The Site's Progress

If you have any information about any of the various GETs that have occured on 4chan or have a screencap of one, please contact me at I am currently in the process of adding information and fixing links on the GETpedia page, which seeks to catalog GETs. Thank you!

"Can our name be /x/offenders?"

October 1 2021 - Happy 18th Birthday, 4chan!

September 28 2021 - Again, apparently in the last week or so, search has been fixed on Desuarchive. It served no problem when it was broken but I guess it's good to know it's working now.

September 19 2021 - Apparently, for the past week or so, search has been down "intermittently due to a provider issue" on Desuarchive. I didn't notice until now as I really wasn't doing anything on Desuarchive (the only page that really uses it is the stickies by board page and that hasn't been updated in about a month). It will probably be fixed soon but I already have the next sticky queued up so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

August 27 2021 - After three months of redirecting my attention to the more neglected parts of the site (see June 5 2021) and the addition of a new mootpost to the mootpost page and a new sticky to the sticky page, I'm ready to begin work on the Archived Threads page once more - new threads will be added soon.

August 21 2021 - It took me over a year, but I finally enlargened the text linking to the Everything page (the page that links to every other page on the site and is needed to navigate it) as to make it easier to find. I was worried people must be unable to find the rest of the site from the homepage because they couldn't find the link. Also, I just now realized that yesterday was the first birthday of 4chansociety. Sorry! I'll try to remember next year (and try to plan something as well).

August 9 2021 - A semi-global message like the one I put up during the trip (see June 11 2021) is added to the site, this time a call for emails giving information or screencaps about GETs ( if you are interested). It states "If you have any information about any of the various GETs that have occured on 4chan or have a screencap of one, please contact me at I am currently in the process of adding information and fixing links on the GETpedia page, which seeks to catalog GETs. Thank you!", and I don't think this will be taken down any foreseeable point in the future unless some other happening needs to be reported.

July 31 2021 - I finally finish exporting and adding all the images and thumbnails from Lurkmore to the GET encyclopedia page and to 4chansocietyim, as well as making all of the in-site links mistakenly linking to nonexistant pages on 4chansociety link to Lurkmore. This does not mean every single link on the page is fixed, most of the non-image or Lurkmore links are still broken (particularly the references), but this just places the 4chansociety page at the same level as the page on Lurkmore as the reference links on their page are also all broken (link rot, such as linking to tinypic and 4chanarchive). Surprisingly, 4chansocietyim did not hit 10 MB from the new images as I expected it to (although it did increase by around 12 MB) and is currently standing at 97.35 MB.

July 21 2021 - I've just noticed that on the 17th the site hit almost 20000 views in one day, far beyond whatever record the site previously had and flattening the rest of the week in terms of views. I have no idea what caused this, it seems there was no new reference to the site on 4chan (searched the archives) nor any on twitter. The unique hits counter is only 527, so someone must have clicked every page on the site a hundred times. 4chansocietyim also saw a similar spike on that day, although it was much smaller and is comparable to the other spikes of the week.

July 16 2021 - The site reached 4000 edits! This occurs amidst a large wave of fixes on the GETpedia page, mostly with the addition of many images imported from the Lurkmore page, but I also added a new Contents section at the top, allowing easy access to the different parts of the page. In doing this, I've made a lot of empty sections that exist purely for the purpose of furture GET additions and for the contents list.

July 15 2021 - I add more narrowed down dates to the board addition timeline page as I've found more exact dates on the /co/nservatory board-tan pages.

July 8 2021 - I remove the board addition timeline page from the Unfinished/Work-In-Progress Pages section of the Everything.html page as it turns out I forgot to do that. Also, I'm testing a new look on the Archived /b/ Threads page here. Feel free to give feedback on it. It hasn't been put in place yet and could possibily be removed, its just for testing on what I want the page to look like (as it looks a bit simple right now). If it goes well and I decide to keep it, I may institute it on other pages (it shortens the page length considerably).

July 7 2021 - I added the first new addition in several months to the Posts by moot 2006-2008 page - Read it! Its title is "No.1246938 and No.1246978 - October 27 2006", and it's the first to use the new "Missing from archive:" thing I created after I began using links from 4museum.

July 5 2021 - The Bibanon wiki has been fixed! Following this exchange on /qa/, an admin fixed the problem, which turned out simply to have the wiki's cache dying after running for too long and having to be restarted. Now, the 4chan/History page is editable (and I was able to log back into my account) and the entire site is very fast (the main issue I wrote of on the 28th on June). I had been accumulating all of the things I wanted to add to the past for the past two weeks in a notepad file on my computer, which has now been emptied.

July 4 2021 - I finally finish the board addition timeline page and I believe it to be the most comprehensive and (probably) correct list of board additions anywhere (even the 87 page 4chan - Summary document had a few boards missing, like /vp/ and /soc/). I did most of 2007 yesterday and did the rest today. I took sources from at least a dozen websites and archives of websites and occasionally searched through the /b/ 2006-2008 archive for information on the more obscure boards, like /yg/ (I was able to estimate /yg/ was removed during November 1 - November 20 2006). Now comes the exciting period of me forgetting the page exists until the next board addition/removal.

July 2 2021 - Fybertech is back! I went to the site just earlier just to see if there's anything new in the source code and was shocked to find the site not only pretty much completely back to normal but that the owner of the site had made a forum post explaining what had happened: it was a simple software upgrade. Site-wise, a few things were done: Firstly, I found that the quotes page containing all the little lines under every pages title, one of the oldest pages on the site, wasn't even listed on the Everything.html page, and I added it under the "Meta Pages" section, which until now only contained the progress page. It had previously only been accessible through the frontpage. Secondly, I added a page titled "Other Stuff" to the Everything.html page as well (I'll probably change the name later since I couldn't think of one right now) that basically serves as a dump for everyhting that seems atleast somewhat important in the /b/ archive that doesn't belong anywhere else, not even the funny/interesting messages on /b/ 2006-2008 page. The final thing I've been doing (on what I've been doing the most) is working on the board addition timeline page. I made all the listings blue or red to represent board additions and removals and I finished all of 2005 and 2006 (I used information from the 2006-2008 /b/ archive in order to get more specific and accurate ranges for the /yg/ and /con/ boards). Last thing: I reached 30,000 views on the site today. Thanks everyone for supporting the site!

July 1 2021 - Lots of work on the board addition timeline page: I've gone through a few hundred very old screenshots and a few hand-archived webpages (some sources here, here, and here, some other sources cannot be linked as they are files on my computer and I can't be arsed to zip them right now) in order to gather more accurate ranges for when some of the more obscure, ancient boards were created and deleted. I finished all of 2004 today and I've shortened the possible range for when the original /3/ was removed by 24 days, from the range listed on the 4chan/History page on Bibanon May 7 to June 25 to the new range of May 12 - June 6. Unfortunately, I still cannot edit the 4chan history page on Bibanon as it's still very laggy and unfunctional for me, so I can't add any of the things I want to add to the page yet (they're now accumulating in a notepad file).

June 28 2021 - I just found out that Fybertech, a pretty old handarchiver having threads dating back to 2008 (I actually used a thread from the archive to learn the code for the archived /b/ threads) is no longer available (it only shows a simple webpage saying "Hello" and none of the subpages are available anymore). Unfortunately, there is not a lot of images (sometimes not even thumbnails) from the threads save on the wayback machine, but luckily all threads up to February 2015 are saved on (only 13 threads were archived after that date). However, "Fychan", some sort of 4chan-like forum that had images and posts dating back to 2005 has very little available in the wayback machine. The actual forum part of the site, seen as the main part for those not interesting in 4chan, has a very large archive available on the wayback machine. It has been down since at least June 15th and the only part of the site I could find that still remains are a few images that are seen in home directories (example), some seen here, here, and here. I don't know what happened as of right now and if anyone has any imformation email it to me at or simply tweet it at me. Also, I finished adding 04/09/06(Sun) to every Archived /b/ thread. For some reason, my bibanon wiki account is really slow and I wasn't able to make edits to the 4chan history page. So I tried logging out to fix the problem, but now I can't sign in since it is so slow. No other site is like this. My account on a different computer is also now not working, so I can't edit the page anymore. However, the fact that it's not working on two computers and there has been no edit on any page since the 25th probably means this is a problem many are facing and will probably be resolved soon. I also removed the red text stating I'm back today.

June 26 2021 - I'm Back! I'm starting to like this semi-global messaging system I put up, may use it more. I finished the >> addition to every number on the GET Numbers page, something I started doing on February 15 but completely forgot about, as well as adding 04/09/06(Sun) to every Archived /b/ thread in the Archive as I found I hadn't already been doing this (a screenshot from one of the threads was posted on /qa/ and someone said they were faking being an oldfag, so I'm trying to prevent this from happening again). Other than that, just general fixes throughout the site (such as the introduction of sections on the Copypasta page).

June 11 2021 - For the next two weeks, from June 11th to June 26th, I will be on a trip where I will not be bringing my computer and will not be able to edit the site. There will be no new content added during this time. I'm trying to add as much content before this and I will get back on the site with an update to show I'm here.

June 5 2021 - I planning on working on some of the most forgotten pages on the site: the mootposts and board timeline pages. The mootposts page has been barely touched since's death and the board timeline page hasn't been looked at since at least 2020. My motivation is that I've found a static archive of select boards from the 2006-2008 4chan archive: 4museum, a site also hosted on Neocities. The guy who runs it told me to tell him when I need a new board available on the site (recently he made /sp/, /trv/ and /tv/ available), so it all works out. For the board timeline page, it was one of the first pages I made on the site (September 15 2020) and I feel as if I've abandoned it.

June 2 2021 - I finally finished writing the descriptions for the R/a/dio New Years stickies for /a/ on the Stickies By Board page. It had took me several weeks because they were absolutely massive (first too stickies had 3500+ posts, last one had 1900) and had a lot of events that I had to write about. I'm now moving on to the other stickes.

May 29-30 2021 - On one of these days the site hit 25000 views, 25104 by the time I noticed.

May 28 2021 - I've removed some threads from the Archived /b/ Threads page as they are of lower quality/worth than I previously believed. They have been added to the Funny/Interesting messages page, which has really just become the "Bad Jokes and other nonsense" section of the site.

May 11 2021 - I only noticed today but it seems in the last few days the site has reached 20000 views. Thank you to all that visit! As for what I have been doing on the site, it is mostly adding to the archived /b/ threads page and its spinoffs, like the copypasta page (there was also a major revamp of the memes page today, adding new content and changing links to Encyclopedia Dramatica pages to reflect the fact it is more closely related to 4chan that KnowYourMeme).

May 2 2021 - Finally, the torrent has become available (posted on /t/). It is 400 GB, but it is useful for the archives that other sites don't have, like the small 2012 archive of /soc/.

May 1 2021 - No new information, just making this update to let people know that I am alive and still updating the site.

April 16 2021 - Search is now back on Desuarchive.

April 11 2021 - (the archiver for /cgl/, /g/, and /mu/) merged with Desuarchive (the archive for a whole fuckton of boards, including /a/, /r9k/, /mlp/, /co/, and /k/). This means that the search function is temporarily down, causing a fair bit of annoyance but not stopping any work on 4chansociety since the search pages on Desuarchive I need were already open on my browser and haven't been reset.

April 9 2021 - Today marks 15 years since the beginning of the /b/ text archive. Also, I just now realized that I have gone over 3000 edits, 3077 by the time I notice. I probably reached by sometime in early April/late March. Counting today as the day I reached 3000 (although it is wrong), it has only been 61 days since I reached 2000, which took 89 days to reach from 1000. The speed of which I am editing is increasing.

March 27 2021 - I have found a suitable substitute for (a very stable archive) has most of the thumbnails for the /a/ threads linked, while desuarchive has little to none. Neither of these archives have many images, but I'll have to make do. I finish removing all links later in the day.

March 26 2021 - A /g/entleman may have come to the rescue regarding the situation. The thread is available here, and the anon claims to have scraped the entire site (although only text) shortly before the site went down (beginning of march), meaning most of the data will have been saved. The anon gave many images proving this and said that he will post it to the Internet Archive soon. In total, it would be ~400 GB. Due to the amount of evidence that the anon posted, the post is most likely not a troll and the site has been saved, atleast text-wise. However, we will see. Since there are no images, I will still have to link to other archives for the time being, beginning with the mootposts page.

March 25 2021 - Not everything is broken. I think I may have exaggerated a bit in the previous post. As I go through the Desuarchive pages in /qa/ for Operation Happening Recovery, slowly but surely more and more posts have both images and thumbnails. This means the project is able to go on as more have full images than don't from this point on. And, if they don't I have found a selective archive that has several /qa/ threads with full images just in case. For the 2012 /a/ threads, however, there is no solution to that yet.

March 24 2021 -, one of the best archivers, is now, without a doubt, permanently dead. Almost thread/post discussed in the Posts by moot page and the Stickies By Board page linked to as it had almost every full image and thumbnail while the other archives barely had any. There is no clear successor to it nor is there even any site that seems to have the data. I'm annoyed with myself that I didn't save the threads in the Archived Threads page, but that would have been impractical as there is so many posts and images that it would have taken forever. However, there is no clear solution to this other than to check for archives of the pages via sites like Google Cache and the Wayback Machine, although I've already checked and there does not seem to be many. I'm not sure what to do other than that, because I don't want to give up yet and just link to different archive. seems promising, as it has most of the thumbnails but none of the images, while desuarchive has almost none of either. The death of also has consequences outside of those two pages, as now I have to put Operation Happening Recovery (the thing where I would go through every single /qa/ thread in search of happenings to add to the bibanon 4chan history page) on hold as well since for some reason desuarchive doesn't have most of the images for 2015 /qa/, only thumbnails. For this reason I would go to to check the threads for important images that I could use, but now its all gone. These images were very important as they could add clarity to certain happenings. I had 200+ bookmarks of different threads (though this is less of a concern since most of these threads are on other archivers, but some of the images in these threads are irrecoverable). Also, was the only archiver archiving /pw/ and /xs/ (other than, although the search function seems to be fucked up on that site). Most archivers have images for threads after 2015 however, so the death won't necessarily effect 2015+ threads (although it would have been nice to double check that neither archive had the thread).

March 23 2021 - I make a new containment page for a well-known textual meme/copypasta, George Zimmer/I GUARANTEE IT. The page currently has no entries as I haven't found any instances of it in the archive yet. I add the page to Everything.html.

March 18 2021 - I finish adding all of the known "Cautions" into the available Caution page. I also finally add it to Everything.html.

March 17 2021 - I make a new archive-related page, but it is more of a containment page for a type of textual meme that sporadically shows up every now and then in the archive. It is called "List of Cautions", and the meme itself is defined as "A meme in which you warn of what you are about to be requesting or what is currently in the thread. The text would be some sort of unicode symbol above and below the text of "CAUTION:", with the following caution being directly after." Once I realized there were more than one of these in the archive, I decided it deserved a page.

March 10 2021 - I add two new measurements to the Info about the boards in the 2006-2008 archive page, "Sorted by Start Post Number" and "Sorted by End Post Number". I do this for the purpose of adding GETs to the GETpedia.

March 5 2021 - I have an idea. I want to go through the boards in the thread archive by least amount of threads to most, because I think it'll be faster in going through and finishing entire boards in the Thread Archive. The first board on this measurement is /ip/, the board for Oekaki Pro, with only 55 threads. It was merged into /i/ a few months after archival started along with /ib/. I also have another idea regarding Tripfags and Namefags. I am going to make a complete list of the Namefags and Tripfags (sorted by board) I come across in the 2006-2008 archives (along with a description and list of threads they appear in). This sounds like it will take forever, but so will the Thread Archive. This is simply another archive-related page.

March 3 2021 - I add dates to all the threads in the Thread Archive. That was my intention in the beginning, but I had somehow forgotten it as the /b/ threads don't have dates (although I was able to infer all of the /b/ threads I have in the archive were from April 9 2006) and I was working on adding /b/ threads most of the time.

February 26 2021 - 4chansociety reaches 10000 views!

February 16 2021 - I reach 1M on the GET Numbers page.

February 15 2021 - I begin the process of putting >> behind all of the numbers in the GET Numbers page in order for to easily be copy and pastable to 4chan itself. This has caused me problems before because when there is a new board, I copy and paste from the page and then have to put >> behind every number in order to get links to them, which always takes a long time and ends up with me only linking to the important ones to save time. Essentially just an accessibility change.

February 12 2021 - I keep having to add new boards to the Stickies By Board page. It's getting kind of annoying.

February 9 2021 - For the first time in months, I made an archive-related page. Ideas for boards (2006-2008), a page dedicated to ideas for boards (like /desu/ - Desu) as well as plays on existing boards is added to Everything.html. I also add the GETpedia page to Everything.html, as I realised I forgot to do that on the 7th. Also, I got the 27.6M GET on /x/ on this day.

February 8 2021 - I add the only image that this site will ever have (most likely) thats hosted here instead of 4chansocietyim: The original 18x18 sticky gif. I do this as I had it to the Desu sticky, finally finishing it after 3 days of continous edits to the page and around ~2 months since the page was originally created.

February 7 2021 - At some point before 10:30 A.M. on this day the site reaches over 2000 edits due to the massive Desu sticky thread, 89 days since I reached 1000 edits. Today was extremely productive on the site. I made a massive amount of changes to various pages on the site and, to show for it, over the last two days there has been a massive spike in the amount of views the site has been getting, the highest it has ever been actually, just due to the sheer amount of edits made in the last two days.

February 6 2021 - I finally get tired of waiting for nothing and make the goddamn GET encyclopedia. It will take forever to get everything onto the page, but I was trying to find screenshots and archives of GETs for the past 6-7 months while not putting them to use. I begin the process of importing content from the Lurkmore wiki (the inspiration for this wiki).

February 3 2021 - I'm trying to get past certain blocks stopping progress. At the Archived Threads page, this 403-post Desu sticky has been taking for forever to get done with and move on from, but I have been making some decent progress and should finish soon. Also, for the sticky pages, I have been trying to find ways around the fact the /3/ (the very first board alphabetically) has no archive that allows for the search of stickies. I have found other methods, and I already know of two stickies so I may just skip that board. [Also, sorry for not making a post or even editing the site in almost a month. I had to work on a few things not relating to this site.]

January 9 2021 - Another fucking side-project: Operation Happening Recovery. I begin sifting through the /qa/ archives in search of happenings to add to the 4chan history page at Bibliotheca Anonoma since I thought that there were more interesting things that could be added to the page from the 2015 section onward then there is on the page already. I find a happening I think worthy of being added pretty quickly.

January 1 2021 - Happy New Year!

December 28 2020 - I change the 404 page not found page to something I found in the archive.

December 26 2020 - I finish with the 2006-2008 thread count thing with the grand total being 9,853,481 threads, slightly less than 10 million. I also sort the list by when the archives started and how many threads were in each of them. This can be found here. I also have the grand idea of going through the archive for all the mootposts that are in the archive since I can search for them now. These are essentially sidequests from the main goal, however, and I'll get to that eventually.

December 25 2020 - I decide to go through the entire 2006-2008 4chan archive to see how many threads there are in total and to see where their archives start. I also want to see what post numbers they start and end at. Jason Scott already put a ballpark estimate of 10 million, but I want to see the absolute number. This is also probably going to help in my search for GETs since I can figure out what boards have the GETs in their archives that I have layed out in my GET numbers page. I also would like to start on some other stuff on my to-do list since I have completely forgot it existed.

December 20? 2020 - I combined the code from an archived sidebar from 2007 with the archived frontpage from 2003 and create Pubchan, a chan with no boards nor functionality. I was just bored and wanted to test the code.

December 8 2020 - I finish adding 87 boards and a few hundred lines of code to make the table of contents for the archived stickies page. Now all I have to do is add the stickies.

December 5 2020 - I add a page for a timeline of archived stickies to the Everything.html page. I had created the page about a week prior but forgot about it until now.

December 1 2020 - 4chansociety reaches 5000 views. I think I'll stop updating the site every thousands views from now on.

November 20 2020 - I make a page for archived /an/ threads on the archive page.

November 18 2020 - 4chansociety reaches 4000 views.

November 17 2020 - I make a page for all the funny messages I find in threads that don't deserve to be archived. I add it to the everything page.

November 16 2020 - I make a page for spam floods I find in the /b/ archive. I put on the everything page.

November 15 2020 - Work around the site. Something I found interesting when going through the archive was this message from April 9 2006: "Today I only saved 1 pic from /b/ what the fuck is up with you fags. POST ORIGINAL CONTENT YOU IDIOTS!!!!!"

November 10 2020 - Around this time 4chansociety hit 1000 updates (edits), 82 since the creation of the site.

November 7 2020 - I add a page called "4chan CSS" to the everything page for all archived css pages from the source code. Also, 4chansociety reached 3000 views this day AND reaches 1 MB of content, while 4chansocietyim reaches 2000 views.

October 28 2020 - I add four new pages again today. I make a new page for all of the Ascii that I find in the 4chan /b/ 2006-2008 archive. I later make a page for all of the named days in /b/ archive (CP Sunday, KitKaturday, etc.). I also made a page for all of the -tans and -chans in the /b/ archive. THEN, I make a page for all of the copypasta that I find in th /b/ archive. I put all four in the Everything page. I also added a section on almost every page I added yesterday for "unknown" memes/terminology/emoticons, as some things that I categorized as some of these may be an isolated case and need further research. 4chansociety reached 2000 views this day.

October 26 2020 - This day I added four sites to the Everything page. I make a page called "/b/ Memes 2006-2008", hoping to catalog every single /b/ 4chan meme from those years. I also have the idea of adding my pages from 4chansocietyim to the Everything page on 4chansociety, which I realize I should have done a while ago. Then, I decided to make a page for every single emoticon on in the 4chan /b/ archive. THEN, I decide I want to make another page for all of 4chan terminology that doesn't fit in with the meme category. My goals are ambitious. When I finish with them, I plan to sort them by alphabetical order. Later in the day, 4chansociety reaches 1776 views.

October 25 2020 - I start going through the /b/ threads to find the good ones and put them up on the site. I also plan on finding good threads from other boards later on. I put this on the everything.html page. Later in the day, 4chansociety reaches 1600 views.

October 24 2020 - It worked. I am now able to go through 5 million archived /b/ threads. I have a few dozen screenshots of 2006-2008 /b/ threads that I want to see in the archive. Currently going through it. I make a thread on /qa/ where anyone could send in post numbers and I would look it up in the archive, aslong as it is between 6.5 million and 100 million.

October 23 2020 - I find a software that will extract the information from b.tar.gz, the biggest file from the ten million thread 4chan archive that is also corrupt. It also said while extracting the file that it is 23.5 billion bytes, aka 23.5 GB. While it was opening it, it said that there were five million threads available in the archive - yes, half of the ten million thread archive. I begin extracting all of them, and according to the systems estimated time needed to extract them all it should finish by 12:00 a.m. tonight. I had previously used 5+ .tar.gz repairs and even messaged Jason Scott on Twitter to no avail. I used a tool that made some of the filenames go by very quickly, and the lowest number filename that I was able to screenshot was 6641586.html and the highest number filename was 96916442.html, a difference of 90 million posts. The 6666666 get on /b/ was on April 11 2006, so it's already one of the oldest archives available (/r/'s archive goes back to February 2005 so I'm hoping /b/'s does too.)

October 22 2020 - I finish testing merging information from the xml format of the Ten Million 4chan Thread Archive with the html format for a more readable view, I now know how to do it correctly, and the thread I transferred the information from being an /e/ thread from 2006. Also, by 11:20 a.m. to 11:27 a.m. this day I reach 1000 pages views, 1009 when I noticed. A few hours later 4chansocietyim reaches 1000.

October 21 2020 - I start testing merging the information from the xml format of the Ten Million 4chan Thread Archive with the html format for a more readable view, as most of the early GETs that I am getting come from there.

October 17 2020 - 4chansociety overcomes 4chansocietyim in terms of views, with 4chansocietyim having 923 and 4chansociety having 929.

October 15 2020 - I create the official 4chansociety Twitter account, mostly to message certain people about 4chan history. I add it to the frontpage.

October 13 2020 - I reach 200000 on the GET numbers page, there being 560 570 around 800 total possible GET numbers before it. Also, I first noticed this day that 4chansocietyim had surpassed 4chansociety in views, with 4chansocietyim having 873 views and 4chansociety having just 848.

October 7 2020 - I upload the final ~200 bait images, the total (502 images) came out about 35 less images than I thought it would be. Site views for 4chansocietyim also jump to exactly 700.

October 6 2020 - I make the first 300 bait images available, choosing to make the bait page look like Vyrd's page for Nevada-tan related images, using the same code. Also, since October 5th, the page views for 4chansocietyim jumped from ~100 to 493 because of the bait images.

October 5 2020 - Uploaded all 500+ bait images to 4chansocietyim.

October 4 2020 - I create a new category on 4chansocietyim for Bait related images since I had a collection 4chan/the archives and other various sites, but since there are 500+ images, it will take a little while to make them all available.

October 1 2020 - I remove the longcat tag on the front page and replace it with a "Happy birthday to 4chan :)" in blue text for 4chans 17th birthday. Removed later in the day I forget and take it down on October 2nd.

September 28 2020 - I make the Unfinished/Work-In-Progress Pages section at the Everything page.

September 25 2020 - Done with 2003 of the board timeline.

September 23 2020 - 4chansocietyim is mostly finished + favicon, becoming the site to store images.

September 20 2020 - Longcat dies. I add "9-20: RIP Longcat ;_;" in red text to the front page

Early September 2020 - Bulk of early pages are made. Site's Favicon (tab logo) is updated to look like 4chan's.

August 20 2020 - 4chansociety is born! Work on the site doesn't begin until a few days later.

To-do list

- Make page for timeline of board additions. Created September 15 2020, currently being worked on.

- Make page for board sticky timeline. Working on it. For some reason /3/, the first board alphabetically, is archived by Warosu which means I can't sort threads by stickies since they use the old Fuuka design.

- Finish GET catalog and numbers page.

- Make GET Encyclopedia (split idea: make two separate pages for GETs by numbers and GETs by board?)

- Make page for every boards archivers and timeline.

- Make events category and create 4chan event pages.

- Make special category for GET-related pages.

- Idea: make page for all known country/troll flags.

- Import some 4chan related content from

- Put 4chan birthday partyhat related imagery a category on 4chansocietyim.

- Make a special page for all the posts by moot that are in the 2006-2008 4chan archive since I can search for them now. Made, currently working on /a/ (first board alphabetically).

- Convert /b/ Memes 2006-2008 KnowYourMeme links to Encyclopedia Dramatica links.

- Idea: 4chan directory of all the 4chan-related bookmarks. Would take forever but could be done coinciding on possible GET search (another idea).