I also have the idea of adding my pages from 4chansocietyim to the Everything page on 4chansociety, which I realize I should have done a while ago. Then, I decided to make a page for every single emoticon on in the 4chan /b/ archive. THEN, I decide I want to make another page for all of 4chan terminology that doesn't fit in with the meme category. My goals are ambitious. When I finish with them, I plan to sort them by alphabetical order. Later in the day, 4chansociety reaches 1776 views.

October 25 2020 - I start going through the /b/ threads to find the good ones and put them up on the site. I also plan on finding good threads from other boards later on. I put this on the everything.html page. Later in the day, 4chansociety reaches 1600 views.

October 24 2020 - It worked. I am now able to go through 5 million archived /b/ threads. I have a few dozen screenshots of 2006-2008 /b/ threads that I want to see in the archive. Currently going through it. I make a thread on /qa/ where anyone could send in post numbers and I would look it up in the archive, aslong as it is between 6.5 million and 100 million.

October 23 2020 - I find a software that will extract the information from b.tar.gz, the biggest file from the ten million thread 4chan archive that is also corrupt. It also said while extracting the file that it is 23.5 billion bytes, aka 23.5 GB. While it was opening it, it said that there were five million threads available in the archive - yes, half of the ten million thread archive. I begin extracting all of them, and according to the systems estimated time needed to extract them all it should finish by 12:00 a.m. tonight. I had previously used 5+ .tar.gz repairs and even messaged Jason Scott on Twitter to no avail. I used a tool that made some of the filenames go by very quickly, and the lowest number filename that I was able to screenshot was 6641586.html and the highest number filename was 96916442.html, a difference of 90 million posts. The 6666666 get on /b/ was on April 11 2006, so it's already one of the oldest archives available (/r/'s archive goes back to February 2005 so I'm hoping /b/'s does too.)

October 22 2020 - I finish testing merging information from the xml format of the Ten Million 4chan Thread Archive with the html format for a more readable view, I now know how to do it correctly, and the thread I transferred the information from being an /e/ thread from 2006. Also, by 11:20 a.m. to 11:27 a.m. this day I reach 1000 pages views, 1009 when I noticed. A few hours later 4chansocietyim reaches 1000.

October 21 2020 - I start testing merging the information from the xml format of the Ten Million 4chan Thread Archive with the html format for a more readable view, as most of the early GETs that I am getting come from there.

October 17 2020 - 4chansociety overcomes 4chansocietyim in terms of views, with 4chansocietyim having 923 and 4chansociety having 929.

October 15 2020 - I create the official 4chansociety Twitter account, mostly to message certain people about 4chan history. I add it to the frontpage.

October 13 2020 - I reach 200000 on the GET numbers page, there being 560 570 around 800 total possible GET numbers before it. Also, I first noticed this day that 4chansocietyim had surpassed 4chansociety in views, with 4chansocietyim having 873 views and 4chansociety having just 848.

October 7 2020 - I upload the final ~200 bait images, the total (502 images) came out about 35 less images than I thought it would be. Site views for 4chansocietyim also jump to exactly 700.

October 6 2020 - I make the first 300 bait images available, choosing to make the bait page look like Vyrd's page for Nevada-tan related images, using the same code. Also, since October 5th, the page views for 4chansocietyim jumped from ~100 to 493 because of the bait images.

October 5 2020 - Uploaded all 500+ bait images to 4chansocietyim.

October 4 2020 - I create a new category on 4chansocietyim for Bait related images since I had a collection 4chan/the archives and other various sites, but since there are 500+ images, it will take a little while to make them all available.

October 1 2020 - I remove the longcat tag on the front page and replace it with a "Happy birthday to 4chan :)" in blue text for 4chans 17th birthday. Removed later in the day I forget and take it down on October 2nd.

September 28 2020 - I make the Unfinished/Work-In-Progress Pages section at the Everything page.

September 25 2020 - Done with 2003 of the board timeline.

September 23 2020 - 4chansocietyim is mostly finished + favicon, becoming the site to store images.

September 20 2020 - Longcat dies. I add "9-20: RIP Longcat ;_;" in red text to the front page

Early September 2020 - Bulk of early pages are made. Site's Favicon (tab logo) is updated to look like 4chan's.

August 20 2020 - 4chansociety is born! Work on the site doesn't begin until a few days later.

To-do list

- Make page for timeline of board additions. Created September 15 2020, currently being worked on.

- Make page for board sticky timeline. Working on it. For some reason /3/, the first board alphabetically, is archived by Warosu which means I can't sort threads by stickies since they use the old Fuuka design.

- Finish GET catalog and numbers page.

- Make GET Encyclopedia (split idea: make two separate pages for GETs by numbers and GETs by board?)

- Make page for every boards archivers and timeline.

- Make events category and create 4chan event pages.

- Make special category for GET-related pages.

- Idea: make page for all known country/troll flags.

- Import some 4chan related content from

- Put 4chan birthday partyhat related imagery a category on 4chansocietyim.

- Make a special page for all the posts by moot that are in the 2006-2008 4chan archive since I can search for them now. Made, currently working on /a/ (first board alphabetically).

- Convert /b/ Memes 2006-2008 KnowYourMeme links to Encyclopedia Dramatica links.

- Idea: 4chan directory of all the 4chan-related bookmarks. Would take forever but could be done coinciding on possible GET search (another idea).