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If you have any information about any of the various GETs that have occurred on 4chan or have a screencap of one, please contact me on Twitter at @4chansociety or via email at I am currently in the process of adding information and fixing links on the GETpedia page, which seeks to catalog GETs. Thank you!


This page contains every page (almost - see final two sentences) relating to the 2006-2008 4chan text archive, something that this site was essentially dedicated to for a little while after I unzipped the corrupt b.tar.gz file. Personally, the page below that I favorite the most is the "Info about the boards in the 2006-2008 archive", a simple text file page that has proved very useful time after time and even recieved a mention in the credit page. None of pages below are regularly updated anymore.
The mootposts page is not included as I find it inherently different to the below pages; it wasn't based on going through individual threads and hoping to find information but rather searching the archive for specific posts (in this case posts by moot), something that took several hours with the shitty software I was using prior to the creation of It is more akin to the Stickies page than anything else.

Archived Threads - [OBSOLETE/STATIC PAGE - See]

Info about the boards in the 2006-2008 archive

/b/ Memes 2006-2008

/b/ Terminology 2006-2008

Tripfags and Namefags 2006-2008

/b/ Copypasta 2006-2008

List of George Zimmer Stories

List of Cautions

4chan Emoticons

/b/ Ascii Art

List of Named Days

List of -tans and -chans

Ideas for boards 2006-2008

List of floods on /b/ 2006-2008

Funny/Interesting messages on /b/ 2006-2008 that were found in threads that didn't deserve to be archived

Gaps in the /b/ 2006-2008 archive

Other Stuff