/b/ Copypasta

"i'm almost a chad"

This is for all copypasta that I came across in the 4chan /b/ 2006-2008 archive. All of them have titles and explanations.


List of George Zimmer Stories - Such a common pasta, there is entire list for it.

Individual Copypastas

B for B&etta - A copypasta of the V for Vendetta V speech about /b/ with B instead of V.

Gaston - Referring to Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, the main antagonist in the movie and also meme "tough-guy" on /b/. Completely unknown origins, but was referred to as a copypasta in a thread.

Furcism is as bad as Racism - Pasta of a furry who claims Furcism is as bad as Racism and an Anons response. Was also a flood on /b/. Dated around April 2005 shortly after the destruction of the /fur/ board. The beginning part by the furry is known to make many anons angry. Many counter-copypastas were also made in response.

Furry has Sex - Posted in same thread as copypasta above. From the point of view of a furry.

Emma Watson in Harry Potter - Pasta in which someone in love with Emma Watson just now finds out she's in the Harry Potter movies.

Balloon Cat - Anon sends a cat flying with balloons at a birthday party. Considered old when originally posted (April 2006). First reference here.

Sucking Off a Dog - Originally found in a Desu Sticky. Describes how to "properly" give Oral Sex to a dog.

DESU STICKY - Also found in a Desu sticky. Is the words "Desu Sticky" becoming gibberish over time.

Ascii DESU - Also found in a Desu sticky. The word Desu made out of the word Desu, kind of like Ascii Art. Contains both Vertical and Horizontal renditions.

Ascii SEDU - Also found in Desu sticky. Same as the copypastaa above except this time it is "Sedu" instead of desu.

Ascii DESU NATION - Also found in Desu sticky. Similar to the the Ascii DESU copypasta, except this one says "DESU NATION" instead and the words are horizontal (+ its inverse).

Ascii XENU - Also found in Desu sticky. Similar to those above in that it is word-ascii, but only in that way. Instead of being desu-related, this is the word "Xenu" over and over again to make the letter X, as well as a pro-scientology message at the bottom.

The Classic Desu Pasta - Also found in Desu sticky. The classic, simple, repetition. This string of text that contains nothing but the word "DESU" 300 times is probably one of the most pasted pastas in 4chan history due to the strength and power of the "Desu Nation" at its height.

Desu is not a Meme - Also found in Desu sticky. Describes how Desu is not technically a meme since people argue over whether it is a meme or not.

The Three Desu Memes - Also found in Desu sticky. Describes the three distinct Desu-related memes of the time.

Desu Recap - Also found in Desu sticky. Describes the differences between the Desu meme, spammers, and anime.

HAVE U EVER SEEN A SQUIRREL TAKE A CRAP? - Found sporadically throughout /b/ every so often. It almost always came with an image, although it is currently unknown what it was. No reference of it found anywhere, which is suprising considering it was fairly common.

Cute and Sweet - A copypasta that is extremely exploitable. Describes a fantasy of meeting someone "Cute and Sweet" and murdering them in a extremely violent/sexual way, in graphic detail. Also some spin-offs on the page.

ZAKU - Almost the exact same as the Classic Desu Pasta except with "ZAKU", a character from the Anime Mecha Gundam. Commonly used to counter Desu spammers.

The Raven: /b/ Edition - A Rendition of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven set to fit the memes of /b/.

Genetic Behavioral Explanations - A semi-intelligent explanation of how genetics influence behavior (obviously discussing criminal behavior). It is known to be posted in racial discussions as proof that so-called stereotypes can be proved through genetics.

Deviantart Victim of Trolling - Copypasta apparently made by a Deviantart user expressing anger over the fact 4chan users claimed she was a man.

18teen Thai - Very short, but good for trolling. Poster is supposedly a "18teen" (a misspelling of eighteen) Thai with huge boobs, and it was posted with a picture of someone with huge boobs. However, they were often said to be pillows.

Hontou Japanese-kuns - Simple post saying that "weeaboo-fags who want to become like HONTOU JAPANESE-KUNS post DESU DESU DESU". Only seen as a copypasta because of the last few words at the bottom.