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"Almost Useful"

Note: Most of the threads here were taken from the Ten Million 4chan Thread Archive (~95% of them), and aren't dated, don't have post numbers (except for a few times where I can make inferences), and don't have images/filenames.

Date Thread Subject
----------------2 threadsIRC Threads - Threads directly about the IRC chat.
April 9 2006No.65746433 posts - Texas constitution bans atheists from public office (also first thread in the archive).
April 9 2006No.657471029 posts - CP/Bait on another imageboard is linked, later creating CP Sunday.
April 9 2006No.65747356 posts - Discussion about new "artsy" CP and Nevada-tan.
April 9 2006No.657475316 posts - Discussion about GETs and the 6M GET.
April 9 2006No.657479722 posts - Camwhore, first known instance of Xena fanfic.
April 9 2006No.65748046 posts - First instance of Rabbit-chan.
April 9 2006No.6574834110 posts - Meta discussion of /b/, its memes, and bringing it back to its roots.
April 9 2006No.657486521 posts - FilePlanet has the O RLY Owl on the frontpage, inciting /b/ to talk about their memes real world effects.
April 9 2006No.657486822 posts - Discussion about if 4chan made a movie.
April 9 2006No.65753726 posts - "Time Traveler" has an AMA on 4chan's future. Most posts are missing.
April 9 2006No.657537319 posts - Anon asks for movie advice.
April 9 2006No.657544013 posts - Another Rabbit-chan thread.
April 9 2006No.65755754 posts - Guy advertises his own imageboard. Unnoteworthy except for the fact that he also advertised it on /img/ on world4ch on the same day.
April 9 2006No.65777976 posts - Anti-Furry Copypasta
April 9 2006No.65778506 posts - Relationship Advice.
April 9 2006No.657785840 posts - The Bush Administration was reportedly preparing to nuke Iran.
April 9 2006No.65780129 posts - Discussion about Scientology, /b/ decidedly against it.
April 9 2006No.657805224 posts - /b/ tries to find the most amount of cum ever caught on one picture.
April 9 2006No.65780928 posts - Rabbit-chan thread, but this time /b/ is against her.
April 9 2006No.657810219 posts - The Return of Magic-chan.
April 9 2006No.657817127 posts - Anon makes a cat fly.
April 9 2006No.65783236 posts - A message to all furfags.
April 9 2006No.657839414 posts - Discussion of forced-anon and the causes of /b/'s shittiness.
April 9 2006No.6578464402 posts - Desu sticky. OP was later banned in the thread. Discussion amongst anons of what is to be done about desu is also in the thread.
April 9 2006No.65784858 posts - Anon needs help getting around his ISP.
April 9 2006No.657857064 posts - /b/ shows its gay side (there was a revival of this thread an hour or so later).
April 9 2006No.657858211 posts - /b/ explains how everything exists from nothing.
April 9 2006No.657867748 posts - Ron-chan/Pete-chan makes his first appearance. Also, first thread to have a Screenshot!
April 9 2006No.657882528 posts - Anons computer is breaking, uses the last of his computer life to post porn.
April 9 2006No.65788356 posts - /b/ finds the irregularity in the paragraph.
April 9 2006No.657883927 posts - /b/ rates a camwhore.
April 9 2006No.657884521 posts - /an/-level cat thread sharing breeds.
April 9 2006No.657896169 posts - Originally about the Alabama Leprechaun meme, thread quickly devolves into racial arguments.
April 9 2006No.657908914 posts - Emergency Caturday thread called in order to counter the furry spammers.
April 9 2006No.657919824 posts - /b/ discusses what makes a furry.
April 9 2006No.657933240 posts - First instance of emo-chan.
April 9 2006No.657936919 posts - More semi-intelligent discussion of race, this time with genetics as reasoning.
April 9 2006No.657938424 posts - /b/ explains how to perform cunninlingus.
April 9 2006No.657940344 posts - Funny Words.
April 9 2006No.657967912 posts - In 1776, God created America.
April 9 2006No.657968355 posts - Communism vs. Nazism.